Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.



Today we got a few of the last wedding things done.  We stopped at Mat’s parent’s house to pick up our slideshow DVD (it’s going to be played before the ceremony while the guests are being seated) and I got my new false eyelashes and lip gloss from my parent’s house since I realized I’m going to want it for my makeup trial this Friday.  (Yes, I’m wearing false eyelashes.  Gotta look glamorous!).

We then went for our final meeting with our pastor.  It was an easy and successful meeting – he said that he’s so comfortable with how it’s going to go that we could do it this Friday.  That’s very good news to me.  It creates an even more relaxed mood about the whole thing.  We got all the bases covered and everything is good to go.

Later this afternoon we went to our organist’s house for a music rehearsal.  Our violinist Brad met us there and they all went over our music.  And let me just say, WOW.  I’m SOO excited for the real thing because the practice sounded amazing.  Our music is seriously beautiful.  At the last minute we decided to add music for the grandmothers/mothers being seated and I’m so glad we did.  Our musicians are so talented too – we’re going to have the bests wedding.  And I’m only a little bit biased.  🙂

When we got home we watched our slideshow and I love that too!  It was made for us by Mat’s cousin who is a groomsman.  He did a fantastic job.

Seeing the slideshow and everything really makes me look back on the last year or so and all the work I’ve done and thoughts I’ve had about the details and I can really see it coming together and being perfect.  And not stuffy snotty perfect.  Just all blending together and creating a beautiful event that we’re going to enjoy with all our friends and family.  I can’t wait!  9 days!!!!


Today we got the marriage license!  AND we have our ceremony music rehearsal scheduled!

The marriage license was bugging me.  Even though it makes absolutely no difference whether you get it 2 days or 2 weeks before, I just wanted to have it in our possession.  It’s sort of important – you can’t really get married without it!  I was also nervous to go this afternoon since afternoons are said to be busier.  I decided we should go to the Laguna Hills location rather than Santa Ana because a) it would probably be faster to get there because it was all freeway and b) I didn’t want to go to Santa Ana for it.  Laguna is prettier.  🙂

We got there and were in and out in about 10 minutes.  And we didn’t have an appointment.  It was great!

We were also told that if we want to mail in an application to obtain certified copies of the license after it’s processed, we have to have the application notarized.  Annoying?  No!  My aunt is a notary.  🙂

Our ceremony music rehearsal is set for Tuesday evening.  Getting both of these things done today is a HUGE load off my mind.  Now we just have to have a final meeting with our pastor sometime next week!


Today was our final meeting with our DJ.  Once again, I’m really impressed and very happy with our choice.

Our DJ is really a Master of Ceremonies, which means he’ll be dressed in a tux and will truly be running the show.  The best part is that he’s been doing this for years and has been recommended by our venue (which has rave reviews) for at least 19 years.  I think that’s saying something!

He got all of our song choices written down, helped us organize how we wanted the night to go, and assured us that he would tell us what was coming up next and if we weren’t ready for it we could wait.  Nothing would happen without us knowing.  He also explained what he does to get the crowd up and moving at different points in the night.

I feel SO much better knowing that was taken care of.  I don’t think I realized just how much of a relief it would be to know that the entire reception was officially figured out.

After the meeting and a quick errand, we came home and finished wrapping all of our wedding party gifts and writing cards.  We also got Father’s Day gifts wrapped!  Now, all that’s left besides little tiny things that I can’t do until I go home to my parent’s house the week of the wedding is to pick up the marriage license!  And, we’re going to do that either this week or early next week depending on timing.  I’ve heard it can take a while if you don’t have an appointment (we don’t) so I may call tomorrow and see if I can get a feel for it.  If possible I kind of want to get it done this week.  Just because then it will be done.

Ok I lied.  We also still need to rehearse the ceremony music and finalize our ceremony with our pastor.  But that’s in the works too.

Almost there!


I’m finding myself face with a dilemma: looking/feeling good on my wedding day.  I know what you’re thinking: Melissa, you look great. You have nothing to worry about.  This is what I always hear.

If you were to ask me last year if I was going to go on some crazy diet for my wedding, I would have said no way.  I’m finally happy with my body (after a lot of angst) and I don’t plan on being that bride.

Fast forward a year.  To the month of our wedding, more specifically.  I find myself being super paranoid that I’m going to gain weight somehow.  Maybe it’s because I had a little blip on the radar right after moving as my habits were forced to shift a little.  Whatever the reason, even though I lost whatever I gained from that blip, I’m scared I’m going to gain again in the next 17 days.

Yeah yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.  But I guess it’s a bride thing?  Most brides freak out and feel like they have to lose weight.  But I know I don’t, so why am I so paranoid?  I need to remember that no matter what, we’re getting married and nothing else matters.  Is “feeling fat” really going to be on my mind that day?  Probably not.  🙂  I need to try and relax and enjoy these last couple of weeks!

