Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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So You Know that Designer Purse Thing?

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I have a bit of an obsession with designer handbags.  I’ve stated that I WILL own a Prada handbag at some point.  It may take several years of saving my fun money since Prada costs upwards of $1500, but I will do it.  I figure that if you work hard and save, after paying all of your bills, saving for a rainy day, etc, then why not treat yourself?

Well, the same applies with tax refunds.

No, I didn’t buy Prada, but I did buy a new purse.  I was reading How Sweet It Is today and she mentioned the Kate Spade Sample Sale.  I clicked over to it because I was obviously curious.  I wasn’t intending to buy anything, but then I saw this.


Yeah, I sort of bought it.  I included the picture in case the link goes bad after the sale ends tonight.

I really don’t usually buy random stuff, especially more expensive stuff.  But this was a $398 purse for $169!!!  And it’s PINK.  And FABULOUS.  And KATE SPADE.

And we’re getting a FAT tax refund this year.  Enough to cover our Hawaii vacation, my computer repair costs, and then some.  So, I obviously needed a new purse, no?

I won’t be bringing it to work.  Partly because it’s too much of a pain to switch purses all the time, partly because this nice of a purse does not deserve being around high school kids, and partly because I want to use it as my special weekend purse.  You know, date nights and stuff.

I also hope it comes in time for our Valentine’s date night next weekend.  🙂

On to Dinner

We had leftover crock pot lasagna tonight.  Nothing exciting, but still tasty.  To make it, we just layered no-boil lasagna noodles, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella cheese, and ricotta cheese with cooked ground turkey in the crock pot and set it to low.  Next time I’ll use 2 jars of sauce and mix the ground turkey with the sauce before layering.



We finished off the romaine lettuce today which was nice.  We’re both getting pretty tired of salad and are switching over to roasted and steamed veggies instead.


How often do you indulge in retail therapy?


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Errands Galore

After my 4.5 mile run this morning, which went ok, I enjoyed oatmeal with peanut butter and honey and an (unpictured) pear. And coffee, naturally. Also unpictured, apparently.

The cat threw up this morning and I was worried about her, but then later she was acting totally normal.

Yep. Totally normal.

I then set off to run a ton of errands. First was Smart & Final in search of the blue gloves for washing dishes that my mom likes. Figures they didn’t have them, but I still got gloves. Hopefully they work ok. I also got more sugar cubes since we were running low. At least I avoided a trip to another grocery store!

Then it was off to another store to do a return. With the store credit I got a ton of fun stuff. Look! 😀

Not the background stuff though. I’m excited to grow the herbs we got from Mat’s parents for Christmas and then chop them in the herb mill. And make homemade salad dressing. 🙂

Next was Costco, Target, and Petsmart. After that I went to a nutrition store to look for Cliff shot blocks or gels. They didn’t have them, but they said they would order them and I can come back next week. Until then I’ll try to find something else for this Saturday’s 17 miler. After my icky 16 miler last weekend, I knew I needed some sort of fuel on future long runs.

When I got home I needed a cookie. Obviously.

And I’m finally lounging and researching Hawaii trips. And watching TV. Vacation is wonderful. 🙂

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Christmas Shopping!

After sleeping in this morning, Mat and I attacked the dirt and clutter.  It’s SO nice to have him home on Sundays now.  Even if we spent 2 hours cleaning, we still have the day.

Once things were clean, we headed out to get Christmas decorations.  It’s an expensive Christmas since we have virtually nothing (except some ornaments from Mat’s parents last year), but I’m excited.  It’s our first married Christmas!

Check out what we got:


Snowflake table runner, Yankee candle, candy dish, snowflake towels, tree skirt, tree stand, tree lights, ornaments and hooks, and christmas paper plates/napkins.

The table runner, candle, towels, and tree skirt all came from Home Goods and the rest was from Target.  We still need a tree topper and Christmas stockings, but I’m thinking I might try making the stockings myself.  As for the topper, I’m not sure yet.  I know we want an angel instead of a star, but I’m not sure yet where to get it.  Suggestions?

