Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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The Last Long Run!!

Today’s Run

22.05 miles, 3:50:20, 10:27 pace

Yes.  My daddy and I ran 22 miles today.


We met at 15th street in Newport around 7:30 this morning.  While it’s much, MUCH easier  to run with a buddy, it’s still quite daunting to start running when you know you have 22 miles ahead of you.

We ran from 15th to the wedge (about 2.4ish miles) and stopped for the mandatory photo op.

wedge 1

wedge 2

wedge 3

I love how the pictures into the sun turn out.

We then turned toward Huntington as usual and ran until the Garmin read 13.8.  That would get us back to 15th street at 22 miles.  Actually it got us there a little before because we didn’t calculate the mileage exactly, but whatever.

Running in Huntington is nice.  We ran past dog beach – it was so fun to see all the doggies frolicking in the water!   I was imagining a little corgi with her short stumpy legs running in the water and it made me smile.  🙂

My dad started feeling a sharp pain where his shin meets his ankle with about 8 miles to go.  I was worried, and he was too, but it would go away after running for a bit.  He thinks it might be the beginning of a stress fracture, which obviously isn’t good.  Hopefully it isn’t bad so he can run the marathon without too much pain or issues.

At the turnaround point, I snapped a few more photos on my phone.

turnaround 2


turnround 4

turnaround 3

We kept trucking along, stopping for walk breaks every couple miles or so.  We were both hurting a bit, him more than me I think.  But, we’re in this for the experience and to finish it.  Speed doesn’t matter to us.

I had gels at miles 8 and 16 and tried to drink as much water as I could.  When I don’t stop for lights I forget to drink.  Not good.

We also stopped for the bathroom a couple times.  This is one of the key reasons to do long runs at the beach.  You have easy access to bathrooms and water fountains.  Makes things much easier and removes stress.

When the Garmin finally hit 22, I was very happy, as you can imagine.  More photos.

turnaround 1

done 1

Naturally, I uploaded this picture to Instagram.

done 2

I got home, had a protein shake (protein powder and chocolate coconut water) and took a long hot shower.  It was glorious.

I then had a banana, overnight oats, and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s.


overnight oats 2


And since then I’ve been sitting on the couch (like a boss) blogging and working on shower crafty things.  No pictures yet because the honorees need to be surprised!  Later I believe we’re going to Panera for dinner thanks to the Valentine’s gift card from my parents.  The bread bowl is calling my name!


What are your Saturday night plans?

P.S. Can you believe it’s already almost March?  Where does the time go?


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I Ran 21 Miles Today

Today I did something that my old ballerina self would have never thought possible: I ran 21 miles.

Like 2 weeks ago when I ran 20 miles, I got up at 6 so I would have time to eat and wake up.  And use the bathroom, of course.

I ate the same bread with peanut butter pre-run snack.

pre-run snack

And I went to the same beach where I ran my 19 miler and 20 miler.

I ran almost 2.5 miles to the wedge and stopped for some photos.  I mean, come on, if you live 15 minutes from the beach and have the chance to run it anytime you want, you have to take pictures, right?

wedge view 1

wedge view 2

wedge view 3

I guess the other side of that argument would be that if you live close enough to the beach that you can go whenever you want you have no need to take pictures, but whatever.  I digress.

This run felt surprisingly good overall.  For being terrified of it and incredibly lazy this morning, on top of bleh runs in general lately, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how good I felt throughout.  I still took walk breaks, but I actually ran the first 8 miles or so straight minus stopping for my photo op at the wedge.

Speaking of the wedge, the highlight of my run (except for finishing it) happened there.  I saw 3 corgis.  And I got to pet them!  OMG SO STINKING CUTE.

I didn’t take pictures with of them because I figured it would have been creepy to ask their owners if I could.  But ohmygoodness I want a corgi.

So anyways, I ran and ran and ran.  I ran the piers today each time I passed them and discovered that running the pier is roughly .4 miles.  That was basically awesome because it cut down on the actual coastal distance I had to cover.  Plus, it was really nice to run with the water literally underneath my feet.

