Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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The Gingerbread House that Wasn’t

Today for our day of togetherness, we were supposed to make our gingerbread house. We picked our activity last night since we weren’t really going to see each other this morning. However, Mat ended up going home early from work because of a really bad stomachache and I got home later than originally planned because of going to get the stamps we needed to finish our Christmas cards. I didn’t have the greatest night’s sleep last night and neither did he, so we decided to postpone the gingerbread house until tomorrow.

So, we drew a new activity today.

My favorite gift was my promise ring. Mat gave it to me 4 years ago when we’d only been dating 9 months or so. I remember my mom was a little surprised at how soon he gave it to me, but we certainly didn’t rush into marriage or anything so it all worked out fine. ūüôā

His favorite gift was the original Nintendo he got as a kid. Figures. Such a boy. ūüėõ

Dinner tonight was leftover enchiladas. Delish!

I totally didn’t finish that. Partly because I got full and partly because I was thinking about the leftover chocolate cake in the freezer.

Backing up to this morning: ran 6 miles and then spread some of this stuff on some bread.

My new obsession.

I saw a kid walking down the hall today, probably a freshman, wearing this shirt.

And with that, it’s time for some Big Bang watching. Good night!


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But before we talk about pizza, can we talk about this??

That beauty is a venti salted caramel mocha frappuccino (light, of course, because not light would be excessive).  I got it for free.  It was amazing.  A perfect Friday morning coffee.

On to the pizza. ¬†We haven’t had Costco pizza in forever, so tonight we indulged.

Pizza and salad:

A glass of Riesling:

And leftover birthday cake from the freezer with homemade cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream:

I didn’t finish the cake though. ¬†It was a pretty big piece.

I’m hoping tomorrow’s run is better than last week’s fail. ¬†I’m planning to get up at 5 (Lord have mercy) because it’s just too dang hot right now. ¬†It was 90 in Irvine today. ¬†We’re 10 minutes from the ocean. ¬†I have roughly 13 miles planned and this time it doesn’t involve a strange loop right back to home before taking off for the real 11 mile part. ¬†there’s something mentally ick about passing home again when you’re only 3.5 miles into a 14 mile run. ¬†I can’t believe I did that many times back in the spring.

Mat has an early shift (3:30 am) tomorrow and theoretically should already be in bed. ¬†It doesn’t hurt me to go to bed either. ¬†Good night!

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Family Dinner

I have no pictures from today. ¬†I have no posts yet today and only 1 quick one yesterday. ¬†It’s because I’ve been running around like a crazy person. ¬†I honestly don’t think I’ve sat down at all yet today, until a few minutes ago, unless of course you could dinner.

It wasn’t for bad reasons, it’s just that there was a lot going on today. ¬†I woke up super early (5:00) to beat the heat for my run, and it was a good thing too because Mat never actually set his 4 am alarm last night. ¬†When we woke up to my alarm at 5 we realized he was supposed to be at work. ¬†Oops. ¬†He called right away and told them what happened though so it doesn’t seem to be a big issue. ¬†Plus it’s never happened before and obviously shouldn’t happen ever again.

After my run, I went to Target for a few things, came home, and set to work making homemade cookies n cream ice cream and homemade red velvet cake.  I washed and cut lettuce and veggies, dusted, vacuumed, etc etc.  I even managed to get one coat of new nail polish on my toenails.

Nicole and Ryan came over for dinner tonight and Mat made his pizza.  This time he made one of the usual with red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes and then make a Mexican one with salsa verde, diced green chiles, and refried beans.  It was really good!

The cake and ice cream were definitely a hit too. ¬†I was quite happy about that. ¬†ūüôā

It’s crazy how we’re all adults and married. ¬†I still feel like a kid. ¬†Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever feel fully like an adult.

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The Second Day

Oh my goodness, what a day! ¬†But it was a good day. ¬†My Algebra 2 classes were all well-behaved, and I’m hoping they stay that way all year. ¬†We were reviewing order of operations, which I think they all found super easy. ¬†Which is good. ¬†Because they should. ¬†Because if they’re in Algebra 2 and can’t use order of operations correctly, we have a problem.

Dance production today was FABULOUS. ¬†The girls are so excited to “learn the basics.” ¬†I gave them a few SUPER. ¬†EASY. ¬†ballet things to do, and they just ate it up. ¬†They were so happy that they finally have a structured dance class. ¬†Now, my job is to learn some more jazz and hip hop for them.


