Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Leftover Hodgepodge

Dinner last night was easy.  I added to the spinach apple salad leftovers and we heated the leftover pizza from Saturday.  There was also some leftover pasta salad from Grandma’s service Saturday morning.


Yeah, I eat a lot.  I know.

We also had the last of the wine from Saturday.




After dinner I soaked in the tub with classical music, the iPad (not typically most relaxing thing, I know, but it was playing the music and I was able to read blogs), and a magazine.  Then it was time for Boy Meets World and a pumpkin cake ball.

Our cat is a little psycho.  She was acting crazy, including running around on only her hind legs, all night.


I’m not sure what she was looking for.

You learn something new every day when you’re a new cat owner!


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A Squashy Day

Actually it was a half squash/half gourd day.

For lunch today I had leftover butternut squash skillet.  Omg delicious.  I was in heaven eating my lunch today.  Even though I had to scarf it down.  It didn’t matter.  Heaven, I tell you.  Heaven.


I probably had a much bigger lunch than necessary today because I stuffed that container full last night.  I had an apple too.  But in my defense, I’ve been thinking that I need to eat more.  In the smarter way, of course.  Not in the let’s go gorge on loads of chocolate every day way.  Though I wouldn’t be opposed to that either.

To be a good little girl and make up for the bigger than usual lunch I didn’t have a snack this afternoon.  I also just wasn’t very hungry since I’d eaten lunch later than usual.

Dinner was where the gourd came in.  Leftover birthday pumpkin pasta.


Mat took this picture for me as part of today’s @fitmixer Instagram challenge.  The topic was “your perspective” so he took a picture over my shoulder to show my perspective of sitting at the table.  Creative, no?

And yes, I regularly eat that much salad.  Don’t judge me.

Mat is a slave to his computer suddenly because his teammates in the class he’s currently taking are dumb and aren’t doing their part.  I’m hoping he can tear himself away soon so we can have leftover cake and watch tv and basically be slugs.  Then I want to sleep.

I know, so exciting.

In other news, you should go here and look for my side link “Kolbeck’s Motivational Ideas.”  It’s me!

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Tastes Like Fall

Lunch today was somewhat boring, but somewhat not because I had a honeycrisp apple. In that baggie is only HALF of one. They’re huge! I seriously want to just bite into a whole one. I probably will within a few days. 🙂

I also had half a pb&j, as usual.

For dinner, we made this. Butternut squash skillet. And (borrowing from Carrots ‘n’ Cake, holy yum was it good!

It tasted like fall. Which totally makes sense in my head. Just like yesterday’s muffins.

I should add that we used regular orecchiette pasta instead of whole wheat shells because Trader Joe’s doesn’t carry whole wheat shells. But it was still delicious. We also left out the herbs because we were too lazy/cheap to buy them. But it was still delicious.

So yeah. It was delicious. Super delicious. So delicious that I’m wishing even more than usual for the work day tomorrow to be over so I can eat the leftovers.

I think I made my delicious point. 🙂

On another note, I think I’m going to run tomorrow. Just 3.5 miles though. I’m feeling ok and want to get my body back into its routine.

On yet another note, I had my (only!) observation for this year today and I think it went well. No more for the next two years!

And with that, I’ll say good night. Good night!

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Veggie Spaghetti (Hey, That Rhymes!)

Since Mat worked from 12-8 today and I’ve been pretty lazy all day, I decided to do an easy dinner.  Enter spaghetti.  I threw a salad together ahead of time while making my lunch for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to do everything at the same time.

As I was making the salad and my lunch, I noticed the bag of frozen stir-fry veggies in the freezer that we haven’t used in a while.  I thought that could be a good addition to the spaghetti sauce, just to make it more interesting.  Yeah, the veggies are more “Asian” and spaghetti is more “Italian,” but who cares?

I started by heating some olive oil in the skillet.  I threw in the veggies and sprinkled some red pepper flakes in to give it some kick.  The sauce I used is the roasted garlic from Trader Joe’s that already has a good garlic flavor, so I didn’t bother adding anymore.  (I’m also lazy today, remember?).  Once the veggies were softened I poured the sauce in and let it heat.  The last thing was three tablespoons of nutritional yeast and letting it heat just a bit more.  I poured it on the pasta and voila!  Spaghetti with nutritional yeast with a twist!


My salad:




My spaghetti:

We had garlic toast too:


You know how I’ve been chocolate wasted lately?  Well Mat came home from work tonight with blondies from the demo station at work. There were two of them.  What did I do?  I inhaled one without even thinking.

Fortunately I had enough sense to leave the last one for Mat.


And suddenly it’s 9:20 on Sunday night.  Where did the weekend go??


