Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Sister Day

After an icky 7 mile run this morning, I took a picture with the cat.

I’m not sure she appreciated it.

Later I found her basking in the sun.


Around 11 my sister came over so we could have a sister hang out day. We went to South Coast where I exchanged the broken plate from one of our nice place settings. We then just wandered around. We went into Prada where I drooled over the purses, one of which I will own someday. Neither of us bought anything, which was good since neither of us have a ton of extra money to spare right now. I have a gift card to Macy’s, but I don’t see anything there I really wanted so I decided to save it.

While at Macy’s, we saw some really cute doggie purses and umbrellas. I took a picture of the dachshund one for mommy. ūüôā

They didn’t have anything corgi which made me sad, but it was still all really cute. ūüôā
After we got back, Mat gave Amanda an oil painting lesson. We got her oil painting stuff for her birthday, and lessons were part of the gift. ūüôā I was dumb and didn’t take any pictures, so ill try to get some during their next lesson.

Dinner was the last of the weird looking spaghetti soup and salad.


Now we’re gearing up to watch good old television before bed. Mat has to work early again. :-/

Good night!


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Poor Computer

I’m once again blogging from the iPad. My poor MacBook is sick. I took it to the Apple store today and they think it’s a hard drive thing. I have to take it to a place that can back up my data tomorrow (that will be fun to pay for) and then either go back to Apple for the actual repair or have the hard drive people do it. Fortunately, the whole thing will hopefully only cost around $300. Still not something I want to pay for as the Christmas bills hit, but it could be worse. I can live without a computer if I have to, but if I can fix it for a few hundred I want to do it.

Today was spent cleaning up Christmas and cleaning in general. It took a good 4 hours to do. But, now we love in a lovely clean apartment and it feels so good. Hopefully soon that will be upgraded to a house! (Still waiting to hear).

For dinner, we made crock pot spaghetti soup. I altered it a little by using orecchiette pasta instead of spaghetti and using a lot more than the called-for 4 oz, using carrots and a few red/yellow/orange bell pepper pieces instead of green, and omitting the celery. I added extra water because I was using extra pasta, and it came out super thick. The orecchiette pasta puffed up a LOT, so it looked more like sticky stew than soup, but it still tasted great.

We had salad with it, of course.

And now we’re going to finish last night’s cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

and watch yet more Big Bang Theory on DVD. Best. Show. Ever.

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No Kitty Today :(

We were supposed to get Oakley today. ¬†However, it didn’t work out. ¬†She was supposed to go with Amy to her vet to get shots and all that, but apparently when Amy tried to get her this morning, she saw the box and ran away and hid.

She’s such a cat.

So, Amy brought the shots and claw caps home from the vet tonight and Mat’s mom is going to bring her down tomorrow. ¬†It’s still earlier than the originally Saturday, but I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to see her when I got home from work today! ¬†Oh well, what can you do? ¬†In a way it was probably better because when I got home we went straight to vote and then had to get home and get dinner and all that.

Speaking of dinner…

Leftover spaghetti!


Plain old spaghetti is one of my favorite things. ¬†This one was dressed up with nutritional yeast¬†as well as a can of diced tomatoes. ¬†I’m glad I decided to throw the tomatoes in because it made the sauce just a little bit thicker and covered the pasta better.

Man, I eat a lot of salad.  I must have been a rabbit in another life.

And now to round out the evening, another picture (a bit blurry) of our kitty on the scratching post Mat’s mom got for us/her.


I’ve been talking about the cat a lot lately, and this is probably a good indication that I will begin posting way too many pictures of the cat. ¬†Get excited! ¬†ūüėÄ

What’s your pet of choice?

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I’ll Never Wear a Skirt to Work Again

This is why I don’t wear skirts to work. I haven’t worn a skirt in well over a year. I only did today because tonight is Back to School Night and I figured I should look nice for parents.

Then I had the same comment I’ve gotten from kids before.

“You have big calves.”

It may just be a kid, but it makes me want to curl into a ball and cry.

I mean, if kids who have less of a filter than adults say it, then how do I know that everyone else I encounter isn’t thinking it?

I hate my calves. I already don’t fit into boots because of them. It’s a horribly sore subject. I’ll never wear a skirt to work again.


On the bright side, I had a more interesting lunch today.


