Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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The First Day of 2013

Today was certainly a relaxing day. Almost too relaxing. And yes, there is such a thing.

I started off the day and the new year with a 4.5 mile run. I felt pretty fatigued at the beginning, but during the second half I managed to pick up the pace and finished in about 38 minutes.

Breakfast was peanut butter chocolate oatmeal with ground flaxseed and a pear on the side. Coffee was part of breakfast, naturally.


The rest of the day was spent reading books and blogs (I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now…finally decided to see what all the fuss was about) and watching the Rose Parade. I had the Rose Bowl on afterward so we could feel like real Americans even though we don’t care about football. At all. Sorry.

Mat played Xbox too.

And by played Xbox I mean totally geeked out. ūüėÄ

Eventually it was dinner time, and we reheated some of last night’s cheese fondue. It doesn’t work quite as well the second time.

Dinner was salad and leftover spaghetti soup, except it wasn’t really soup anymore. It looked weird, but it still tasted good!

And with that, it’s time to sit around some more and watch The Lorax. We haven’t seen it and Mat got it for me for Christmas. Bonus: it’s only an hour and a half long which is good for Mat having to work early tomorrow morning.

Happy first day of 2013!


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IT Band Issues

My right leg’s IT Band has started acting up. ¬†On today’s 4.5 mile run I started to actually notice it. ¬†I think I started feeling it on the last few runs too, but it was hard to tell. ¬†Thankfully, I’ve been though this before (on my left leg) so I know how to take care of it: ice, stretch, strengthen, and use the IT Band brace in the meantime. ¬†I think since I caught it earlier than last time I’ll be fine to keep running as long as I take care of it in between runs. ¬†Last time I was really diligent about the exercises and icing/stretching and it was better in a week or so and I was able to stop using the brace even on the long runs after a few weeks.

Oh, and according to my new Garmin, my pace was about 8:30/mile today. ¬†Better than yesterday’s 9:00/mile pace! ¬†ūüėÄ

Besides my morning run, I also went to the doctor for a physical. ¬†I discovered while there that I needed a TDap (tetanus/pertussis aka whooping cough) shot. ¬†Lucky me. ¬†However, it’s important to get the whooping cough vaccine since I’ll be spending time with my baby niece in a few months. ¬†Mat has a physical appointment before the baby comes also, so he can get the vaccine too. ¬†We certainly don’t want to make her sick!

Needless to say, my left shoulder is already sore. ¬†I made sure to get my crunches/planks/push ups done when I got home before it got too sore. ¬†I wasn’t sure if it would get worse tomorrow so gotta get it done today!

After the actual appointment, I went to the lab for bloodwork.  Besides not having had a physical in a while, getting one now will give us a discount on one month of health insurance payments.  Win!

One more errand after that: pick up my face wash prescription from the pharmacy. ¬†When I finally got home and got the crunches and stuff out of the way, I got around to eating. ¬†I was pretty hungry after a run and having been up since 6, but I was glad I hadn’t eaten because it allowed me to get the bloodwork out of the way today.

I decided to make peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal.  Delish!



I also had a banana (unpictured) and coffee. ¬†Still in the Christmas mug. ¬†ūüôā



Today’s plan is to get some more post-Christmas cleaning/organizing domes (hopefully) and laundry folded (also hopefully) before meeting my college roomie Jenn for Golden Spoon. ¬†All in all, not a bad day!

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Grease is the Word

I cancelled after school practice today since it was the day before the weeklong Thanksgiving break. ¬†The kids were so upset about that (sarcasm: noted). ¬†I came home and had a pumpkin cereal bar from Trader Joe’s and an unpictured fun size Snickers bar. ¬†We will have leftover Halloween candy.


It was a really good bar.  It had the perfect amount of pumpkin and just the right amount of spice.

A few hours later, we watched last night’s episode of Glee that we DVRed while eating eggs and oatmeal.


Yes,that’s my plate of eggs slathered in ketchup and my ginormous bowl of oatmeal. ¬†I eat a lot.