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Mini Date Night

The other day Mat suggested that we go out tonight.  NOrmally I’m not a fan of going out on Fridays because I’m generally pooped from the work week, but we haven’t had a night out just the two of us in a long time and won’t have an opportunity (on a Saturday anyway) for a long time.  So, we decided to go for it.

We ran to Hallmark and Target first.  I got some fun decorations for Halloween/Fall that I’m really excited to play with and set up on Sunday.  Pictures will wait until then.  🙂

Then it was dinnertime.  We decided to go to Corner Bakery since it’s close, easy, and inexpensive.  Plus, I got an email for a free sweet for my birthday.  Two weeks early?  Fine with me!

Usually I get a salad or a half panini with soup or salad, but today I was in the mood for pasta.  I’ve really been craving comfort foods and sugar lately.  It’s not good, but at the same time when this happens it’s usually fairly short-lived.  I’ve also had some pretty good stress lately, so that could be part of it.

In any case, I decided to try the Mac and Three Cheese.  I had the combo, which meant the pasta was a lot smaller and it came with a salad.  Gotta make it healthy where you can!


The bread wasn’t on the menu, but I was excited about it.  I love bread!

My free sweet was the fudge brownie.  Yum!


And now it’s time for the couch and last night’s episode of Glee.  Going to a wedding tomorrow night!!

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I was supposed to go to ballet tonight after dance production rehearsal, but luckily I checked on the schedule at the studio since I know they’re transitioning over from the summer schedule to the fall schedule.  It turned out that the fall schedule class I thought was happening tonight was not, and the summer class I’ve been going to for the last several weeks on Thursday afternoons is not happening tomorrow.  I guess I’m either skipping this week or I’m going on Sunday or early next week.  I haven’t decided yet, but I’m pretty sure Sunday won’t happen.  It’s too much with church and then going to hang out with Steph.

I was pretty productive when I got home tonight.  I got my lunch made for tomorrow, got clothes from today put away and got clothes out for tomorrow, finished the thank you notes, caught up on some blog stuff, and then got around to dinner.


Dinner was leftovers from last night’s Brussels sprouts spaghetti, paired with a salad:


And some chocolate chips for dessert:

Since Mat randomly had to work a closing shift tonight, I was on my own.  I’m not a fan of him being gone at night, but in some ways it wasn’t so bad because it’s probably the first time I’ve had some quiet “me time” in many many days.  I was looking for some tv to watch as I ate, and voila!  So You Think You Can Dance!  I haven’t seen that show in a LONG time, largely because it was often too painful to watch as I went through all of my ballet issues (check out the dancing page).

Now, of course, it’s making the whole bitten by the performing bug thing worse.

I’m so glad to be getting up at 6 instead of 5 tomorrow.  Finally on the downhill part of this first full week!

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Food, Ballet, More Food, and Cereal

I’m guessing the title of this post sounds odd.  In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more creative tonight.  🙂

The first food was lunch.  I had basically the same thing as yesterday, only instead of a banana I sliced up an apple, and instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips like I usually use I used bittersweet ones.  The reason for this?  I was in the process of making quinoa balls (recipe to come) to take to Vegas next week and needed chocolate chips for them.  We’re almost out of semi-sweet and I needed a full cup, and I found the bittersweet ones in the cupboard from forever ago.  I’ve been intending to use them for ganache on a cake, but clearly that isn’t happening anytime soon.



The quinoa balls, as a teaser.  🙂


I then went to ballet and didn’t get my butt kicked quite as hard.  This is either because it was my third class back or because they had actually turned the air on.  Or both.  Either way it wasn’t quite as bad.  I’ve also been much better for the last week at stretching and working on getting my extension back, so I’m hoping I see results from that soon.


Tonight we finished off the last of the pesto pasta but added a couple of salmon patties to it since we had already eaten all the shrimp out.  This was a perfect way to make sure there was protein in the meal while finishing off leftovers.


Since we’re leaving on Sunday for one last summer vacation in Vegas, we’re trying to eat up the leftovers or things that will spoil.

We had a salad tossed with some shredded cheese and ranch with the leftover pasta:


In other news, I just received samples of three different types of cereal from Attune Foods.  I’m planning to review them on the blog after our Vegas vacation, so stay tuned!


And last but definitely not least, Mat and just each bought a month’s worth of unlimited CrossFit classes through LivingSocial/Amazon.  A friend of mine from college and fellow teacher shared it with me via Facebook this morning because I’d been talking about trying it.  We’ll probably wait until after the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 7th to use it, but I’m excited!  Scared, but excited.  🙂  Once we start going, I will definitely be posting about it.  🙂

Mat has another early morning, so we’ll be off to bed soon.  Good night!