Leftover veggie spaghetti. I also had an apple but it wasn’t very good so I ate as much as I could and threw it out. I don’t know what’s been up with our apples lately but they’ve all been borderline mealy. And they are NOT red delicious. Those things are nasty.

And with that, lunch is over as soon as it started. 8 more hours to go…

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On Air With Ryan

I used to listen to KIIS fm every morning.  Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K cracked me up, and the music was trendy.  Then, about a year ago, I switched over to Go Country in the morning.  I was tired of the trendy music.

Then recently I started listening to KIIS again.  Not for the music, but because the talk show parts of it are hilarious.  Ryan Seacrest, whatever your opinion of him, is pretty hysterical at times.

This morning, he announced that KIIS had set up an Instagram for On Air With Ryan Seacrest. ¬†He prompted listeners to post a photo of their “morning face” along with @onairwithryan and #morningface.

I totally did it. ¬†Here’s my picture:


Hilarious, right? ¬†I thought so. ¬†ūüôā

Work lately has been more taxing. ¬†I’m not sure why. ¬†This blog, @fitmixer’s photo of the day, and silly Instagram things like this are what keep my going (besides my amazing husband, of course ¬†ūüôā ).

What keeps you going throughout your day?


Dinner was leftover spaghetti from the other night.  And salad.  And garlic toast




And now it’s time for some couch and tv time. ¬†Have a good Tuesday night!

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Veggie Spaghetti (Hey, That Rhymes!)

Since Mat worked from 12-8 today and I’ve been pretty lazy all day, I decided to do an easy dinner. ¬†Enter spaghetti. ¬†I threw a salad together ahead of time while making my lunch for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to do everything at the same time.

As I was making the salad and my lunch, I noticed the bag of frozen stir-fry veggies in the freezer that we haven’t used in a while. ¬†I thought that could be a good addition to the spaghetti sauce, just to make it more interesting. ¬†Yeah, the veggies are more “Asian” and spaghetti is more “Italian,” but who cares?

I started by heating some olive oil in the skillet. ¬†I threw in the veggies and sprinkled some red pepper flakes in to give it some kick. ¬†The sauce I used is the roasted garlic from Trader Joe’s that already has a good garlic flavor, so I didn’t bother adding anymore. ¬†(I’m also lazy today, remember?). ¬†Once the veggies were softened I poured the sauce in and let it heat. ¬†The last thing was three tablespoons of nutritional yeast and letting it heat just a bit more. ¬†I poured it on the pasta and voila! ¬†Spaghetti with nutritional yeast with a twist!


My salad:




My spaghetti:

We had garlic toast too:


You know how I’ve been chocolate wasted lately? ¬†Well Mat came home from work tonight with blondies from the demo station at work. There were two of them. ¬†What did I do? ¬†I inhaled one without even thinking.

Fortunately I had enough sense to leave the last one for Mat.


And suddenly it’s 9:20 on Sunday night. ¬†Where did the weekend go??


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I was supposed to go to ballet tonight after dance production rehearsal, but luckily I checked on the schedule at the studio since I know they’re transitioning over from the summer schedule to the fall schedule. ¬†It turned out that the fall schedule class I¬†thought was happening tonight was not, and the summer class I’ve been going to for the last several weeks on Thursday afternoons is not happening tomorrow. ¬†I guess I’m either skipping this week or I’m going on Sunday or early next week. ¬†I haven’t decided yet, but I’m pretty sure Sunday won’t happen. ¬†It’s too much with church and then going to hang out with Steph.

I was pretty productive when I got home tonight.  I got my lunch made for tomorrow, got clothes from today put away and got clothes out for tomorrow, finished the thank you notes, caught up on some blog stuff, and then got around to dinner.


Dinner was leftovers from last night’s Brussels sprouts spaghetti, paired with a salad:


And some chocolate chips for dessert:

Since Mat randomly had to work a closing shift tonight, I was on my own. ¬†I’m not a fan of him being gone at night, but in some ways it wasn’t so bad because it’s probably the first time I’ve had some quiet “me time” in many many days. ¬†I was looking for some tv to watch as I ate, and voila! ¬†So You Think You Can Dance! ¬†I haven’t seen that show in a LONG time, largely because it was often too painful to watch as I went through all of my ballet issues (check out the dancing page).

Now, of course, it’s making the whole bitten by the performing bug thing worse.

I’m so glad to be getting up at 6 instead of 5 tomorrow. ¬†Finally on the downhill part of this first full week!