Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Today was a rest day.  It was much needed after yesterday’s 22 miler!  I also realized today after reading Skinny Runner‘s post that we totally ran past her yesterday.  Not that I’m a creeper or anything.


I gorged on cereal and also had coffee.  Nothing unusual.



During breakfast the cat posed for me.  Also not unusual.

cat 2

cat 1


Tonight’s dinner was delicious and oh so easy.

dinner 1

It was yet again a crock pot recipe.  If you want some good teriyaki chicken that takes about 5 minutes to prep, make this recipe.

chicken 1


Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken


4 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 cup Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce

1 20-oz can pineapple chunks

dash ground ginger


1. Put chicken in crock pot.  Cover with remaining 3 ingredients.

2. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6-8 hours.  Serve over rice.

crock pot teriyaki chicken


We served it with steamed zucchini that I covered in Parmesan cheese.  Obviously.



And finished the evening off with some ice cream while catching the end of the Oscars.

ice cream



Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of the winners?


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My Cat

Yesterday’s Run/Ballet

5.34 miles, 51:44, 9:41 pace

I was slower but actually kept a steadier pace, so that’s good.

1.5 hour ballet class

Missed ballet last week in favor of Valentine’s Day so it was good to be back.


I don’t have anything interesting to share from dinner last night (leftover salsa chicken tacos and cilantro lime rice with roasted squash) so we’ll just post some adorable pictures of Oakley.

cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

cat 4

cat 5


She is so stinking cute.  I die.

Except for when she bites.  Which she did last night.  And actually drew blood.

It’s a good thing she’s so stinking cute or I’d actually be really mad.


Drama Drama Drama

Remember when you were in high school and people started drama over NOTHING?  No?  Well I envy you.

Things like this make me wonder why the heck I willingly hang out with teenagers all day.  They feed on drama!  Basically, the cheer team thinks that my dance team is copying them (which we’re not, by the way), and have gone up to some dance kids about it.  I’ve talked with my dance kids about not doing anything to encourage the rumors and to just focus on what they’re supposed to do.  They’ve always been good about that in the past, so I hope that their annoyance won’t overpower their good sense.  We shall see.

I told them that drama doesn’t go away when you graduate from high school.  I’m sure they were thrilled to hear that.  But it’s true.  I think I’ve had more drama in the last year or two than I did in all of high school.  Oy.

For breakfast I had my obsession: cottage cheese and granola.  Yeah it’s boring, but it’s so freaking good.



Last night Oakley decided she wanted to be a human baby instead of a kitty baby.  We’re practicing for our niece on the cat?

kitty baby


My appetite has been crazy lately with the increased running.  It’s actually kinda fun.  I’m adding fuel to the fire by going to ballet tonight on top of the 5 mile run from this morning.  Whoops!  😀

What are you doing tonight?

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Kitty Loaves and Cookies

If you have a cat, you’re familiar with the kitty loaf.

kitty loaf


So stinking cute!

Yesterday a student came to me and asked if I wanted to buy Girl Scout cookies from her little cousin.  I didn’t even think about my response but simply said yes and wrote down my name and what I wanted.

I then totally forgot about it until the student came in this morning carrying a box and replied to my “what’s up?” with “I have your cookies.”  OH YEAH!

gs cookies


I may have a problem.

Also, a student came back THE NEXT DAY LIKE JUST SHE TOLD ME?  All I can say to that is WOW.  Except this student is cool like that so it’s more like “ahhh.”

This morning before taking pictures of kitty loaves and buying intense amounts of Girl Scout cookies, I woke up at 4:30 to run 8 miles before work.  I was NOT in the mood to run but somehow dragged my sorry butt out the door and did it.  And I somehow had an easier time of it than I’ve been having lately.  WTH?

When I got back I had a protein shake made with half a scoop of chocolate protein powder and chocolate Zico.  Amazing.

protein shake


The other half scoop of protein powder was in my overnight oats.

overnight oats


Besides protein powder:

  • peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • pumpkin
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • flaxseed
  • chocolate chips
  • mostly milk, a little water.

I think the best part of running 8 miles before work is getting to eat overnight oats.  I seriously love the stuff.

Now I’m going to dig in to the Girl Scout cookies.  Heck yes.

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Brussels Sprouts Issues

I’m having issues with Brussels sprouts.

