Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Salads for Dinner

Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with salad.  Before I started running, I ate a LOT of it.  Like, tons.  At restaurants that’s pretty much all I would order.

Then, after I started running real distances, I found myself craving real food.  Food like peanut butter and almond butter and CARBS and food with OOMPH.  You know?

But I still like my salad.


The salad on the right is a basic romaine/spinach combo like we make every night.  Tonight I decided to go with the slightly unhealthier barbecue ranch.  There were lots of veggies and then I added shredded cheese, crushed tortilla chips, and ranch and barbecue sauce.  It was heavier on the ranch tonight than usual, but that was because there wasn’t much barbecue sauce left.

The salad on the left, though, is a different story.  I prepped it earlier today and let it sit in the fridge so the flavors would come together.  It’s Mango Avocado Black Bean Quinoa Salad.  I used regular quinoa rather than the red from the picture in the recipe.

We’ve made this recipe once before, and it’s delicious.  Very fresh and citrusy.  I’m trying to enjoy these kinds of flavors while it’s still summery enough to make them.  However, I’m not gonna lie.  I’m looking forward to make chili in the crock pot and mac and cheese and other delicious comfort foods.

While I was eating I was half watching Breaking Amish on TLC (Mat is at work until 10:30 tonight 😦 ).  I didn’t see all of it and was doing two things at once, but what I did see was fascinating.  Hopefully I can see an entire episode next time it’s on!

And with that, I will be heading to bed soon.  I think I’ve finally learned my lesson about not getting enough sleep on Sunday nights.  I’m so glad tonight is the last Sunday night Mat will work a late shift – starting next Sunday he’ll be home at this time!

I might eat chocolate first though.  It’s sort of a requirement.


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The Second Day

Oh my goodness, what a day!  But it was a good day.  My Algebra 2 classes were all well-behaved, and I’m hoping they stay that way all year.  We were reviewing order of operations, which I think they all found super easy.  Which is good.  Because they should.  Because if they’re in Algebra 2 and can’t use order of operations correctly, we have a problem.

Dance production today was FABULOUS.  The girls are so excited to “learn the basics.”  I gave them a few SUPER.  EASY.  ballet things to do, and they just ate it up.  They were so happy that they finally have a structured dance class.  Now, my job is to learn some more jazz and hip hop for them.


Tonight’s dinner is a salmon barbecue salad.  Mat made a couple of salmon patties and we chopped them up and tossed them with romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, tomato, black beans, corn, shredded cheese, ranch, and barbecue sauce.


De. Lish. Us.  Yes, that was spelled oddly.

We also finished the leftover cake we gorged on last night:


Poor Mat has hardly slept at all the last two nights and might be getting sick.  He needs to get to bed early, and I never complain about extra sleep.  Good night!

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Food, Ballet, More Food, and Cereal

I’m guessing the title of this post sounds odd.  In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more creative tonight.  🙂

The first food was lunch.  I had basically the same thing as yesterday, only instead of a banana I sliced up an apple, and instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips like I usually use I used bittersweet ones.  The reason for this?  I was in the process of making quinoa balls (recipe to come) to take to Vegas next week and needed chocolate chips for them.  We’re almost out of semi-sweet and I needed a full cup, and I found the bittersweet ones in the cupboard from forever ago.  I’ve been intending to use them for ganache on a cake, but clearly that isn’t happening anytime soon.



The quinoa balls, as a teaser.  🙂


I then went to ballet and didn’t get my butt kicked quite as hard.  This is either because it was my third class back or because they had actually turned the air on.  Or both.  Either way it wasn’t quite as bad.  I’ve also been much better for the last week at stretching and working on getting my extension back, so I’m hoping I see results from that soon.


Tonight we finished off the last of the pesto pasta but added a couple of salmon patties to it since we had already eaten all the shrimp out.  This was a perfect way to make sure there was protein in the meal while finishing off leftovers.


Since we’re leaving on Sunday for one last summer vacation in Vegas, we’re trying to eat up the leftovers or things that will spoil.

