Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Panera Date

In Other News

TWO of my friends had baby boys today!  Welcome to the world Rhys Everett McBride and Jackson Ryan Gunderson!  You both have wonderful parents and are going to be loved so, so much!  I’m so excited for everyone who is having babies right now, and am just as excited for us to have babies of our own (one day).  🙂  It doesn’t seem like we’re old enough to be married and having kids, yet here we are.  It’s an amazingly scary but wonderful thing.


I went at the carbs tonight.  I mean, doesn’t 22 miles mean you’re allowed to?

I went with my usual: the You Pick Two combo.  Tonight I had a half caesar salad and a cup of black bean soup.  And naturally I had it in a bread bowl.  Only way to to if you ask me.  And yes, the combo came with a chunk of baguette on the side.  But I ended up giving it to Mat because he was still hungry after his panini.

salad and bread

soup in bread bowl

After a quick stop at Target (we’re such party animals) we settled in at home to watch The Hurt Locker and eat this.





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Somehow Today Got Busy

Today was a good day, though not how I intended it. It started with a 15 miles run in which I saw Monica three times. Now we’re running friends. 🙂

It was actually a really rough run. I hadn’t run since last Saturday’s 17 miler because we were gone all week. Solvang isn’t a place you can really run in. I don’t know what’s been going on with me-running just hurts lately. I feel like my legs just can’t do it. Last weekend went surprisingly well, but that’s been a rare occurrence. I’m not sure what to do.

We then went on a tour of Alegria Fresh where they grow produce hydroponically using vertically stacked pots. It was really interesting and the lettuce and herbs were really yummy!

Then Steph came over and we made biscuits to go with our roasted broccoli and Mat’s chicken.

Betcha never seen biscuits those shapes! 😀

My plate (plus two more biscuits).

Steph loves having her picture taken. 🙂

We watched Brave on blu ray that Steph brought. I’d never seen it before and it was really cute. But then, you can’t really go wrong with Disney Pixar.

One more day of break left. I can’t believe how fast it went. I’m not ready to go back. :-/

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IT Band Issues

My right leg’s IT Band has started acting up.  On today’s 4.5 mile run I started to actually notice it.  I think I started feeling it on the last few runs too, but it was hard to tell.  Thankfully, I’ve been though this before (on my left leg) so I know how to take care of it: ice, stretch, strengthen, and use the IT Band brace in the meantime.  I think since I caught it earlier than last time I’ll be fine to keep running as long as I take care of it in between runs.  Last time I was really diligent about the exercises and icing/stretching and it was better in a week or so and I was able to stop using the brace even on the long runs after a few weeks.

Oh, and according to my new Garmin, my pace was about 8:30/mile today.  Better than yesterday’s 9:00/mile pace!  😀

Besides my morning run, I also went to the doctor for a physical.  I discovered while there that I needed a TDap (tetanus/pertussis aka whooping cough) shot.  Lucky me.  However, it’s important to get the whooping cough vaccine since I’ll be spending time with my baby niece in a few months.  Mat has a physical appointment before the baby comes also, so he can get the vaccine too.  We certainly don’t want to make her sick!

Needless to say, my left shoulder is already sore.  I made sure to get my crunches/planks/push ups done when I got home before it got too sore.  I wasn’t sure if it would get worse tomorrow so gotta get it done today!

After the actual appointment, I went to the lab for bloodwork.  Besides not having had a physical in a while, getting one now will give us a discount on one month of health insurance payments.  Win!

One more errand after that: pick up my face wash prescription from the pharmacy.  When I finally got home and got the crunches and stuff out of the way, I got around to eating.  I was pretty hungry after a run and having been up since 6, but I was glad I hadn’t eaten because it allowed me to get the bloodwork out of the way today.

I decided to make peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal.  Delish!



I also had a banana (unpictured) and coffee.  Still in the Christmas mug.  🙂



Today’s plan is to get some more post-Christmas cleaning/organizing domes (hopefully) and laundry folded (also hopefully) before meeting my college roomie Jenn for Golden Spoon.  All in all, not a bad day!

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Kelly’s Wedding!

Last night we went to my Kappa big sis Kelly’s wedding.  I’ve been looking forward to her wedding almost as long as I was looking forward to my own, and her wedding was the one I’ve been most excited about other than my own.  I love getting to see my Kappa sisters and I love seeing such a dear friend so happy.

Her wedding was at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank.  It was a bit of a drive for us, but nothing compared to what Anne would have had to do coming from San Diego.  She drove up to us (picking up Becca on the way) and then we drove the last 50 miles up to Burbank.

Kelly had some lovely touches.  Her guestbook was giant wooden “K & K” and she had a wishing tree.  There was also a table of irises for all of us Kappas to wear in honor of our sisterhood with Kelly.





The venue was gorgeous.  Her colors were blue and purple and they worked beautifully together.




See the key?  Her wedding theme was “key to my heart” and it was on Kappa Founder’s Day.  One of Kappa’s symbols is the key, so it was definitely a special day for Kelly and for all of us Kappas there.




We were excited for the ceremony to start!

Kelly’s mom was escorted by Kelly’s brother.

Keith walked his mom down the aisle.  He doesn’t look too nervous, right?  🙂

Kelly’s bridesmaids wore long black dresses which were very classy.





An adorable ring bearer and flower girl!

And then it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle!



Isn’t that train gorgeous?  Love it.

The ceremony was very personal.  Kelly wrote most (or all?) of it herself after researching different types of ceremonies.  The whole thing was performed by Keith’s stepdad.





One of the sweet moments I happened to catch was the videographer, who is also a Kappa, trying to hold in her emotion while she was filming.

