Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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The Last Long Run!!

Today’s Run

22.05 miles, 3:50:20, 10:27 pace

Yes.  My daddy and I ran 22 miles today.


We met at 15th street in Newport around 7:30 this morning.  While it’s much, MUCH easier  to run with a buddy, it’s still quite daunting to start running when you know you have 22 miles ahead of you.

We ran from 15th to the wedge (about 2.4ish miles) and stopped for the mandatory photo op.

wedge 1

wedge 2

wedge 3

I love how the pictures into the sun turn out.

We then turned toward Huntington as usual and ran until the Garmin read 13.8.  That would get us back to 15th street at 22 miles.  Actually it got us there a little before because we didn’t calculate the mileage exactly, but whatever.

Running in Huntington is nice.  We ran past dog beach – it was so fun to see all the doggies frolicking in the water!   I was imagining a little corgi with her short stumpy legs running in the water and it made me smile.  🙂

My dad started feeling a sharp pain where his shin meets his ankle with about 8 miles to go.  I was worried, and he was too, but it would go away after running for a bit.  He thinks it might be the beginning of a stress fracture, which obviously isn’t good.  Hopefully it isn’t bad so he can run the marathon without too much pain or issues.

At the turnaround point, I snapped a few more photos on my phone.

turnaround 2


turnround 4

turnaround 3

We kept trucking along, stopping for walk breaks every couple miles or so.  We were both hurting a bit, him more than me I think.  But, we’re in this for the experience and to finish it.  Speed doesn’t matter to us.

I had gels at miles 8 and 16 and tried to drink as much water as I could.  When I don’t stop for lights I forget to drink.  Not good.

We also stopped for the bathroom a couple times.  This is one of the key reasons to do long runs at the beach.  You have easy access to bathrooms and water fountains.  Makes things much easier and removes stress.

When the Garmin finally hit 22, I was very happy, as you can imagine.  More photos.

turnaround 1

done 1

Naturally, I uploaded this picture to Instagram.

done 2

I got home, had a protein shake (protein powder and chocolate coconut water) and took a long hot shower.  It was glorious.

I then had a banana, overnight oats, and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s.


overnight oats 2


And since then I’ve been sitting on the couch (like a boss) blogging and working on shower crafty things.  No pictures yet because the honorees need to be surprised!  Later I believe we’re going to Panera for dinner thanks to the Valentine’s gift card from my parents.  The bread bowl is calling my name!


What are your Saturday night plans?

P.S. Can you believe it’s already almost March?  Where does the time go?


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Friday Night Pizza


Friday nights in this house tend to be pizza nights. Tonight was no exception.

my plate 2

I’m not sure how easy it is to tell, but it’s a pretty good-sized piece of pizza!  Costco is the best.

my plate

I definitely had another piece.  Obviously.

Oh and we had a small salad too.  We’ve been bored with salad, but we haven’t had it in a while so it was nice to have today.

salad close up

We had a really nice red wine also.  It was a blend and very mellow.  I’m not usually a big red wine fan, so I was happy to really enjoy this one.


And this is my husband’s plate.  He had a 4th piece.  Boys.

mat's plate

Oh, I also ate his crust.  I always eat his crust.  Shhh…


Today was a rest day (minus abs/push-ups and giving the girls a ballet type class today).  I’m running a 22 miler tomorrow so rest is my bff.  I’m meeting my daddy at the beach at 7:30 for it.  It’s my LAST long run before taper!  WOOHOO!!!!


Do you have a pizza night or other favorite food night?

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It Was Too Spicy Tonight

Today’s Run

5.35 miles, 50:55, 9:31 pace

My pulled leg muscle is still bothering me, so I can’t push to be faster if I wanted to.  It’s frustrating, but I’m just glad I’m still able to run even if it hurts.  I WILL accomplish this marathon!


You know how the other night Mat made blackened mahi mahi?  Well he made it again tonight since we had leftover mango salsa and salad dressing.

Except tonight something happened.  It was WAY too spicy.

We think what happened was the pan didn’t get hot enough and therefore didn’t cook off some of the spice like last time.  It’s meant to be a spicy dish, but tonight?  Holy cow was it hot.  Mat enjoys super spicy stuff and it was even too hot for him.  You can only imagine how I felt!  I forced it down anyway though because fish is good for you and because I completely forgot that I could have eaten leftover chicken if I wanted to.  Plus fish is expensive and I hate wasting food.


It doesn’t look that spicy here.  So sad.



I was gulping water and milk like nobody’s business.




rice 1

Tonight we added cilantro lime rice to the plate.  SO GOOD and so simple!

Cilantro Lime Brown Rice


1 1/2 cups dry brown rice

3 cups water

juice of 1 lime

2 tbps chopped cilantro


1. Cook rice in rice cooker or on stove until all water is absorbed and you can fluff it with a fork.

2. Add lime juice and chopped cilantro.  Keep warm.

3. Serve!

rice 2


Sadly, I couldn’t finish my rice because my mouth was on fire from the fish.  But there’s leftover rice so yay!

Now I’m going to eat frozen thin mints.  My mouth is better but I still have the excuse, right?


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Salsa Chicken

Today’s Run

5 miles, 50:50, 9:33 pace


A few weeks ago, I saw a recipe for salsa chicken on several blogs including Meals and Miles and Peanut Butter Fingers.  Naturally, I had to try it.

