Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Gifts From Kids

I got this jar of candy and really sweet note today from a bunch of kids.

This is what makes being a teacher not so bad. ūüôā

Oh yeah, and the 3 weeks off I have starting at 1 pm today. ūüėÄ




I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated from never getting enough sleep, with or without Zzzquil.

I’m frustrated from kids not listening when I give them directions or when I’m trying to teach a lesson or, God forbid, HELP them.

I’m frustrated at the entire home-buying process because, while we haven’t been looking very long, I’m not a patient person by nature and always worry prematurely that we won’t find a house EVER even though we haven’t been looking very long and it’s the holidays.

I’m frustrated from being expected to do extra work with apparently no extra pay. ¬†I’ll be saying no on that.

I’m frustrated that I have no extra time to devote to this blog to make it what I really want it to be.

I’m frustrated at myself for having no patience to just let things happen naturally and for getting so worked up that I never stop to smell the roses and enjoy this thing that’s my life that’s actually, in reality, not too shabby.

And now that I’m done ranting, a picture of a half asleep Oakley for you.

I shamelessly post pictures of my cat. ¬†I’m cool with it.

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It’s a Never-Ending Work Day

Today was a modified day, which means that the kids were done at 1 pm and we had meetings until 3:15 pm.  On days like this, my other coach handles practice and we all get to go home by 3:30 or so.

Today, however, I have to go back to school at 5:30 for yet another fundraiser.

Can you tell I’m less than thrilled?

Ordinarily, something like this would just be an inconvenience. ¬†But right now, after having fundraisers last Wednesday AND Thursday, and after dealing with so. much. stuff, it’s more than just an inconvenience.

So yeah, I’m annoyed. ¬†I don’t really want to go back to school from 5:30 until 8. ¬†I already haven’t been sleeping all that great even with the Zzzquil last night.

But we might be getting our kitty tomorrow! ¬†And if not tomorrow then Wednesday. ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m actually really excited. ¬†Yeah, I might be more of a dog person, but how can you not adore this little face?


I’m gonna be a fur-mama! ¬†ūüėÄ


BTSN, Not to Be Confused with BTSA

Education is full of acronyms. PTA, IEP, SST, AP, CST, CAHSEE…the list goes on and on. BTSA is that lovely thing I finished last year (you can read about it here, here, here, here, and here.

BTSN is Back to School Night. It’s not the easiest or most pleasant day (I was at school for 13 hours) but its easier than BTSA because its only one day (BTSA was 2 years).

So how did it go? Pretty well I think. In any case it’s behind me. The dance kids performed for the parents along with some other student groups before the actual classroom visits started. Then it was 90 minutes of hanging out in my room waiting for parents to come. One of my dance students (who is also in my 2nd period math class) helped translate for me. This is a big help since otherwise the parents either look at me like I’m crazy or they don’t say anything.

But now it’s done. Tomorrow we’re out at 1 (even teachers!!) and I’m giving a quiz. Thank goodness for that!

We are the king and queen of leftovers this week. Tonight was the last of the chili and cornbread but with roasted veggies instead of salad. I LOVE salad but sometimes you gotta switch it up!

And with that, it’s time for bed. Getting home after 8, getting up at 5 tomorrow, and Mat working super early again does not a good combination make.

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Dance Practice

Today’s dance practice was awesome. ¬†The kids were having so much fun working on their dance for back to school night, and it showed. ¬†There was some tension during practice yesterday, but today? ¬†Nothing!

The back to school night dance is random and fun. ¬†I told the girls to be sassy and show me how much they love to dance, and they totally did. ¬†I could feel the energy and excitement as they rehearsed. ¬†It’s amazing! ¬†I LOVE being a part of something so great!

They also are working on a dance battle to perform with ASB at the pep rally. ¬†They rehearsed that a few times today too, and it was fantastic as well. ¬†It’s another high-energy dance that I can tell they have a lot of fun with. ¬†I can’t wait for the pep rally to see how well they’re going to do!

Today’s @fitmixer Instagram photo? ¬†Time of workout:

Tomorrow’s? ¬†Healthy carb. ¬†I’m all about the carbs so this will be excellent!

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Meetings Meetings Meetings

Today has two meetings: one in the morning before school (7 am) and one after school (after dance production runs).

The morning meeting is for Algebra 2 and I’m the course lead, which means I plan the meeting. ¬†This morning’s meeting is dealing with tests for the semester, figuring out what we need to spiral review on Mondays, and making sure we’re all on track with the pacing guide.

This afternoon’s meeting is for the Technology Committee. ¬†We’re trying to update the school’s technology needs list so it’s current and reflects which technology the school wants to get first. ¬†Personally, I’d love for all the kids to have iPads to use in class, but that’s a long ways away. ¬†Too expensive.

Then I have ballet tonight. ¬†Another long day. ¬†But it’s ok. ¬†It’s almost Friday and then this weekend is Kelly’s bachelorette party! ¬†Speaking of Kelly, today is her birthday!

Happy birthday big sis!!!!!

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Yesterday afternoon, there was a fire across the street from school.

No one from school was hurt, and as far as I know there were no injuries reported.

It happened around 3:20 or so in the afternoon and we were almost done with dance practice for the day. ¬†Some of the girls were outside getting water and they came running in talking about fire. ¬†We all went outside and sure enough, there was a ton of black smoke. ¬†At first I couldn’t tell if it was on campus or not. ¬†I thought about my car, parked on the roof. ¬†From where I was the smoke could have been right near my car.

Then there was an explosion. ¬†I still didn’t know at that point where the fire was, but a couple minutes later I found out that it was across the street. ¬†We let the dance kids go home since practice was basically over anyway, and I left to go home.


Because the entire street in front of school was blocked, I had to go around the LONG way. ¬†I got turned around (thank goodness for iPhone) and it took a lot longer to get home than usual. ¬†Then I was stuck at AAA for a while, but that’s another story.

It was rather scary, especially not knowing where the fire was at first. ¬†And the explosion? ¬†*shudder* ¬†Apparently that was caused by one propane tank and if the workers hadn’t gotten the rest of them out, the explosions could have been a lot worse.

Thank God no one was hurt.