We had a salad tossed with some shredded cheese and ranch with the leftover pasta:


In other news, I just received samples of three different types of cereal from Attune Foods.  I’m planning to review them on the blog after our Vegas vacation, so stay tuned!


And last but definitely not least, Mat and just each bought a month’s worth of unlimited CrossFit classes through LivingSocial/Amazon.  A friend of mine from college and fellow teacher shared it with me via Facebook this morning because I’d been talking about trying it.  We’ll probably wait until after the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 7th to use it, but I’m excited!  Scared, but excited.  🙂  Once we start going, I will definitely be posting about it.  🙂

Mat has another early morning, so we’ll be off to bed soon.  Good night!

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The Last of the Name Changes (Pretty Much)

Today we went to AAA and I got all name changes related to my car finished.  This in included changing the name on the title (and adding Mat to it), changing the name on the registration (and adding Mat to it), and paying the registration.  I also got my name changed on my AAA membership and we got a combined membership.  All that’s left to do car-wise now is wait for all the stuff to come in the mail and then once Mat’s car is paid off later this year and then get the names corrected on that registration.

I started following Attune on Twitter and Facebook today and was offered a chance to sample some of their cereals.  I’m planning to post about how I like them, so make sure to keep reading!

We hit the jacuzzzi for a bit this afternoon/evening.  Second time in a week!  Go us!


Dinner tonight was leftover quinoa salad from a few nights ago.  I was also craving a green salad, so I made a decent-sized (read: large) barbecue ranch one with romaine, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, bell peppers, tomato, and red onion.  I tossed it with some shredded cheese and that oh so wonderful ranch dressing/Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce combo.

yeah, i know. i eat a lot.

In defense of my enormous appetite, I didn’t finish either salad.

But we also had honeydew!

i. love. honeydew. the end.

Clearly I had to not quite finish that ginormous plate of salads in order to eat honeydew.  Clearly.

I didn’t eat the whole bowl though.  That’s too much even for me.

The Olympics are awesome.  I’m going to be so sad when they’re over.  It’s just another reminder that summer is ending.  😦

But…Bunheads is on tonight!  Have I ever mentioned how much I love that show?  No?  Darn…



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An Uneventful Afternoon

I debated going to Hallmark this afternoon, and possibly Michael’s and Target, but then I decided I’d rather just go home.  After getting home late 3 days in a row last week including Friday, the thought of going straight home and just staying there was VERY appealing.

So that’s what I did.  I went home, made sure to do my crunches and such, and then sat at my laptop browsing houses while pedaling the stationary bike.  My super crazy obsession with the bike has returned with the knowledge that I’m walking down the aisle in 3.5 weeks.

Yes, I know, I don’t need to lose weight.  I know that.  But I also know that I don’t want to gain any weight and that feeling anxious to get school done and finish up the last few wedding things has got me feeling foody.

Dinner was leftover spicy rigatoni paired with a barbecue ranch salad.  Honestly, I didn’t take a picture of my plate because I basically had a mountain of salad and it looked ridiculous.  🙂

The tortilla chips and barbecue sauce are now gone which is good because it means I can’t have anymore barbecue ranch salad.  It’s my favorite kind to have during the week, but it’s not quite as healthy.  And again, walking down the aisle in 3.5 weeks!

Oh my goodness.  3.5 weeks.  It has literally been the last couple of days that I’ve felt like “wow, our wedding is basically HERE!”  It’s amazing!  After all this waiting and waiting and waiting and trying not to kill myself at work etc etc etc, it’s actually HERE!

Countdown: 8 days of school and 25 days until our wedding

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Today is a Bit of a Fail

Why is today a fail?  This is going to be my only post.

The work day was long and difficult.  I didn’t sleep well last night – having a frappuccino with caffeine in the afternoon was a bad idea.  I used to be able to drink copious amounts of caffeine and still fall fast asleep, but ever since I stopped drinking soda last year and have stuck with just morning coffee, afternoon caffeine hits me hard.

