Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.


Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  On Friday, I received several nice notes from students.  4 of them were written in Spanish – I think they wrote them in a Spanish class.  Since I know absolutely no Spanish beyond hello, goodbye, thank you, friend, and counting to ten, I asked a colleague who teaches Spanish to help translate them.

We had a minimum day today for staff meetings, so lunch for us was after the kids were gone.  I went down to my colleague’s room and she translated the 4 letters for me.  I was so touched by what they said!  Basically, the 4 students thanked me for all I had done for them, told me that I had made math easy and that they now liked it a lot more than they did at the beginning of the year, and that because of me, they feel like they will be able to accomplish their post-high school goals.

It was So.  Sweet.  To hear that.  It makes all the challenging days and all the stress much more worthwhile.  Things like that make me forget, even if it’s temporary, about the stress and tiredness I’m currently facing.  Too bad it can’t be Teacher Appreciation Week every week.  🙂


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