I take after my mom in the decorating department.  Not only do I love decorating for any holiday like she does (and like my Grandma did – something my mom and aunt both mentioned during her service), but I like decorating with snowflakes/snowmen because when Christmas is over and you take down the tree, you can leave the snow stuff up through January.  Not only is it fun, but it makes it not quite as depressing when you have to put all the holiday decorations away.

We also still need wrapping paper and, oh yeah, to actually DO the Christmas shopping, but I’d say we’re doing good since it isn’t quite Thanksgiving yet.

Speaking of which, I need to get organized on all the stuff I’m making.  Good thing I’m off this week!

My week off is starting with a run tomorrow morning and then lunch and shopping with my mommy.  Yay!


We Went to the Mall Yesterday

And boy did we buy a lot.  Getting two paychecks certainly was amazing.  We paid off the credit card (and then promptly charged it again on protein powder and a fireproof safe, but that’s ok), set aside money for the house, Hawaii, and Christmas presents, and apparently decided today was going to be a shopping spree.  It wasn’t originally going to be like that – I just wanted to get new running shoes (which I needed desperately) and Clinique makeup because I’m running low.  We also figured we’d get our free Godiva truffle for September and get some Starbucks (Mat still has a gift card that he shares with me because he loves me like that 😉  ).

We got the Godiva and Starbucks.  I got my makeup.  I got my running shoes (I love that there’s a New Balance store at South Coast):

Aren’t they fun???  I LOVE the bright blue.  And they’re more lightweight than my previous pairs.  I’m actually excited to way up early and run!  New shoes are SO cushy.  You definitely know you needed new shoes when you put new ones on and think, “ohhhhh this is how they’re supposed to feel!”

We also wandered into Macy’s to get Mat some clothes.  He had a gift card from my parents from his birthday that he hadn’t used yet, and since we knew we had more money in the bank we figured we’d get him a few nice things that will be versatile and go with stuff he already has.

Enter his new suit:

Ain’t that spiffy?  Hehe.  We just sort of stumbled on the pants and coat.  They’re a charcoal gray, slim cut, and Calvin Klein.  Can’t say no to that!  Better still, the pants were only about $60.  As he was trying those on, I wandered and found a few shirts that could go with it.  Hence that nice blue shirt.  Then of course we realized he needed a tie, so we looked around and found a gray DKNY slim tie that matched perfectly and was on sale.

Yeah, it was a little more than we would usually pay, but I don’t really have a problem paying more for high quality stuff (when we have the money in the bank) that will last a long time.  It’s especially true for men’s suits because if you buy a classic fit it will never go out of style and he really will be able to wear it for years.

So then, off we went to Michael Kors.  I mainly wanted a new cell phone cover and I knew that they weren’t really any more expensive (ok, maybe $5 more, big deal) than most covers are.  My old cover was getting all scraped up and was from when I had a black iPhone and now I have a white one.

Of course, before we went in I had started thinking about how technically we could afford for me to get a new purse and wallet too, as long as the purse was one of the cheaper ones.

That was a bad thought.  This is what happened:


*sigh*  It totally looks like I have no self-control.  It really wasn’t that bad though.  The tote is a good size, but totes are less expensive because they have less compartments and things (at least that’s my assumption).  And the wallet was what you’d expect for a nice leather wallet.  Is it sickening that they all three match?  I love the vanilla “MK” design though.  I’m going to be super careful with it at work, that’s for sure.

The guy in the store (who was definitely gay) was awesome.  He was super helpful, super funny, and was almost in awe of my 3+ year old beat up Michael Kors purse I bought with birthday money so long ago.  I still love that purse, and it was almost sad to take everything out and organize the new one.  I’m sure I’ll still use it, just like I fully intend to use my old Dooney and Bourke again.

Despite my lovely new Michael Kors purchase, I still want Prada one day.  It’s my mission.  🙂

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The Second Full Day Home

Today was the second full day we were back home at our apartment.  For me, it’s been almost weird to be home.  I was gone for almost a week leading up to our wedding (staying at my parent’s house), then was back for a few days as we got ready to leave for Fiji (but spent one of those days at my parent’s house opening presents and spending time with my aunt and uncle from New York), and then we were gone for almost 2 weeks.

