Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Today has been focused on tomorrow’s half-marathon.  I got the cleaning done, took a lovely walk with Mat which we haven’t done since right after our wedding, and then enjoyed this:

Banana, strawberries, peanut butter, and chocolate chips for good measure.   🙂

Then it was all about tv before making dinner.  We’re still working on Battlestar Galactica on Netflix.  Our free month of Netflix ends tomorrow, but I have a feeling we’re going to keep it for at least another month so we can finish the series.

Funny how we go from almost canceling our cable to keeping our cable and adding Netflix.  Necessary?  No.  But I really feel that paying for certain things that keep you sane and help you relax is worth it.  We did manage to get the cable bill knocked down a few dollars and will hopefully be able to get some new promotions in January that will take it down again.

Be back in a bit with dinner!  It involves sweet potatoes.  🙂



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Sunday Morning at Church

This morning we got ourselves up and out and to church.  We were able to give my parents a set of wedding pictures which I know my mom is happy about.  🙂

Church this morning was really good.  The sermon was exactly what I’ve been needing to hear lately, and I’m hoping that I can get myself back on track.

After church we stopped at Mat’s parents’ house to give them their copy of wedding pictures.  They just got back from a 2 week European vacation complete with Mediterranean cruise.  We got presents!


Pasta from Italy, saffron and herbes de provence from the Turkish spice market, apple tea, and lemoncello complete with a stopper.  Fantastic!!


When we got home, I was pretty hungry.  I’d munched on some frosted shredded wheat before we let for church but it wasn’t a meal.  I had one of my usuals: cottage cheese with Greek yogurt, granola, strawberries, and honey:


Mat made himself a giant omelet with jalapeños, spinach, and cheese and topped it with the last of the green chiles and some fresh salsa.

And now I’m on my own for the rest of the day because Mat is at work.  😦   On the bright side, we finally got our blu-ray player hooked up to the internet and signed up for a one month free trial of Netflix.  I’ve been prepping dinner in advance and watching Law and Order SVU reruns through Netflix while doing it.

The rest of the day (after finishing dishes and laundry) is going to consist of rest.  Lots of rest.  I need to have a good running week!

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The Bad Run

Today’s run was bad.

I woke up at 5 am (yes, on a Saturday, I know, but I’d rather do that than suffer in the sun).  I was actually motivated this time to run 14 miles.  This hasn’t happened in a long time.  Usually when I wake up to run I have to force my butt out the door.  This lack of energy and motivation started sometime in the spring as my body and brain were getting more and more tired from planning the wedding and going through a very tough school year.  So, it’s pretty obvious that having excitement (and a little bit of nerves) was something I was going to welcome wholeheartedly and not put to waste.

So, off I went on my usual 14 mile route.  The first 3.5 miles are a loop around the complex and surrounding area and then I do an 11ish mile long run through Irvine.  Those first 3.5 miles were fine, a little tiring, but it often takes a while for my legs and body to get warmed up so I wasn’t too worried about it.  Then, about 4-4.5 miles into the whole thing, I noticed my legs were suddenly TIRED.  Like, way more tired than I’m used to experiencing.  Generally I’ll get tired but I’m able to push through it and in fact will force myself to push through because I HATE giving up.  But this was a different kind of tired.  This was that bad tired where your legs are essentially screaming at you to just STOP.

I paused and drank some water and shook out my legs, then started up again.  A bit later I was exhausted again.  Pause, drink water, shake it out, try again.  Finally I just decided that I needed to stop.  I had thought about stopping both times I’d paused earlier but wanted to try and see if I could work through it before giving up.  I always wonder if I really need to stop or if I’m just being “lazy.”  But something in my gut was telling me to stop.  Grudgingly, I listened to it and turned around.

