Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Today was a rest day.  It was much needed after yesterday’s 22 miler!  I also realized today after reading Skinny Runner‘s post that we totally ran past her yesterday.  Not that I’m a creeper or anything.


I gorged on cereal and also had coffee.  Nothing unusual.



During breakfast the cat posed for me.  Also not unusual.

cat 2

cat 1


Tonight’s dinner was delicious and oh so easy.

dinner 1

It was yet again a crock pot recipe.  If you want some good teriyaki chicken that takes about 5 minutes to prep, make this recipe.

chicken 1


Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken


4 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 cup Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce

1 20-oz can pineapple chunks

dash ground ginger


1. Put chicken in crock pot.  Cover with remaining 3 ingredients.

2. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 6-8 hours.  Serve over rice.

crock pot teriyaki chicken


We served it with steamed zucchini that I covered in Parmesan cheese.  Obviously.



And finished the evening off with some ice cream while catching the end of the Oscars.

ice cream



Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of the winners?


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Run Surf City

I didn’t run this morning.  Shocker, I know.  Instead I took a 3.5 mile walk.  Why?  Because I’ve got a race tomorrow.  🙂

I supposed in theory I could have run anyway, just a short one, since 13.1 miles seems like nothing these days.  But given how my legs have been the last few months, I figured an easier day was a smarter plan.

Honestly?  It was SO NICE to wake up slowly and eventually meander out for a short walk.  I tend to be a total weirdo and look at Facebook/Instagram/email the entire time.  While listening to country music on Pandora.

The not nice part was that Mat injured his wrist again at work and had to leave early and go to the clinic.  This time he has to be out of work for at least a week because he’s not allowed to lift more than 10 pounds.  He should get worker’s comp pay though, thank God.  It’s technically less than his normal pay, but it’s also tax free so it comes out about the same.

Since he ended up being home in the mid/late morning, we were able to eat together.  I had a massive bowl of cereal and an apple pear with coffee.


By the way, despite having an injured wrist, he still manages to play Halo.

injured wrist

After getting some bridal shower invitations addressed, we headed off to the Surf City expo.  I love this expo because it’s all beachy.  Super fun!

expo 1


expo 2


We sampled lots of Clif bars and shot bloks.

expo 3


Ready to race!



I’m a little nervous for this race because of how my legs have been, but I’m also excited.  Expos get me pumped!

And as has become my tradition, I bought myself a new Bic Band.  Love this pattern!  I don’t think it’s online yet.

bic band


Perfect for a beach run, no?

I love how Bic Bands donates $1 of every purchase to a charity.  I was talking to one of the girls at the booth and she told me which charity they were donating to for February, but since it’s not announced yet I’ll keep it hush hush.  🙂

And now it’s time to settle in and have a pre-race dinner of scrambled eggs and oatmeal.  Perfect carb/protein mix!

Are you running a race this weekend?


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I Didn’t Run Today

It felt really strange, yet also nice, to wake up when my body wanted to on a Saturday and NOT go for a run.  I’m not being lazy though.  My body needed the rest.  Plus, the real reason for not running today is tomorrow is the Long Beach Half Marathon!

Mat and I went to the expo yesterday with Amanda and Conor.  Amanda is running the 5k with my mom as Mat, my dad, and I run the half.  I didn’t try taking pictures – it was crowded and hard enough to not lose track of each other as we walked around.  We picked up our bibs and shirts and took advantage of the free samples.  I swear, it’s one of my favorite things at the expos.  I love free food!

I also bought a new BicBand.  Isn’t it cute!?


We don’t have a dog (yet) but I couldn’t resist the cute little footprints.  And, I just realized (literally, as I was typing) it matches perfectly with an old Kappa sweatshirt I have.  I’ll have to pair them together and be all doggy obsessed.  🙂

I also have been putting M & M (or M + M, it varies) on my bibs.  I did that with my first race (Long Beach) last year and it’s stuck.  I think Mat has done it on his too.


I really like the shirts this year!  Queen Mary on the front and “make your footprint” on the back!


The OC Marathon booth was there offering $5 off registration and waiving the online fee.  Even though we just registered for Surf City and will have to pay that off soon, it made sense to just register for this one too since it was so much cheaper.  Plus, the credit card won’t actually be charged for at least a week, so it will go on the next month’s bill and won’t be a big deal.