Glee’s version of Grease was SO FUN. ¬†They did a really good job, I thought, of mimicking the original while still keeping true to the Glee characters.


And isn’t she the cutest Sandra Dee? ¬†And isn’t he the greatest Danny Zuko?

Seriously. ¬†I want to be her. ¬†She’s adorable and sings amazingly.

But that new blonde Cheerio? ¬†Ugh. ¬†I don’t like her.

On a more serious note:

I’m trying to keep a positive attitude after yesterday’s frustration. ¬†I got through work, I have an 8 mile run planned for the morning, and we’re going to Mat’s cousin’s wedding in the afternoon. ¬†I have the next week off of work. ¬†I’m planning to get myself off of Zzzquil since I will hopefully be more relaxed for the next several days and won’t be thinking (too much) about work. ¬†Hopefully it goes well.

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Comfort Food!

A week or two ago we had eggs and pumpkin oatmeal for dinner. ¬†It was one of those random, on a whim dinners that’s oh so good.

Since it was raining today and FINALLY felt like fall here in SoCal (even though it’s supposed to be in the high 80s again on Sunday, on my birthday for goodness’ sake!), I was craving something homey and comforting. ¬†I instantly thought of fall oatmeal and eggs. ¬†I texted Mat my suggestion earlier today, and he wholeheartedly agreed.

It’s one of those nights where you have to make something random. ¬†Tomorrow Mat will bring food from somewhere to the Homecoming game, Saturday we’re going to Kelly’s wedding, and Sunday Mat is making me yummy birthday dinner (and dessert!). ¬†Tonight’s dinner also needed to be easy because I was at ballet until 8:30 and Mat was on his own. ¬†Not that he can’t make complicated things, because it’s been proved multiple times over that he can, but it’s just easier on a Thursday night when you’re eating later to make something simple and that doesn’t require thought.

So easy and comforting it was.

Eggs with plenty of ketchup and a bit of hot sauce:





Then I decided to add chocolate chips to it ¬†ūüôā


Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Check out this schedule:

  • 6 am: arrive at school and help get dance kids ready
  • 8 am: be in gym and run through assembly
  • 9 am: first assembly
  • 10 am: second assembly
  • 11 am: back to class and teach 3rd period, have lunch, teach 4th period
  • 5th period prep: make copies that didn’t get done today
  • 6th period: chill with dance team in my classroom and kill time until 4:30
  • 4:45: be on bus and leave for stadium
  • 5:30/6: Mat arrives with FOOD!
  • 7 pm: Homecoming game starts – dance performs at halftime
  • 9:30 pm ish: get back on bus, get back to school, make sure all kids are picked up/have a way home
  • go home

WHEW. ¬†I’m so happy I have a fabulous weekend ahead of me after this crazy week. ¬†I can’t wait to see big sis Kelly get married! ¬†I can’t wait to spend my birthday with my husband – my first married birthday!

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The Day After

Today I woke up a bit sore. ¬†Oddly enough, my back and arms are more sore than my legs. ¬†I have some tightness in my hamstrings but that’s pretty much it. ¬†I’ve taken a total exercise hiatus today (which is hard for me) but I know I need it. ¬†I’m not planning to run again until Wednesday or Thursday, and I might not even do it then. ¬†I’ll probably take a walk tomorrow morning just to get moving, and then probably have Mat show me some upper body weights things tomorrow afternoon. ¬†I need to keep up with my exercise, but body and brain need a running break.

So onto the topic of running. ¬†The LA Marathon. ¬†I don’t know. ¬†Should I do it? ¬†I want to do it. ¬†But I’m scared. ¬†Yesterday kicked my butt. ¬†I do think the course was harder on us because there was so much concrete and so little asphalt (and no stop lights to rest at like while training). ¬†But still. ¬†For a half to kick my butt when I’m so used to running halts? ¬†Sheesh, not good.

But I still want to. ¬†I probably will. ¬†Training will undoubtedly kick my butt too, but I just have to remember what an amazing accomplishment it will be to finish a full marathon. ¬†And as someone who was a ballet dancer through and through until a year ago, that’s saying a lot.