During the 3 mile walk back my legs were fine compared to running, but I could tell they were tired.  I soaked in the tub for a bit to relax my muscles and then took a warm shower.  I then decide to knock out some chores: I changed the sheets, started laundry, dusted, vacuumed, and ran to Costco.  (Side note: Costco at 10 am on a Saturday morning is WAY better than any other time of day).  I finally got around to eating when I got back.


Today’s breakfast was overnight oats with chocolate protein powder:


In the mix:

  • peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • generous handful chocolate chips
  • milk mixed with protein powder
  • granola added before I ate it

We recently bought this protein powder on Amazon.  It’s huge!


You can tell how big it is from the toaster oven, mixer, and crock pot in the background.

I mixed the protein powder into the milk before adding it to the oats so it would dissolve properly.  It definitely made the whole thing taste like chocolatey goodness, which I’m definitely not opposed to.  🙂

With the oats I also had a banana with a few strawberries,


iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s,


and chocolate coconut water to help my sore leg muscles.


I took a long time to eat because of switching out laundry, checking email, and chatting with my mom-in-law for a few minutes.  I’m also working on burning copies of our wedding pictures to give to our parents.  Then, this afternoon I’m going to my Kappa big sis’s bridal shower!

I sure hope next Saturday is more successful run-wise.  I’m so frustrated!


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Whew, What a Morning

My alarm went off at 6 this morning and initially I did NOT want to get up.  I reset it for 20 minutes later, but then after about 5 minutes knew it was useless and I wasn’t going to fall back asleep anyway, so I got up.  I was originally planning for 14 miles today, but when I woke up I wasn’t feeling it anymore.  That happens a lot actually, but this morning I realized that it might not be the best idea to jump from 10 miles (which I’ve done for the past several Saturdays) to 14 miles when I’ve had rough runs because of the heat.  I quickly altered my usual 14 mile route to be a 12-miler, and got myself out the door.

Because it was cloudy and misty, it was actually a really good run.  I didn’t get super tired, and felt pretty good the whole time, just like I did a year ago when I was increasing my mileage for the first time in preparation for my first half-marathon (Long Beach).  I hope the weather stays this way, at least in the morning, because it’s SO. MUCH. EASIER. to run and takes a lot less mental motivation to get through a long run.

When I got back, I busied myself straightening up the apartment.  There were several bags of stuff my mom had given me from my old room that I needed to go through, and I also needed to get the last 3 place settings washed and put away.  While I was pulling stickers off everything, Mat texted me that he was probably going to leave work early because he didn’t feel well – waves of nausea, sinus stuff, and shakiness.  Naturally I got worried, and he couldn’t respond much because he was at work.  Around 10 he said he was coming home, and I went off to Target (still in my gross running clothes) to get ginger ale, saltines, and chicken noodle soup.  He was able to eat just fine, but he was totally exhausted.  He didn’t sleep much at all both Tuesday and Wednesday night because of early shifts, and on Wednesday night he felt hot and clammy even though the air was on.  The hot and clammy continued into Thursday, and he tried to take a nap that afternoon but couldn’t fall asleep.  He took NyQuil that night and last night so he could sleep, but I think it just wasn’t enough.  Drugged sleep isn’t quite as good as natural sleep anyway.  He’s taking a nap now, and hopefully will be better when he wakes up.  We’re going to an outdoor picnic/concert tonight with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend, and we definitely don’t want to miss it.  We also have church in the morning for my mom’s high school choir reunion.

Whew.  See what I mean?

Around noon I finally got around to eating.  I had a banana and yummy overnight oats:


  • peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • handful chocolate chips
  • milk
  • strawberries and cereal added this morning

I had iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s too.


Now it’s time to finish laundry, enter quiz grades in the grade book, and make the quinoa salad for tonight’s picnic.  Have a good Saturday!

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Newly Tenured

After school today, a bunch of teachers went to a restaurant called Karl Strauss to celebrate the newly tenured teachers at our school.  And guess what?  I’m one of them!  I enjoyed a glass of wine courtesy of Mr. Cush and shared the hummus and pita appetizer with Ms. Park.  I intended to leave around 5 so I could get home and have an evening, but wine on an empty stomach is not the best idea for driving, so I stayed longer to get some food in me.