Tonight’s dinner is a salmon barbecue salad. ¬†Mat made a couple of salmon patties and we chopped them up and tossed them with romaine lettuce, spinach, cucumber, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, tomato, black beans, corn, shredded cheese, ranch, and barbecue sauce.


De. Lish. Us.  Yes, that was spelled oddly.

We also finished the leftover cake we gorged on last night:


Poor Mat has hardly slept at all the last two nights and might be getting sick.  He needs to get to bed early, and I never complain about extra sleep.  Good night!

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What Happened to the Afternoon?

I swear, the afternoon time just FLIES. ¬†By the time I get home it’s after 4 pm (and this is before dance have started) and then before I know it it’s dinnertime. ¬†Granted, dinnertime is earlier when Mat has to work early the next day. ¬†It’s amazing how soon it’s 8 or 9 pm.

I neglected breakfast and lunch today.  Breakfast was cottage cheese, granola, and strawberries wolfed down at work with coffee.  Lunch was half a pb&j and a banana.  Yes.  The same as yesterday.

Following in the sameness, dinner was leftover pasta salad


enjoyed with the rest of the champagne from yesterday


After dinner we watched another episode of Boy Meets World – we’re on the first episode of season 6 already! ¬†We also enjoyed some leftover cake from the freezer. ¬†I wanted to celebrate a successful first day, and cake seemed like the perfect choice. ¬†Since I couldn’t decide ¬†between wedding cake and birthday cake, we had some of both.

We didn’t quite finish it:


I think we put most of what’s in the photo in the fridge. ¬†The birthday cake piece was HUGE so after sharing the normal size wedding piece we were only able to eat about half (ok, a bit more than half) of it. ¬†We’ve been trying not to eat as much dessert lately, but this was so worth it. ¬†Plus I never had a snack when I got home and really didn’t eat a whole lot all day.

Tomorrow I get to find out what my dance girls can and can’t do so we can plan for the first assembly. ¬†Let’s hope the second day is as positive as the first!

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Leftover Birthday Cake

We froze the rest of Mat’s birthday cake because we knew we needed to stop eating it every night.

Then tonight apparently it was already time to pull a chunk out of the freezer. ¬†Even though I’m scared I’m gaining weight from all the lasagna and cake last week, clearly I had no self control tonight.

my portion

I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty about it. ¬†It was cake. ¬†That’s all. ¬†Right? ¬†And besides, I’m getting back into my running groove now.

I thought I had gotten a lot better about guilt over what I eat.   But sometimes it comes back with a vengeance.  Just read the dancing page.  :-/

It was really good cake though…

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Finally a Bit of Rest!

You’d think I wouldn’t need anymore rest after the bad honeymoon (I know, I still owe a post on it), but since we spent Monday and Tuesday running errands, cleaning, and organizing, and then I spent 5 hours in the kitchen yesterday making Mat’s birthday dinner and cake/ice cream, finally having today to sit around for a bit was wonderful. ¬†Mat went back to work today which meant I got to have a little bit of me time. ¬†ūüôā

I started the day with a 3.5 mile walk. ¬†Even though I’ve only run twice since we got back (I skipped Monday – no way was I going to try and run after all that traveling and being sick – details to come in the honeymoon post, don’t worry), I decided I should take my usual rest day today. ¬†I decided to walk just to keep my sore muscles loosened up a bit. ¬†I was definitely feeling the burn when I got out of bed this morning!

After my walk, I was able to just sit around for a bit, take my time getting ready, and savor my (rather large) bowl of cereal.  I called my mommy to chat for a bit, and then headed off to the dentist.  My cavity free streak continues!

I then went to the DMV to apply for my license in my new name. ¬†I got to sign Melissa Kolbeck a few times which was totally weird and totally cool. ¬†I can’t wait until the actual card comes in the mail! ¬†They even punched a hole in my old license!

Tonight has been pretty relaxing too. ¬†We had more lasagna (another post that I owe) and are soon going to enjoy Monday night’s episode of Bunheads that we DVRed along with some more Reese’s cake and homemade ice cream.

I’ve got to get my blogging rhythm back. ¬†I was gone for too long!