I subbed a class during my prep (1st period) which was easy but still made the day seem longer.  By 3rd period I was already developing the headache that I’ve been getting everyday around the middle of the day for the last 2 weeks.  I had no Advil or Tylenol or anything in my purse, and while I could have found some from another teacher, I just didn’t.  Thank goodness I was giving quizzes – provided for a slightly less tiring day.

After school I turned in my last big BTSA thing.  When I finally got home my head was POUNDING.  I had gotten an Advil from another teacher as I was leaving but I popped another as soon as I got home.  Fortunately, it stopped pretty soon after that.  But, it was pretty much the worst headache EVER.  I think it was the closest to a migraine I’ve gotten (I thank God I’ve never actually had one).

Once I felt better I was able to tackle my to do list:

  • fix the straps on my white dress for tomorrow
  • wrap Mother’s Day gifts
  • do my quick ab/arm workout
  • make the menu/grocery list for the next two weeks
  • paint my nails

minty green! still needs to be cleaned up a little bit in this picture

Dinner tonight was leftover pizza that we got at Costco last week.  Now whenever we get pizza from there we eat half and freeze half.  That was very lucky tonight because neither of us wanted to do ANYTHING.  We had a hefty barbecue ranch salad with it (trying to finish the last of the produce since we’re both spending the night at our parents’ houses tomorrow).

Now, Mat is in bed because he has to work the early (3:30) shift tomorrow morning and has a cold.  And, he has hardly slept in the last two nights.  I made him take Nyquil right after dinner and go straight to bed.  🙂

Dessert for me was a little handful of m n ms that are still leftover from the in-laws shower a few weeks ago.  🙂

Tomorrow’s plan:

  • wake up at 7 for a 10 mile(?) run – that’s my max since I just ran the half on Sunday
  • try to rest up and finish packing
  • Mat gets home from work at noon and we’ll leave shortly after
  • BRIDAL SHOWER at 1!!!
  • sleep and get ready for Mother’s Day  🙂

I can’t talk about what we got our moms, just in case they read this post.  But I guarantee it’s SUPER AWESOME!


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There is one very nice thing about BTSA: you’re given two days off to use to do observations of other teachers and otherwise work on BTSA.  I used one of them in March and the second one today.  The one in March was spent doing a lot of BTSA work.  The one today was spent doing some BTSA work but also taking care of other random little things.

First thing I accomplished: getting a good night’s sleep.  It was sheer bliss to wake up this morning and NOT have to spring out of bed to go for a run and get my butt to work.

Second thing: a visit to the doctor to take care of the acne that flared up on my back a while ago.  I kept hoping and hoping it would go away, but it never really did.  Now, with our wedding 49ish days away, it needs to be gone STAT.  I got some new prescriptions and I’m hoping it does the job.

Third thing: a visit to the mall to get Mat wedding shoes.  More on that on the wedding page!

Fourth thing: Starbucks half price frappy hour!

Fifth thing: getting a little something to wear under my (somewhat see-through) dress for this Saturday’s BRIDAL SHOWER!  And, I can easily use it for under other dresses too.  You know, those ones that cling a little bit in the areas you’d rather not have them cling?  Basically spanx booty shorts.  🙂

I failed at taking pictures of our dinner tonight.  I’m just not enough in the habit yet!  We kept it easy: salmon patties (from the freezer section at Costco – we love Costco!) and a big barbecue ranch salad.  We try not to have barbecue ranch too often since it always involves shredded cheese in addition to the more caloric dressing combo, but sometimes you just crave it.  I tend to slather my salmon patty with ketchup (hey now, don’t judge), and ketchup somehow beckons for a spicier salad.  I’m not sure why.

Tomorrow is Friday and I’ve planned for an easier one – giving quizzes all day – but it’s going to be a very busy weekend.  Morning run on Saturday (still trying to decide how far to go since I just did the OC Half), my BRIDAL SHOWER, (post on that will DEFINITELY happen quickly), and Mother’s Day.  Somewhere in there I need to get some grading done.  Whew!

Countdown: 24 days of school and 49 days until our wedding!