I had some sautéed veggies for dinner along with my usual cottage cheese meal from the summer (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, honey, granola, and strawberries).


Today was another good day at work, and I’m thrilled to be able to say that.  I have a lot more motivation and a lot less dread, which in turn helps the overall tiredness.  That being said, I’m hoping it’s nice and overcast tomorrow so I can attempt 14 miles, something I haven’t done since mid-June.  Hopefully I wake up as motivated as I felt today.

Busy weekend planned: picnic and outdoor concert of Tchaikovsky music with my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend, my mom’s church choir is having a reunion and they’re all singing at the service on Sunday, and Diana is coming over to hang out in the afternoon.  It should be good!


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Sticky and Sunny

I’ve never really shared my pre-long run snacks, and today I remembered to take a picture.  I try to keep these snacks easy and pretty small.  I also like a mix of some sort of carb/sugar and protein.  Peanut butter is usually used.  🙂

Today was no exception.  A graham cracker with peanut butter:


I love peanut butter.

If you saw my DailyMile post this morning, you’d see that I had a sticky and sunny run.  I got up at 6 (that’s going to get harder and harder as the school year gets going…hopefully the weather calms down soon so I can start getting up at 7 again) and of course, by the time I got out the door all sunscreened up and with a full bottle of water in tow, the sun was already coming out and the air felt thick.  This does not do good things for the psyche.

When I first started, I instantly thought, oh crap.  This might be painful.  I had that tired feeling that I’ve been having a lot lately and just can’t seem to shake.  It’s getting really frustrating.  But, I pushed through anyway because I’m the idiot who doesn’t want to keep going and gets really tired yet still doesn’t stop.  I only stop when I really and truly cannot physically keep going.  It’s both good and bad.  That’s not to say though, that I don’t get slower as I run.  🙂

It was hot this morning.  Have I said that already?

After my run, I showered and threw on some clothes and went to pick up a couple prescriptions from the pharmacy.  I’m glad I got that over with.  It was a pain waiting for my face wash to come it because they had to order a slightly different one.  I’m completely out of my old one and my skin has been flaring up again all of a sudden, so I’m very thankful to have it back.


I love breakfast.  Especially when it consists of this:


Overnight oats: peanut butter (told you I love it), 1/2 cup oats, chocolate chips and milk sat overnight in the fridge and this morning I added a few strawberries and granola.  I had a banana on the side and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s.

Today I have little things like laundry to do, and I also want to get a few things done for school.  The school stuff may carry into tomorrow, but I don’t mind that because I have the entire morning until about 2 pm before we go to a going-away party.

I understand why school starts earlier than it used to, and believe me once November comes and I have a week off at Thanksgiving and then December comes and I have 3 weeks off for Christmas, it’s worth it.  But right now?  Right now it’s hot and gross and I’d rather be at the beach.  It’s just wrong to be back in school when it’s so hot.  Oh well.  I’m employed.  I’m happy and thankful for that.

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Second Day

I got up earlier than usual for a Friday so I could fit in a 3.5 mile walk rather then my usual 2 miles. It also helps that on staff development days I can get to work just before 8 instead of in the 7s. Less rushing=happy Melissa. 🙂

That also means I can eat breakfast before going and avoid the temptation of continental breakfast (i.e. bagels that always make me crash). I’m enjoying cottage cheese with strawberries and granola and iced coffee while catching up on the news and blogging.


I realized a minute ago that today is an actual full day back to work. I need to readjust my blogging schedule again. Please bear with me as I do this!

On another note, I’m trying to figure out how to get a short dance choreographed, taught, and rehearsed for the dance production girls. There’s an assembly on September 14th that I’m fairly certain they are performing in. I’m thinking of going to YouTube for inspiration. Thoughts?