I have to go back to school tonight for a pep assembly rehearsal. ¬†The assembly isn’t until Friday, but the rehearsal was scheduled for tonight. ¬†I’m not thrilled about this, especially since I got out of work earlier than usual, but it did give me time to make these:



There are the pumpkin oatmeal muffins from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers! ¬†When I stumbled on the recipe I HAD to make them because I adore all things pumpkin. ¬†Since I was already planning to make muffins for Friday morning (we’re getting to school EARLY for the pep assembly) I figured this was the perfect recipe.

I haven’t tried one yet, but the batter was delicious! ¬†Thanks Peanut Butter Fingers! ¬†ūüėÄ

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Fall Oatmeal

Tonight for dinner, we opted not to have the leftovers from last night’s spaghetti squash stir fry. We both have discovered that spaghetti squash and our digestive systems are not very good friends. Neither of us got sick or anything, but both yesterday and today I wasn’t feeling quite like myself during the day.

So, we’re going to hand off all the leftovers to my sister because she likes it and can eat it without feeling icky. And I’m sure she appreciates free food. After all, she’s a college student!

So what did we make instead? Fall oatmeal! We originally thought about pancakes, but it was getting too late after I got home from later practice and had talked to my mom for a bit. Oatmeal was faster and still delicious.

In my oatmeal: pumpkin, almond butter, cinnamon, and honey. Delish!


We also scrambled some eggs with red peppers, broccoli, spinach, garlic, and onions. I slathered mine with a combo of salsa and ketchup.


Would you like some eggs with your ketchup?? ūüôā

Dinners like this are really fun sometimes. There are nights where I love being random with my meals. I’ve been known to have frozen yogurt or Coldstone for dinner (though not recently) and it’s awesome.

Do you ever have random meals?

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Labor Day

I did not get to bed early enough last night.  At all.  I think it was a little after 1 when I finally got the light out.  Mat came to bed shortly after Рhe had worked until 11 and needed to eat and shower.

I still got up at 7, but I woke up around 6:15 having to pee SO bad. ¬†Luckily I fell back asleep until my alarm. ¬†I would have much rather slept in, but I wanted to run and knew I couldn’t do it if it was later and therefore hot. ¬†I had considered doing an Insanity workout, but I wasn’t feeling it anymore this morning. ¬†As it was, it was hard to get my butt out and run. ¬†But get it out I did and I did my usual Monday 5 miles.

When I got back I went to the little gym in our complex hoping to do some ab work on an incline, but the thing they have in there isn’t really the best for that. ¬†So, I used this machine (I have no idea what it’s called) where you sit and push straight out with your legs. ¬†I guess it’s like squats but sitting? ¬†I also used the 8 pound free weights, just one set of 20 reps for biceps and the same for triceps. ¬†I’ve been using 3 pound weights so I didn’t want to jump to 8 and do too much too fast. ¬†I really need to get some 5 and 10 pound weights to keep at home.

Then, after getting ready and making the bed and such, I made a smoothie:


This time I didn’t use chocolate syrup – I was very proud of myself. ¬†I made a double so Mat could have one when he got back from the gym. ¬†I used 1/4 cup dry oatmeal and cooked it ahead of time, 2 bananas (well not quite because one had a bruise), 3 scoops of peanut butter, and a (couple) handfuls of chocolate chips. ¬†I also used about 6 coffee ice cubes and a few regular ones. ¬†We both need an extra caffeine kick today…

Speaking of caffeine, naturally I had coffee, iced with milk and Hershey’s:


I’ve been thinking a lot the last day or so about whether or not to audition for The Nutcracker and then when we should start this whole house-buying process. ¬†It’s all fantastic stuff, but it’s definitely a lot to think about.

On an unrelated note, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” just came on TLC. ¬†It’s a rerun of course because it’s 11 am on a Monday, but every time it comes on I can’t tear my eyes away. ¬†Is there something wrong with me?