Another perk of registering for it at the expo?  A free shirt!


It’s the shirt from the 2011 race which I didn’t run.  Generally it bugs me to have a shirt from something I didn’t actually participate it because you don’t have that pride in finishing it, but for the sake of another bumming around the house or running shirt?  I’ll take it!

So now all that’s left is making the final decision on the LA Marathon.  I’ve got the Surf City Half Feb 3rd and the OC Half May 5th.  LA is March 17th.  I purposely didn’t even contemplate doing the full for Surf City or OC because I know if I decide to do the LA Marathon that would be the only full I could handle.  Plus I’m also contemplating the LA/SF Challenge.  I found out that you can do the half in SF and have it still count, but I’d almost want to just go for the full (I say this now, before I’ve even done one) because I’d get to see so much of the city.

I still have time to think.  A few days anyway – I want to register soon so it’s done.

Now onto food!

Breakfast was cereal and iced coffee with milk and Hershey’s.



Yes, that bowl of cereal is overflowed.  Yes, it’s sitting on a paper towel.  I knocked out all my chores this morning right after I woke up and didn’t want to get anything on the coffee table.  Yes, the coffee table.  I’m sort of ghetto when I eat breakfast on my own.  I park my butt on the couch in front of the tube and check email while I eat.

The rest of the day?  Mat gets off at noon and then we’re planning to just BE.  For the first time in weeks we don’t have to go anywhere.  We’ll make something yummy and comforting and filling for dinner and go to bed early.  After the race tomorrow we’ll have all day together too.  It’s almost unreal!

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I Feel So Productive!

This weekend has been a good one so far.  I had a good run yesterday, feel good in my Nutcracker decision, and am all caught up on the chores.  We went to dinner at Buca di Beppo for Auntie Kristin’s birthday last night and enjoyed good food, good wine, and good company.  The one picture I got was for the Fitmixer photo a day challenge:


You can kind of see all the wine bottles decorating the ceiling.  We heard them saying that there were over 500 bottles up there!  I’m hoping they were empty…

This morning we went to church down here in Irvine.  It’s an 8 am service which is a bit early, but since it’s 5 minutes away we’re home by 9:15 at the latest which is when church up at home (a half hour drive) would be starting.  Since we’d driven up home last night we didn’t really want to do it again, and Mat had to work at noon today so early church in Irvine was a double win.  We really like the pastor at this church too-his sermons are engaging and he has a great sense of humor.  It’s definitely a great second option when going up home isn’t as convenient.

We got home and were able to enjoy breakfast together and even watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica, something we haven’t watched since before our wedding.  The free month of Netflix is coming in handy!

I had a (overflowed) bowl of cereal and lots of iced coffee:


The best part about today?  Mat will be home just after 8!  We can have dinner together on a Sunday!  And go to bed at the same time!  And I’ll get enough sleep and won’t have to start the week off tired!  (Well at least not any more tired than a normal day).  It’s LOVELY.

After he left for work I went and laid by the pool for an hour and tried to catch up on my magazine reading.  I’m hoping to continue that this afternoon as I browse for shirts and sweats for the dance production kids.  I’m also watching Date Night on FX.  You know, that movie with Steve Carell and Tina Fey?  HILARIOUS!

Happy Sunday!

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Mmm Paninis!

In dance production today we ran the mile.  I ran with the girls and finished in 8:33.  I never knew what my 1 mile time was until today.  I was hoping it was closer to 8 or even under 8, but I really wasn’t pushing it today because it was afternoon and pretty hot/muggy.  I also have never run the track with a bunch of other kids around so I guess I was a little cautious.  Still though, 8:33 wasn’t bad at all.

My afternoon snack was simple: Greek yogurt with cereal and honey:

I got the dance shoes ordered today and hope the order the bags soon too.  Hopefully the reimbursement goes through quickly.  I’d really rather not be out $400 for several months.


Dinner was paninis.  Tuscan bread with pesto, mozzarella cheese, avocado, spinach, and heirloom tomatoes.  Paired with salad.

There was half an avocado left, so naturally we ate it on the side.

He ate two.  Except I sort of had the last few bites of his second one.  Shhhh….