6/3/2012: Wedding Seating Chart

Today we got started on the wedding seating chart.  I brought a piece of giant post-it paper home from work the other day as well as some tiny post it notes to write names on. We started by sketching out the room using the drawing from The Summit House:

Then wrote out all the guests’ names on little post-its, pink for my side and yellow for Mat’s side:

sticking them on paper made it easier to move from where I was sitting to write over to the table with the giant post-it

such a helpful fiancé 🙂

Then it was time to figure out where to put everyone.  Some were easy, like the wedding party and our parents and grandmothers, but with others it was tricky.  Mainly because we were trying to keep each table at 8 people and that’s not always possible based on how many are in a family.

getting there, slowly but surely

In the end, it actually didn’t take all that long to do.  We managed to keep each table at 8 or 9 people and got a good mix of my family and Mat’s family.


Once we were done, Mat read off all the names for each table so I could type them up.  That made things MUCH easier when I did the place cards (we were wedding planning machines today!).

Now, I just need to print the place cards and stick a rhinestone on them to indicate chicken, salmon, or vegetarian!  Almost done!

5/28/2012: Wedding Programs

Today we made the wedding programs.  What I thought would be a fairly easy task was actually kind of a pain in the butt.  First we had to print all 150 of them, first the inside and then the outside.  Then we had to print them.  Then fold them.  Then tie ribbons around them.  Then trim those ribbons.

157 ribbons cut

programs ready to be folded

folded and tied, not yet trimmed

the ribbons seemed never-ending


And now, with that, one of the biggest things I wanted done from the wedding to-do list is done!  What’s left?

  • call the no responses this week
  • make the seating chart
  • make the place cards
  • get the marriage license
  • wrap gifts
After that, it’s just pick up my dress the day before, get the stuff to the church and The Summit House, get our nails done, stuff like that.  And with about 32 days to do, I’d say we’re ahead of schedule.  Go me!


My mom and sister threw me a bridal shower on May 12th.  I’m a week late in blogging about it, but in my defense I was waiting to get the pictures from it.  It was a “Luncheon at Tiffany’s” theme, so there was lots of Tiffany blue and white.

It started at 1, so I left around 12:30.  My sister instructed me not to be early!  Sadly, because there was traffic and slow drivers, I got there about 15 minutes late.  😦  I was really bummed – I didn’t want to be late to my own shower!  But, other people showed up late and the ones that were there didn’t seem to care.

Mindy, one of my bridesmaids, met me on the porch when I finally got there.  I started venting about not being in a good mood and she just said, “I know.”  She knew why I was stressed out and knew exactly what to do to make me feel better.  She prayed.  I can never thank her enough for that.  I was able to go inside, smile, and enjoy my shower.

And it was an AMAZING shower.  My sister and mom really outdid themselves.  I think the pictures say it all.

I got a ton of wonderful gifts too.  Mat and I have no shortage of wine glasses now!  It was so nice to see so many of my closest friends and family all in the same place.  That doesn’t happen much anymore because we’re all so busy.  Note to self: after our wedding plan more coffee and lunch dates with my friends.

Pictures from the shower!


my kappa sisters


friends for over 22 years!


Mat got shoes for our wedding today.  We decided to let the guys choose their own shoes.  They can rent them from Men’s Wearhouse if they want or they can wear their own.  Part of what started this idea was my finding fun stickers at Michael’s for the bottom of the groom’s shoes:

Super cute, right??  Well, I just HAD to buy them (I was buying “I Do” stickers for the bottom of my shoes), so that got us talking about his shoes.  He’s worn the Men’s Wearhouse rented shoes before, and they were very uncomfortable and didn’t breathe at all.  There were actually visible beads sweat inside when he took them off!  We figured it would make more sense to buy him a pair of nice dress shoes that he could put stickers on and not worry if there was residue on them for  while.  Plus, then he’d have another good pair of shoes that would last for years.

Since we had a few hours today, we went to Macy’s to look.  And, we totally scored.  He found a pair he liked that were only $80.  The guy gave us tomorrow’s sale price plus a coupon that took another $6 off.  I swear, telling people you’re getting married soon makes them do favors for you.  We got his shoes for a total of $58 after tax.  That’s almost HALF of the max amount we wanted to spend on the shoes before taxes!

the shoes – trendy enough to go with the modern slim cut tux but still classic enough to be wearable for a long time


Our wedding is set for June 29, 2012. It’s coming up FAST! FINALLY!

It all started with a proposal on February 5, 2011:

Down on one knee.

I love this picture 🙂

Steph, the secret photograph for that day, caught this awesome picture.

Since then we’ve been in two weddings and are planning to go to several more after ours. It’s turning out to be a crazy wedding year!

Rather than go back through all the details of all the wedding plans, I’ll just start where we are now and then recap after the wedding, with possibly adding in some separate posts about dresses and shoes and things between now and then.

Today I made the signs for the tables. Since we’re going with a loose wine theme, I decided to name each table after a different type of wine. The tables are still numbered for convenience – the name is just for fun. 🙂



An example of one of our table name cards

The rsvp cards have started coming in, and it’s VERY exciting! We have about 50ish accepts and are waiting on about half the responses still. I think we may have almost all of our guest list! And surprisingly, slightly more than half of the people who responded so far have chosen the salmon over the chicken. I always thought chicken was a more popular choice.

More details to come soon!


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