When my Garmin read 13.35 I stopped to snap some photos before turning around to head back to my car.

13.35 view 3

13.35 view 2

13.35 view 1

Smiling normally.

13.35 1

Smiling creepily.

13.35 2

Did I mention I ran the whole 21 miles without music?  I did.  It just sort of happened that way.  When I first parked it was so quiet and peaceful that I decided to just enjoy it and turn the music on later.  And then I zoned out and just never turned it on.  It was actually really nice.  I was able to enjoy listening to the water and just be zen.

When I finished the 21 miles I was SOOOO proud of myself.  I snapped more photos.


done view 3

happy to be done

done view 2

done view 1


When I got home it was protein shake time.  This one was a scoop of chocolate protein powder with chocolate coconut water.  And guess what?  My hubby had it all ready in the fridge for me.  (He also did a crapton of cleaning today so I wouldn’t have to.  I love this man).

protein shake

After a shower and foam rolling, real food was a banana that I scarfed down and overnight oats with coffee.



Food never tasted so good!


To quote Chef Katelyn, how did you sweat dirty today?

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Surf City Half Marathon 2013

Today we ran the Surf City Half Marathon for the second year in a row.  This is my second race in the Beach Cities Challenge, so in May when I complete the OC Half I’ll receive my second Beach Cities Challenge medal.  Yay!

I went into this race nervous about being able to complete it without feeling horrible.  I was nervous last night and as a result neither of us got more than about 4 hours of sleep.  And yet, we still managed to finish in 2:10.

We woke up at 4ish and I had a pre-race snack of graham cracker with peanut butter and a little bit of coffee.

pre race snack

We wandered into the expo tent when we got there because it was COLD outside and we were super early.

inside tent


waiting in tent


After the required visit to the porta potties, it was time to go outside and find our corral.

start line


waiting at start

I was in the corral for a finish time of 2:00-2:05.  Mat was up higher with a projected finish of 1:50ish, but because of his knee lately we decided to start together.  We were able to run most of the race together except for a few times when he dropped back to walk.  I would keep running, and then a few minutes later he would catch up to me.  I seriously don’t know how he does it.  Well actually I do.  He sprints.

I walked with him a couple times and also stopped on the side to stretch out my own IT band once.  I got through 20 miles last weekend fine, but it was feeling a little stiff today and I hadn’t brought the strap.  I kept reminding myself that I was not in this race to PR or to push myself.  I’m still training for my first full, and with 21 miles scheduled for this coming Saturday it’s not the time to go all out.  Today was a perfect example of trying to run smarter, not harder.

We crossed the finish together in 2:10.  Yeah it’s 5 minutes slower than my best, but I’m still happy.  Considering how my runs have been lately I had a very good race.  I actually felt fairly strong by the end and almost felt like I could keep going.  I’ll take it!

We were happy to be done, especially Mat because of his knee.  I seriously don’t know how he did it – the most he’s run in the last month is 3 miles because of severe IT band pain.  Yet he ran most of the race.  (He’s paying for it tonight though :-/).

post race


And this medal signals one more race needed to earn my SECOND Beach Cities Challenge!  Woo!

When we got home, I had much deserved overnight oats and a banana.  I also finished my coffee from the morning.

post race food


Today’s overnight oats were ESPECIALLY good.  I had an almost empty jar of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter, so I used that.  I added a little over 1/2 cup oats, chocolate chips, chocolate protein powder, flaxseed, and milk last night.  Before eating it I added granola.  SO.  GOOD.  Chocolately goodness post-race?  Yes please!

dark chocolate oats


After going to see a house (we liked the inside but not the outside, so we decided to pass on it), it was time to “watch the Super Bowl” with Steph.  In other words, eat junk and chat.  Not bad for a Sunday!

What did you do this weekend?

When do you eat your chocolate?