We then went to cocktail hour where we had delicious baked brie, bruschetta, crackers, and spinach dip.  Soon it was time to go inside for the reception.  The Kappas took the opportunity to grab a picture together.

My first place card as Melissa Kolbeck!


The centerpieces were beautiful.





The cake:



First dance as husband and wife:


At our table we had Jen and Manan, Jenn and Sandor, and Anne and Becca.






During the money dance all of us Kappas surrounded Kelly.


The flower girl joined us.  So cute!

And naturally, we did Oh Pat.  🙂


They were very polite to each other during the cake cutting.

And then it was time to really party!





It was an AMAZING wedding with lots of good friends.  Seeing Kelly so happy was the best.  Now they’re off to Hawaii for 10 days.  Have fun you guys!

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Kelly’s Shower

Hi Kelly, I know you’re reading this.  🙂

I sadly do not have a lot of pictures from the shower.  And half of what I have are her gifts.  My excuse for failing at taking pictures?  Not forgetting my camera (which I did do, but that’s not an excuse because iPhones are just as good), but having such a fantastic time that I forgot I had my phone with me.

It’s sad, really.

But it was a lovely time.  Yummy food (scones with clotted cream OMG) and a thoroughly entertaining game.  We played the toilet paper dress game and it had been decided ahead of time that Kelly’s littles would be the mannequins for the two teams.  That meant that Anne and I were the mannequins.  It really was just fine with me since that meant I got to stand there and didn’t have to make any decisions.  🙂

I’m sure I looked quite ridiculous, but it was fun just the same.  If I get ahold of the pictures of it I’ll definitely post them.

Here are the whole FOUR photos I took at my big sis’s shower.  I fail.

That last one was pretty funny because she was sawing away at the tape with half of a pair of kitchen shears LOL.

I stayed for a while after the shower was over just chatting and catching up with the girls.  I love that everyone is getting married because it gives us all easy reasons to get together.  😀

When I got home, I was suddenly starving.  It must have been a combination of not eating a whole lot at the shower and having really sore muscles/working out more lately.  We had some random Mexican leftovers from making Mexican pizza last weekend, so I threw together a taco salad:

I’m also craving ice cream.  Oy.  Maybe I’ll have a little just to satisfy the craving.  We’re working on burning copies of our wedding photos for our parents and then we’re going to watch a Boy Meets World before hitting the hay.  Based on this morning, I clearly need my rest!

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I spent most of the day at Steph’s today.  It was lovely.  We chatted, watched Alice in Wonderland on Blu-Ray (old animated movies on Blu-Ray crack me up) and make chicken tacos with Mexican rice.


We also had lava cookies with ice cream, but I ate those too fast.

Yesterday we finally got to hang our “Love” photo collage.  I got a bunch of wedding pictures printed at Costco the other day and picked out some good ones for the frames.  There are wedding pictures EVERYWHERE in our living room and bedroom, but I figure we’re newlyweds so  who cares?


Isn’t that fun???!!!

I’m glad we forced ourselves to get them hung since we may not be here by this time next year.  The goal is to buy a house sometime this school year.  Hopefully we can start that process soon.

I’m so happy tomorrow is a holiday.  I’m trying to relish it since it’s the only one we get for a while now.  And I’m already tired which isn’t a good sign.  I might do an Insanity workout instead of run tomorrow deepening on what time I’m able to wake up and whether or not the sun is blazing.  I’m sort of in a running run because of the heat – kind of annoying.

I need to go to bed.  My eyelids are heavy.

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Today Was a Fun One

This morning at church, the choir that my mom and aunt sang in while in high school (they both grew up in that church – it’s definitely been in our family!) had a reunion.  It started through Facebook (naturally) several months ago, and it was amazing how many former choir members showed up.  Some flew in, some drove in from far, they stayed at a nearby hotel, and they had a big reunion weekend.

The choir was called “Humneo” which is Greek for “sing praises.”  It started in 1971 and toured various areas of the country in a school bus over the next 10 years.  I knew it was a big deal for my mom and my aunt, but I never realized until today just how much it was a part of their lives.

The choir members not only went out for drinks at the hotel on Friday night and rehearsed on Saturday afternoon, but they also got to church early today to practice more.  One of the coolest things while listening to them sing, besides seeing how happy they all were, was realizing that the songs I sang when I was a little kid in the choir were from Humneo.  That really took me back and was just so unbelievably cool.

Some photos from this morning:



the women in the center wearing the black/white shirt directed the children’s choir when i was a kid



that’s my mom with the pastor who started the church back in 1960. his daughter and my mom were really close friends.




When I got home I wolfed down some cereal and finished my coffee before I finished straigtening up for Diana to come over.



At 1:00, my good friend and sorority sister Diana came over for some quality girl time.  We had some wine and quinoa salad for lunch:

this is not my portion, it’s the serving bowl.  i also forgot to take a picture of my wine. what can i say, when i’m having a good time with friends i sort of forget the pictures.

Diana and I had a fabulous time just hanging out and chatting.  I made chocolate lava cookies, but Diana was feeling up to dessert so she took hers to-go when she left around 8.  I love hanging out with Diana and wish I could do it more often.  Sometimes being an adult and having to work is so annoying!


I had a banana with almond butter for dinner, along with a lava cookie (with vanilla bean ice cream, Hershey’s, and a few extra chocolate chips):



And now I find myself NOT in bed at 10 pm on a Sunday night like I should be.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a rather tough week since I haven’t had a 5 day week with students since June.  I’m not used to needing that much energy!  Fortunately there’s a 3-day weekend to look forward to though!

Time to unwind for bed, and try not to think about the fact that Mat is still at work.  😦  Another reason I’m not a fan of Sunday nights.