Look at that oozy gooey goodness!

Seriously delicious.  The only downside to paninis is that you always think they’re going to be fast but they’re not.  Hence it is 9:45 and I’m finally writing this post.  Oh well.  They were worth it.  Sooo good!

Tomorrow is Friday and then a 3 day weekend!  Almost made it through the first full (tiring) week of school!

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Today Was a Fun One

This morning at church, the choir that my mom and aunt sang in while in high school (they both grew up in that church – it’s definitely been in our family!) had a reunion.  It started through Facebook (naturally) several months ago, and it was amazing how many former choir members showed up.  Some flew in, some drove in from far, they stayed at a nearby hotel, and they had a big reunion weekend.

The choir was called “Humneo” which is Greek for “sing praises.”  It started in 1971 and toured various areas of the country in a school bus over the next 10 years.  I knew it was a big deal for my mom and my aunt, but I never realized until today just how much it was a part of their lives.

The choir members not only went out for drinks at the hotel on Friday night and rehearsed on Saturday afternoon, but they also got to church early today to practice more.  One of the coolest things while listening to them sing, besides seeing how happy they all were, was realizing that the songs I sang when I was a little kid in the choir were from Humneo.  That really took me back and was just so unbelievably cool.

Some photos from this morning:



the women in the center wearing the black/white shirt directed the children’s choir when i was a kid



that’s my mom with the pastor who started the church back in 1960. his daughter and my mom were really close friends.




When I got home I wolfed down some cereal and finished my coffee before I finished straigtening up for Diana to come over.



At 1:00, my good friend and sorority sister Diana came over for some quality girl time.  We had some wine and quinoa salad for lunch:

this is not my portion, it’s the serving bowl.  i also forgot to take a picture of my wine. what can i say, when i’m having a good time with friends i sort of forget the pictures.

Diana and I had a fabulous time just hanging out and chatting.  I made chocolate lava cookies, but Diana was feeling up to dessert so she took hers to-go when she left around 8.  I love hanging out with Diana and wish I could do it more often.  Sometimes being an adult and having to work is so annoying!


I had a banana with almond butter for dinner, along with a lava cookie (with vanilla bean ice cream, Hershey’s, and a few extra chocolate chips):



And now I find myself NOT in bed at 10 pm on a Sunday night like I should be.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a rather tough week since I haven’t had a 5 day week with students since June.  I’m not used to needing that much energy!  Fortunately there’s a 3-day weekend to look forward to though!

Time to unwind for bed, and try not to think about the fact that Mat is still at work.  😦  Another reason I’m not a fan of Sunday nights.

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Uncle Sam Original Cereal

Recently, Attune Foods (@attunefoods) sent me 3 boxes of cereal to try.  We opened the Uncle Sam Original Cereal just before Vegas and then took it with us.  Here’s all three:

I’ve been wanting to write about the one on the left for a while now.  Sadly, school starting has made me crazy and barely able to keep up with anything.  And since I wanted to take my time on this post, I figured it was better to wait until I had a chance to actually sit down and write it.

We ate the cereal in several ways.  One way was the obvious, in a bowl of cereal:

this was in Vegas – honey bunches of oats on the bottom and Uncle Sam on top

I also had it mixed with Greek yogurt on my first day back to work:

Greek yogurt, strawberries, honey, and Uncle Sam

And this morning I had it in my overnight oats:

the overnight oats

there’s Uncle Sam!

So, what do I think about the cereal?  I love it.  It’s just sweet enough that you can totally snack on it, but not so sweet that you feel like you’re eating a sugar bomb for breakfast.  It’s really only two ingredients:  toasted whole wheat flakes and whole flaxseeds.  It’s light, crunchy, and is a perfect texture for all three of the ways I ate it.

If it’s milk, it gets a little softer but not soggy and retains the natural sweetness, and in the Greek yogurt it added an excellent crunch that I honestly might like better than granola.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE granola, but Uncle Sam cereal is lighter.  I still get the sweetness without the “thicker” granola texture.  Does that make sense?  It’s the only way I can describe it.

I can definitely see myself buying this cereal for myself more often. I love a good healthy cereal that doesn’t taste like cardboard, and this definitely fits the bill!