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Kitty Loaves and Cookies

If you have a cat, you’re familiar with the kitty loaf.

kitty loaf


So stinking cute!

Yesterday a student came to me and asked if I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies from her little cousin.  I didn’t even think about my response but simply said yes and wrote down my name and what I wanted.

I then totally forgot about it until the student came in this morning carrying a box and replied to my “what’s up?” with “I have your cookies.”  OH YEAH!

gs cookies


I may have a problem.

Also, a student came back THE NEXT DAY LIKE JUST SHE TOLD ME?  All I can say to that is WOW.  Except this student is cool like that so it’s more like “ahhh.”

This morning before taking pictures of kitty loaves and buying intense amounts of Girl Scout cookies, I woke up at 4:30 to run 8 miles before work.  I was NOT in the mood to run but somehow dragged my sorry butt out the door and did it.  And I somehow had an easier time of it than I’ve been having lately.  WTH?

When I got back I had a protein shake made with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder and chocolate Zico.  Amazing.

protein shake


The other half scoop of protein powder was in my overnight oats.

overnight oats


Besides protein powder:

  • peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • pumpkin
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • flaxseed
  • chocolate chips
  • mostly milk, a little water.

I think the best part of running 8 miles before work is getting to eat overnight oats.  I seriously love the stuff.

Now I’m going to dig in to the Girl Scout cookies.  Heck yes.

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20 Miles

I ran 20 miles today. This is something I never thought I would be able to do. The human body amazes me. With proper training, nutrition, and a whole lot of patience and determination, you can run a long distance. Ultramarathoners cover 50 miles at a time. I will never become that crazy, but it’s still an amazing feat.

I suppose it’s also amazing that the human body can do this too.

On your toes



Side note: I need to do more ballet again. Post-marathon I hope this will happen.

I woke up at 6 to give myself time to a) wake up b) eat something, and c) use the bathroom at least twice. Runners, you know what I’m talking about!

My pre-run fuel was a piece of wheat bread with plenty of peanut butter.

Pre run snack

I left around 7 to meet my dad at 15th street on the boardwalk in Newport Beach by 7:30. He had gotten there an hour before to get 6 miles in before meeting me – he had 26 miles planned for the day! He had to have such an early start because I needed to be home by noon to get ready for a 2 pm hair appointment. He said it was all good training though because these races start early. So true.

We definitely took some walk breaks and paced ourselves pretty slow in general. He actually has been going a little slower than I generally have, but it was good for me to do that. When we were done, my knee wasn’t nearly as stiff as it had been last time. We kept just under a 10 minute mile when running. I had a Clif shot gel at miles 8 and 15, and drank a Gatorade/water mix that became less Gatorade and more water as the run went on.

We started at 15th street and ran to the wedge where I had taken this picture last week.


Today was much more foggy and I didn’t a picture. You could hardly see the water.

From there we went back down the boardwalk and all the way to the Santa Ana River Basin. We crossed the bridge and knew that we had to go until my Garmin said 12.7 and then we would turn back. Here was the view in Huntington Beach at mile 12.7.

12.7 mile view

Daddy eating Gu, not getting tired at all. 🙂

Daddy at 12.7

Me at mile 12.7, also not getting tired at all.

Me at 12.7

Not sure what’s going on with the red skin.  Or my half-closed right eye.

We kept running, or as Daddy called it, trotting, stopping to walk when necessary. Eventually we made it back to the Santa Ana River Basin and were officially back in Newport Beach. The entire way back was much easier mentally because we were going toward the cars rather than away from them. The Garmin beeped 20 miles a couple of blocks ahead of where we thought it would, and we walked back to the cars. Daddy still wanted to cover about a mile more because he hadn’t quite done the full 6 before meeting up with me. I thought he was crazy, but I also totally understand wanting to finish what you set out to do.

When we hit 20.

20 miles done


I got home, foam rolled, and drank a protein shake made with chocolate protein powder and chocolate coconut milk. ‘Twas delicious. I didn’t snap a photo. Oops.

