Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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It Was Too Spicy Tonight

Today’s Run

5.35 miles, 50:55, 9:31 pace

My pulled leg muscle is still bothering me, so I can’t push to be faster if I wanted to.  It’s frustrating, but I’m just glad I’m still able to run even if it hurts.  I WILL accomplish this marathon!


You know how the other night Mat made blackened mahi mahi?  Well he made it again tonight since we had leftover mango salsa and salad dressing.

Except tonight something happened.  It was WAY too spicy.

We think what happened was the pan didn’t get hot enough and therefore didn’t cook off some of the spice like last time.  It’s meant to be a spicy dish, but tonight?  Holy cow was it hot.  Mat enjoys super spicy stuff and it was even too hot for him.  You can only imagine how I felt!  I forced it down anyway though because fish is good for you and because I completely forgot that I could have eaten leftover chicken if I wanted to.  Plus fish is expensive and I hate wasting food.


It doesn’t look that spicy here.  So sad.



I was gulping water and milk like nobody’s business.




rice 1

Tonight we added cilantro lime rice to the plate.  SO GOOD and so simple!

Cilantro Lime Brown Rice


1 1/2 cups dry brown rice

3 cups water

juice of 1 lime

2 tbps chopped cilantro


1. Cook rice in rice cooker or on stove until all water is absorbed and you can fluff it with a fork.

2. Add lime juice and chopped cilantro.  Keep warm.

3. Serve!

rice 2


Sadly, I couldn’t finish my rice because my mouth was on fire from the fish.  But there’s leftover rice so yay!

Now I’m going to eat frozen thin mints.  My mouth is better but I still have the excuse, right?



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I spent most of the day at Steph’s today.  It was lovely.  We chatted, watched Alice in Wonderland on Blu-Ray (old animated movies on Blu-Ray crack me up) and make chicken tacos with Mexican rice.


We also had lava cookies with ice cream, but I ate those too fast.

Yesterday we finally got to hang our “Love” photo collage.  I got a bunch of wedding pictures printed at Costco the other day and picked out some good ones for the frames.  There are wedding pictures EVERYWHERE in our living room and bedroom, but I figure we’re newlyweds so  who cares?


Isn’t that fun???!!!

I’m glad we forced ourselves to get them hung since we may not be here by this time next year.  The goal is to buy a house sometime this school year.  Hopefully we can start that process soon.

I’m so happy tomorrow is a holiday.  I’m trying to relish it since it’s the only one we get for a while now.  And I’m already tired which isn’t a good sign.  I might do an Insanity workout instead of run tomorrow deepening on what time I’m able to wake up and whether or not the sun is blazing.  I’m sort of in a running run because of the heat – kind of annoying.

I need to go to bed.  My eyelids are heavy.

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Usually I Don’t Bring Work Home

If you’re a teacher, it probably sounds disgusting that I don’t usually bring work home.  But it’s true.  With the exception of Friday quizzes that don’t get graded somehow in between things during the day, I really try not to bring work home.  I get my planning done during my prep period or in the morning, and I’d rather stay after school an extra half hour than bring stuff home.  Bring work home, while sometimes unavoidable for a teacher, is never healthy.  I discovered this the hard way.

However, today I had to do work at home.  I just haven’t had a chance to finalize my syllabus and all of those first day/week of school type things.  So, for a good 2 hours I was sitting with my laptop working on stuff.

It’s interesting because the concept of working from home has intrigued me in the past, yet somehow that doesn’t feel the same as taking work home.  Who knows.

After I finished my work, we sat in the jacuzzi for a little while.  It wasn’t as enjoyable as usual because it was still pretty warm outside, which was a bummer.


Dinner was leftover bean and rice stir fr from the other night paired with salad and cantaloupe.



Because I’m a bit anxious about work, I’m craving chocolate BADLY.  But I’m trying really hard to resist.

On another note, I love this cartoon:


I can’t tell you how true that is.

Time for Bunheads and then bed.  Good night!


Another Inventive Dinner. Sort of.

Af the mall I had a (not pictured) Godiva truffle and a (also not pictured) skinny iced mocha coconut latte (their blenders had broken so I had a mocha coconut frappuccino alternative, only to be told right after getting my drink that the blenders were back or working or something but I didn’t bother having them make the frappuccino because I didn’t want to keep waiting) we went to Macy’s to see if there were any blazers/sport coats for Mat.  We wandered for a bit and nothing really caught his eye except for stuff that was too expensive (of course).

We wandered into Williams-Sonoma because he still has a gift card, but again saw nothing except for things that were more expensive than what’s on the gift card.  Finally, we went to Hallmark to get a couple of cards for upcoming events.  By this point I was over it and wanted to go home, so home we went.

Mat made an awesome appetizer tonight:


Toasted buttermilk bread from Trader Joe’s with pesto and shredded cheese.  It was my idea to use up the pesto by making a toast appetizer, but he thought of the cheese and then arranged the pieces all pretty-like.  🙂

Dinner was a concoction using the leftover cooked brown rice from the other day.  We tend to make more rice or quinoa than we needed for a particular recipe, and then it ends up in the fridge and is lonely.  So we usually then find a way to use it in something else.  Tonight’s something else involved this stuff:

pepper, salt, chili powder, red pepper flakes, cumin, cayenne pepper, corn, black beans, and chopped onion and garlic

He sautéed the garlic and onion, added the seasonings, and then added the rice.  The corn and beans went in next, and he also added salsa and some chopped bell peppers at the end.

I have no pictures of the finished product.  I thought he took one but I guess not.  I also failed miserably at taking a picture of my plate tonight.  I’d gotten so good at that too!  I mean, I even took a picture of my lunch at work yesterday in which my colleagues probably thought I was nutty!

Oh, well.

This was fairly similar to the spicy quinoa stir fry I made a while back.  We served the finished product in warm tortillas with shredded cheese, Greek yogurt (it’s our sour cream substitute), and more salsa.  We had a salad on the side.

Dinner took a while to finish because we were talking about work and life and things.  It’s so weird to be adult enough that you talk about work and life and things.  So now it’s almost 10 pm and we haven’t had our required port wine and chocolate like last night:


Yes, that’s totally last night’s picture.  That’s because I’m writing this as he’s pouring the wine and dumping the chocolate chips into the cute little bowls.

And we’re also going to watch Boy Meets World again.  And then probably pass out.

Good night!

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Tonight’s Din Din

Tonight we turned to an old favorite: stir fry.  We (and by we I mean Mat – he’s the cook in our house and I was just too darn tired today to do much of anything) steamed some brown rice and marinated tofu in Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce.

He then sautéed garlic, onion, and ginger in olive oil for a few minutes, dumped the tofu in, and let it brown.  Next the veggies were thrown in.  We like the frozen stir fry veggies from Costco – they have a good mix of stuff (we throw out the mushrooms though – gross!) and it lasts for at least 4 separate stir fries that feed both of us for 2 nights.  That’s 8 meals at least!  And we go heavy on the veggies.

We paired it with a huge green salad with some homemade croutons.  Quick and easy!

What’s your favorite stir fry?