It’s really easy.  Step 1: Put chicken breasts in crock pot.  Step 2: Cover with salsa.  Step 3: Turn on crock pot and leave for work.

Except I didn’t do it before work.  Mat did it because he’s still off work from his hurt wrist.

We made the chicken into tacos.  I topped mine with some chopped tomato, plain Greek yogurt, and shredded cheese.  Refried beans and roasted Brussels sprouts finished it off.



brussels sprouts





This weekend will be my last really long run in LA Marathon training.  It will be 22 miles at the beach with my Daddy.  I can’t wait to get it done!  I need a serious break after this, both physically and mentally.


What do you do when you’re burned out from a certain type of exercise?  Do you take a break or just keep going?

I tend to just keep going.  Right now I basically have to keep going because I’m training.

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Some Days Just Aren’t Running Days

I don’t get it.  Last week I ran 21 miles with out music and felt pretty darn good.  Then this morning I ran only 14 miles and felt like crap.

I woke up just not in the mood AT ALL.  I generally have to force myself out these days, but today I was just not feeling it at all, physically or mentally.  I took forever getting out the door and was immediately greeted with unseasonably warm temperatures.  Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather and it’s one of the many reasons we’re trying to buy a house in one of the most expensive areas of the country.  But when it comes out of the blue it’s not fun.



This is of course later than when I ran, but it still shows how much warmer it suddenly became (and how cold it’s expected to get in comparison).  I ended up ditching my jacket a mile and a half into the run.  Since the first few miles took me in a small loop around home, I was able to have Mat come out and take the jacket from me so I didn’t have to deal with it around my waist the whole time.

The whole run was rather ugh.  I had to walk quite a bit and even stop to catch my breath and rest.  I mean seriously, these splits are pathetic.


I guess not every run can be a good one, right?  Just gotta shake it off and remember that I have one more really long one next Saturday and then it’s already taper time!

Another way to shake it off is to be excited about our Valentine’s date night tonight!  With the new Kate Spade purse and earrings!

What do you do when your workouts don’t go as planned?

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Our First Married Valentine’s Day

Today’s Run

5.34 miles, 50:43, 9:29 pace

This run was tough.  Most Thursday runs are.  By Thursday my legs are feeling the pain and need a rest.  Fridays are quite a welcome thing now, more so than usual.  Thankfully by Saturday I’m usually decent enough to do a long run, even though I might dread it.

Valentine’s Day

We decided to keep it low key for Valentine’s this year.  We kept a rough $25 limit on gifts for each other and enjoyed dinner at home while watching The Vow.  I’d never seen it and really enjoyed it.  I’ll try to get a review up soon.

My gift from Mat was these Kate Spade earrings.  Did you know I’m a bit obsessed with Kate Spade lately?  Ok, maybe more than a bit.


I got him The Dark Knight Rises on blu-ray.  He was pretty excited.  🙂

For dinner, we had the last of the crock pot lasagna soup with garlic toast.  For our vegetable tonight, we sauteed some yellow squash and zucchini and it was delicious.  In fact, it was rather sensational.  Here’s how we did it!

Sensational Sautéed Squash with Caramelized Onions


1 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 red onion, thinly sliced

6 yellow squash/zucchini (we did about 3 of each) cut into rounds

smoked paprika

red pepper flakes

garlic powder

salt and pepper


1. Melt coconut oil in large skillet.  Sauté onions until cooked through.

2. Add squash/zucchini to skillet.  Let cook for a few minutes and then add all seasonings according to taste preferences.  Cook until squash pieces are soft but not mushy.

sauteed squash

The red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, and garlic powder give the squash a nice kick without being overly spicy.  Definitely a make-again recipe!

In Other News…

Look what came!


Oakely had to check it out too.

box and cat

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Ta da!

purse front


Sorry, I’m just a tad bit excited about this.  And please excuse the cat accessories in the background.  We’re fancy over here.

Actually we are because I just scored Kate Spade earrings from the husband and a Kate Spade purse thank you Uncle Sam for that tax refund.

More views of the purse, because I’m not excited or anything.

purse top view

purse inside
label close up

Le sigh.  I can’t wait to show it off for our Valentine’s dinner out on Saturday!

Do you keep it low-key for Valentine’s or brave the crowds?

We keep it low-key on the actual day and then go out a few days later.

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Now It’s Roasted Yellow Squash

Today’s Run

8.23 miles, 1:16:47, 9:19 pace.  My right leg was starting to bother me where I pulled something and almost felt like it would give out with about 2 miles to go, but I made it.

Now onto the food.

If you saw last night’s post, you saw the amazing roasted green beans.  Well, tonight it’s time for roasted yellow squash.

It was basically the same thing as last night but with, you guessed it, yellow squash.  We’ve had such a thing for roasted veggies lately.  We haven’t had salad in days, and we used to eat salad every. single. day.

Roasted Yellow Squash


3 medium yellow squash, cut into chunks

2 tbsp olive oil

1/4 tsp each salt and pepper

freshly grated parmesan cheese


1. Preheat oven to 400.  Shake squash pieces in large ziploc bag with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

2. Arrange squash on a foil-lined baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until tender.

3. Remove from oven and sprinkle with freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Serve immediately.

roasted yellow squash


Alongside this deliciousness was leftover crock pot lasagna soup and garlic bread.




*sigh* I love food.


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