Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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It’s Happening

Yesterday I put down a deposit on my new blog design.  Yep, it’s really happening.  The design process won’t start for a couple of weeks so it gives me time to figure out who I want to go with for hosting.

I’m SO excited for this.  It’s going to mean big changes for the blog, and hopefully good big changes.  I plan to work more on getting my name out there and finding new followers and readers.  It’s a difficult process, and a scary process, but I’m ready.  This is something I’ve been toying with for a long time and I think it’s the best way to grow my blog and hopefully generate some income.  I have some post ideas rumbling around in my head also, but I’m not quite ready to write them yet.

Stay tuned…it’s happening!


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A Quick Computer Note

My laptop is now up and running, but not everything is fully up to date yet.  Because of that, I’m having a hard time posting pictures.  So, the lovely post I was working on for tonight is going to wait until tomorrow.  But that’s ok.  Better to wait for quality, right?

Until then, a favorite wedding picture.  Tomorrow marks 7 months since the big day.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!


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Swipp It

Today I discovered a fun new social media platform called Swipp. Basically, it’s a place where you can share what you think about something. It could be food, places, activities, music, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

I played around on the app a little bit today. I typed in a few topics: chocolate (naturally the first thing that came to mind), Starbucks, blogging, and maynonnaise (I needed at least one thing I don’t like) and then rated them.

The rating system ranges from -5 to +5. I gave chocolate, Starbucks, and blogging a score of +5 and mayonnaise a -5 (I can’t stand the stuff). I then started playing with the “explore” button at the bottom right. It gives you a listing of various topics that are trending on the app. That’s where I found dark chocolate. By tapping it I was taken to another screen where I could rate it myself. I gave it a +5, of course.

I went back to the explore screen just now and got these topics:

There’s also a “stream” feature that functions similarly to the Facebook news feed.

It seems that you can create your own topics if no one else has. The whole idea is to share what you think with the world to “understand the world better and make smarter choices.” (source).

Overall, I think it’s a fun app. I only played around on it for a few minutes, but I think I could get into it. The only drawbacks I see at the moment are that it’s only available on the Apple App Store right now. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’d have to use the web version. You also have to use Facebook to log in.

Go check it out! It’s fun! And follow them on Twitter: @getswipp.

Note: Swipp did not compensate or ask me to write this review. I reviewed the app independently.

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Marathon Training Check-In

There’s less than 2 months now until the LA Marathon. My longest run so far has been 19 miles and I did my first pre-work 8 miler last Wednesday. This morning I ran 5, and tomorrow will be my second pre-work 8 miler. I’m nervous for it, but knowing that I accomplished it last week and then managed 19 miles on Saturday helps my confidence. The hardest part is getting out of my warm bed when it’s cold.

I’ve definitely hit a running slump lately, which I’m pretty sure has made its way to the blog. Is frustrating, and to say it’s bad timing is an understatement. I just keep telling myself that I CAN do it and that I’ll be a stronger person for it.

I ended dance practice early today because we didn’t have everyone there (or the right version of the music) and it’s also finals week. I got home around 4, prepped lunches for tomorrow and veggies to cook for dinner, and then finally sat down to catch up on blog reading and email. This little girl had been meowing all afternoon for lap time, so she was a happy kitty.


For dinner we had leftover Gouda mac and cheese and sautéed broccoli leaves and kale from Alegria Fresh. We threw some broccoli in also because we have a lot in the fridge right now and I hate seeing it go to waste.

Don’t judge how much mac and cheese I can put away.

The greens were really good. We only used olive oil, garlic, onion, and a little salt and pepper. We’d never had broccoli leaves like that before. I love trying new veggies!

My computer is going back to Apple tomorrow. Hopefully I can be back up and running and blogging for real before too long!

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Foodie Pen Pal Month #2

Last month I participated in Foodie Pen Pals.  You can read all about that experience here.  I decided to participate again in November.  I sent a box to Lauren at Hall Nest.  Go to her blog to read all about it!

I received my box from Mollie at Sprinkles of Life.  She jam-packed my box full!


In that little box was all this stuff!


Except the pumpkins – those were already on the table.  🙂

Some close-ups of all the goodies:



Mollie sent me a lot of stuff from Whole Foods as well as Cost Plus World Market.  We’re planning to save the hot chocolate for tomorrow when we buy and decorate our Christmas tree.  The rest?  It’s being eaten slowly but surely.  I tend to eat snacks things slowly so that they last, and this box is no exception.

If you’ve never participated in or heard of the Foodie Pen Pal program, you should totally go here and do it!



I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated from never getting enough sleep, with or without Zzzquil.

I’m frustrated from kids not listening when I give them directions or when I’m trying to teach a lesson or, God forbid, HELP them.

I’m frustrated at the entire home-buying process because, while we haven’t been looking very long, I’m not a patient person by nature and always worry prematurely that we won’t find a house EVER even though we haven’t been looking very long and it’s the holidays.

I’m frustrated from being expected to do extra work with apparently no extra pay.  I’ll be saying no on that.

I’m frustrated that I have no extra time to devote to this blog to make it what I really want it to be.

I’m frustrated at myself for having no patience to just let things happen naturally and for getting so worked up that I never stop to smell the roses and enjoy this thing that’s my life that’s actually, in reality, not too shabby.

And now that I’m done ranting, a picture of a half asleep Oakley for you.

I shamelessly post pictures of my cat.  I’m cool with it.