After my shower, lunch was a banana and overnight oats. With well-deserved milk and Hershey’s iced coffee.

Post run food

I’m SO proud of myself for this run. I was nervous, and it was tiring, but I did it. Running it with my daddy helped immensely. Perhaps we can do it again before the race. My longest run before the marathon will be 22 miles, but it won’t be for a few weeks. I’m running the Surf City Half next Sunday, and I plan to treat it like a training run and either take walk breaks or just run it nice and slow. No PR goals for this one.

And now it’s time for a relaxing evening at home. Chipotle and Yogurtland are on the menu tonight!

Oh, and here’s a picture of Oakley trying to steal more hair elastics. I moved the basket of them from the counter to under the sink so she wouldn’t get them, but she promptly figured out where they were and now every time I open the cupboard for something she comes looking.

Kitty thief

What did you do today? Run? Something else? Rest? Share with me!

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How is it Already 3:30?

During the week, the school day ends at 3:26.  Dance practice typically goes 1-2 hours after that.  During the week, it takes forever to make it to 3:30.

Today I just now realized it was 3:30.  What the heck?  I have an hour until my sister and her boyfriend are coming over so we can meet my parents for an early dinner before seeing A Christmas Carol.  Oy.

Last night I was holding Oakley and Mat was petting her belly which she doesn’t like.  I’ve frequently told him not to be mean to her and pet her belly, and last night it finally resulted in a nasty scratch.  On my hand.

cat cut

I was rather mad at him for it last night.  But I’m not anymore because he brought me flowers after work today.


This morning I woke up at 7 after a late night at the dance festival.  I had my usual pre-run snack of graham cracker and peanut butter, but used the dark chocolate peanut butter instead.

pre-run snack


I ran my first 13 miler since the Long Beach Half on October 7th.  As usual, I have no idea how long it actually took because I don’t (yet) have a GPS watch, but it was probably in the neighborhood of 2:05 since that’s about what my Long Beach time was.  I was tired for a good portion of it, but I pushed through.  This is marathon training, and there’s no going back.  I’d be lying though if I said I wasn’t nervous.  13 miles feels long to me right now since I haven’t done it in a while, and I’m looking to double it?  Yikes.

But reading blogs like Skinny Runner and Run Eat Repeat motivate me.  It’s fun that they’re fellow SoCal girls.  🙂

After my run I stretched, foam rolled, and had a chocolate coconut protein shake with milk and chocolate coconut protein powder.  I blended it with the stick blender to make it frothy.



Oakley was fascinated with my stinky sweaty running shoes.

running shoes cat


I cleaned the kitchen, dusted, put things away, etc, and then finally showered.  I didn’t vacuum because the vacuum was clogged from sucking up pine needles last weekend, and I wasn’t in the mood to dig the toolbox out from the closet for a screwdriver so I could open up the vacuum and clean it out.  I left that for the man to do.

I had my usual banana (unpictured), iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s (also unpictured), and overnight oats.

overnight oats


It wasn’t white chocolate, just the jar.  What was actually in it was peanut butter, 1/2 cup oats. pumpkin, chocolate chips, flax seed, pumpkin pie spice, and milk.  I added granola right before eating.

It took me half an hour to write this post (don’t ask) so now it’s 4 pm and I have to do my makeup and hair for A Christmas Carol.  Amanda and Conor are coming over soon so we can drive together.

Happy Saturday!

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OMG Overnight Oats

For breakfast this morning, I had my beloved overnight oats in a jar. This time, I did it the proper way with an almost empty jar of peanut butter. I used the last of the white chocolate peanut butter that came in my foodie penpal box last month.

I put 1/2 cup of oats, chocolate chips, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, and milk in the jar last night. It was delicious!


In other news, prop 30 passed and prop 32 went down. I can’t even express how thankful I am for that. I now don’t have to be (quite as) scared about losing my job or getting a pay cut. HUGE RELIEF!