Ever since we cooked them in the oil from the sausage (the day we made pumpkin pasta with sausage) and then finished the cooking by roasting, I haven’t really liked them.  Something about the grease from the sausage and the already strong flavor of Brussels sprouts didn’t mix.  I didn’t get sick or feel sick or anything, I just don’t crave them or get excited about them anymore.

I was hoping to fix the problem tonight by roasting them the normal way (tossed in olive oil and salt/pepper) and then topped them with fresh shredded parmesan.  They turned out really good, but I’m still not as big of a fan as I was a couple weeks ago.  Sad times.  😦

brussels sprouts

Dinner was the last of the crock pot tortellini soup and more wheat bread.  I love the La Brea Bakery bread from Costco – it comes in a double pack so I can freeze a loaf and have it later nearly as fresh as the day I bought it.

soup and bread


My eyes were bigger than my stomach tonight – I definitely did not finish that soup.  I was more into the bread anyway.  🙂

Today was actually a good day at work.  At least a decent day.  It’s nice when that happens.

Another picture of my weird cat.  For some reason she enjoys standing/sitting up and staring out the window.  Good balance, that one.

cat standing


6 miles to run in the morning!!

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Our First Christmas Card!

Today’s day of togetherness was to address the Christmas cards.  This is the one we sort of cheated on and chose is specifically on a day where we had time to address the cards and make sure they get out in time.  We’ve actually had the cards for a week, but for some reason Costco didn’t give us envelopes with them so we didn’t have those until yesterday when I went back and asked for them.

I was proud of myself.  I got home from work, folded some laundry, and sat right down to start writing addresses.  I got through all 80 or so cards in one sitting.  Go me!

Mat is almost done stuffing/sealing and then it’s just the stamps and return address labels.  I don’t think we’re going to finish tonight – I need some TV in my life.  We’ve been PLOWING through The Big Bang Theory on DVD.  Seriously the most hilarious show ever.  We both hope Mat gets season 5 for Christmas because we’ll definitely be more than done with the first 4 before Christmas gets here!

The Christmas card mess.

christmas cards


Dinner was crock pot black bean enchiladas with boca burgers.  It’s basically a filling of corn, black beans, onion, and some spices including smoked paprika and then rolled and layered in the crock pot with salsa and cheese.  I plan crock pot meals for Mondays because Mat is off work and can prep it, and that’s what happened today.  He added boca burgers to it for added oomph.


We topped the enchiladas with Greek yogurt, more salsa, and hot sauce.

Last night’s dinner was Bisquick chicken pot pie and salad.  It’s something my mom used to make and is super easy.

chicken pot pie


I need to do a full review of my marathon training so far.  The plan is to organize my life during Christmas break.  It’s been a rough several weeks and I’m definitely in need of a breather!

I leave you tonight with this blurry picture of Oakley, silly as always.



Time to watch Big Bang and get to bed.  Good night!

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Thanksgiving Catch Up

The last couple days have been packed with Thanksgiving goodness.  We had two Thanksgivings this year – Thursday at my parents’ house and Friday at Mat’s parents’ house.

We started both Thanksgivings with a breakfast of pumpkin bread with pumpkin cream cheese and scrambled eggs.  And coffee – half pumpkin spice coffee and half regular.


Thanksgiving at my parents’ house:


Thanksgiving at Mat’s parents’ house:


That was Mat’s plate, not mine.  Mine was a bit smaller and didn’t have a roll.  🙂

Mat put the kitty around his neck like a scarf when we got back from our Thanksgiving #1 walk.


She hung out for a while – I was surprised.  Isn’t she cute??  🙂

When we were at Mat’s parents’ last night we were talking about Christmas and how we were trying to find a non-creepy angel tree topper.  Then today, right after my run, I got a text from Kathy that she saw this at Walmart.  She offered to get it for us.  Awesome!  One less thing to figure out!  Only stockings (and all the gift shopping of course) is left.


When I got back from my 10 mile run today, I scooped up Oakley and snapped a picture.  I’m not sure she appreciated my sweatiness.  🙂


Tonight we’re taking a break from Thanksgiving food and making salmon with Brussels sprouts and hopefully biscuits, if I find a recipe I like using ingredients I have.  I usually prefer buttermilk ones, but I don’t have any buttermilk at the moment.

It’s a quiet night around here for us.  I can’t remember the last time I was home on a Saturday afternoon.  Besides making salmon, the plan is to watch a Christmas movie and just relax.  Yay!