The apartment was a mess when we got back on Sunday night.  All the wedding gifts were stacked on the floor, there was a TON of laundry to do (and still is), and we also have been suffering from jet lag.

Yesterday we ran errands (Target and Trader Joe’s) and began cleaning and organizing. We eventually pooped out.

Today we ran more errands (Social Security office and Bed Bath and Beyond) and continued cleaning and organizing.  We (mainly I) pooped out.

I also went for my first run this morning after being gone.  Just 3.5 miles, and it was rough.  I pushed through, but it was rough.  I’m praying tomorrow isn’t worse.

I have lots of posts to do in the next few days.  My habit has dwindled because we were gone, but I’m hoping to get back to it very soon.  The cleaning and organizing has definitely been eating up my time!  But, I NEED to get things straightened up.  Living in a mess causes way too much stress.


I had my usual cottage cheese and strawberries breakfast this morning.  It was fun because I used one of our new cereal bowls and our new silverware.

these bowls are huge! and you should totally check out http://www.mealsandmiles.com 🙂

Yes, I totally had “A Baby Story” on in the background.  Don’t ask.

my afternoon snack

all the loot we got with our gift cards


For dinner we kept it simple and heated up some refried beans and tortillas and made burritos.  We paired it with a salad (I SO missed homemade salad) and half a sliced avocado.  Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, a little hot sauce, and salsa made it extra yummy.

simple but delicious

For dessert we shared a leftover piece of wedding cake from the freezer.  There’s still 2 big pieces left!

Oh.  You know how I mentioned the Social Security office?  Yep, that’s right, I got to start changing my name already!  Our marriage license came yesterday so now I can get all that taken care of.  In other good news, we’re going to Disneyland on Monday and have booked a Vegas getaway for next month.  Making up for the terrible honeymoon!  (That I still owe a massive post on).

Now that I have a second wind after being completely exhausted, I need to get ready for bed.  Gotta overcome the rest of the jet lag!



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I Want Prada

We’re currently loving the sand and water and rainforest of Fiji.  This post was written in advance.  Yay for planning ahead!

A few weeks ago, I bought a new Michael Kors purse for our wedding.  That started my “new” obsession with designer things.  Since then, I’ve found myself browsing for all sorts of handbags: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, even Prada and Louis Vuitton.


I found this Prada bag on Prada’s website and nearly swooned:

Naturally, it’s ONLY $1520.  I mean, I could totally buy that right now.  Right?

Oh, if only.

I also love this bag from the Michael Kors website (the picture didn’t save well).

Oh and I love the rose gold watches.

I decided that one day, I WILL own a Prada handbag.  Or something equally fabulous.  I figure that if you save your pennies and use birthday money, there’s no shame in splurging on something like Prada for yourself.  It’s not like I’d go out and buy something on a whim that would cost more than a month’s rent after tax.

Yikes, when you put it like that it sounds terrible.

When did I become that girl who wants Prada?

Maybe it was when I started rereading all the Shopaholic books.

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Calm, Cool, and Collected

Considering that my wedding is about 3.5 days away, I’m pretty calm.  I went for  a 5 mile run this morning along the same route I used to do early in the morning before work.  It was a nice change of pace, but still familiar.  I even ran into my mom-in-law while she was walking – just like old times.  🙂

Mommy made oatmeal for breakfast, and I enjoyed mine with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  I really did take a picture this time, but my phone failed at sending it to my computer and I deleted it too soon.  😦

My mom and I went to get the wine bottles to the florist and then hit Michael’s and the mall to get a few more things.  Some of those things were for one of our tables of stuff at the reception – frames for our parent’s wedding pictures and stands for our wooden yellow M’s.  I set everything up on the dining room table so I could take a picture for the people at The Summit House when they set up the reception.

I’m not going to be posting as frequently for a while – I’ll do what I can the next few days until our wedding and might be able to squeeze in a couple before we leave for Fiji, but I’m not going to stress over it.  This is our wedding, after all!  We’ve waited a long time to get to this week!  I will, though, have some posts scheduled to go up while we’re gone.  My goal is every day, but it might be less.  We’ll just see how it goes.  But I promise to be back at it mid-July when we’re back!

Countdown: 3ish days!!