Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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My Cat

Yesterday’s Run/Ballet

5.34 miles, 51:44, 9:41 pace

I was slower but actually kept a steadier pace, so that’s good.

1.5 hour ballet class

Missed ballet last week in favor of Valentine’s Day so it was good to be back.


I don’t have anything interesting to share from dinner last night (leftover salsa chicken tacos and cilantro lime rice with roasted squash) so we’ll just post some adorable pictures of Oakley.

cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

cat 4

cat 5


She is so stinking cute.  I die.

Except for when she bites.  Which she did last night.  And actually drew blood.

It’s a good thing she’s so stinking cute or I’d actually be really mad.



Drama Drama Drama

Remember when you were in high school and people started drama over NOTHING?  No?  Well I envy you.

Things like this make me wonder why the heck I willingly hang out with teenagers all day.  They feed on drama!  Basically, the cheer team thinks that my dance team is copying them (which we’re not, by the way), and have gone up to some dance kids about it.  I’ve talked with my dance kids about not doing anything to encourage the rumors and to just focus on what they’re supposed to do.  They’ve always been good about that in the past, so I hope that their annoyance won’t overpower their good sense.  We shall see.

I told them that drama doesn’t go away when you graduate from high school.  I’m sure they were thrilled to hear that.  But it’s true.  I think I’ve had more drama in the last year or two than I did in all of high school.  Oy.

For breakfast I had my obsession: cottage cheese and granola.  Yeah it’s boring, but it’s so freaking good.



Last night Oakley decided she wanted to be a human baby instead of a kitty baby.  We’re practicing for our niece on the cat?

kitty baby


My appetite has been crazy lately with the increased running.  It’s actually kinda fun.  I’m adding fuel to the fire by going to ballet tonight on top of the 5 mile run from this morning.  Whoops!  😀

What are you doing tonight?

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Lately I’ve been missing performing again. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with my runs being less than stellar. I’ve been almost wishing I could go back to the days where I danced all the time, even though it meant getting home late and devoting every ounce of spare time to rehearsals.




Those were the days.

So was this: http://youtu.be/Sl9JA_Eubkw

I guess you could say I’m thinking about it, but I really don’t know yet what I’m doing.

I guess for starters, getting back to class this week would be good. 🙂



I’m feeling guilty today.

Normally, I go to ballet on Thursdays.  But today I’m not.  Today I’m sore from last night’s CrossFit workout.  Today I didn’t run with the dance kids because of that soreness.

I’m not feeling guilty about skipping the run because I run all the time.  I’m feeling guilty about skipping ballet.

I know it doesn’t make sense.  The reason for skipping both activities today is to let my body rest and recover after last night.  We’re going back to CrossFit tomorrow and I’m planning an 8-10 mile run for Saturday.  So why do I feel guilty?

I was thinking about this on the way home from work today.  It’s the same guilty feeling I got back when I used to dance all the time and had to skip for some reason.   I felt like I HAD to go.  Like it owned me.  I wrote about this on my dancing page.  I guess it hasn’t gone away.

Every time I think I’ve made progress with these feelings of ballet controlling me, they come back.  Clearly, I’m not in the best place yet.  I might be much better than I was a few years ago, but I’m not there yet.

When I see pictures from my ballet days, I still feel sad that I don’t do it anymore.


I mean, I still dance, but not like this.

I wonder if I’ll ever truly have time to perform again.  I love that I’m running and trying new things like CrossFit (and a marathon!), but I know I’ll probably get bitten by the performing bug again.  And then what?


I’m not sure.  But it’s clear I need more time to fully heal and realize that ballet is NOT all of who I am.


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Back to the 1-Milers

Dance Production hasn’t run in 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago was Back to School Night and they were finishing decorating shirts. Last week was the day before the pep rally, so they practiced their dances a couple times and we went home when school got out. So today we had to run.

I wasn’t feeling it, but I had promised them I’d run with them. My fastest time (2 weeks ago) was 7:48. In theory, I’d love to beat it, but I really didn’t know if that was possible today. I decided to just listen to my body (something I’m learning more about more about these days) and do as much as I could. I ended up finishing in 7:53. Only 5 seconds slower. I know I could have met my previous best or beat it had I pushed it a little more, but I didn’t feel up for it so I didn’t. Yay for listening to my body!

Tonight was also ballet night which is always good times. When I got home, we had the last of the birthday pumpkin pasta and a big salad.


I also dug into this random bowl of cake a bit.

My birthday cake was supposed to be 4 layers but since the top broke we dumped it in a bowl. I swear, sometimes it’s more fun that way.

The best part of today? My food package from Foodie Penpals arrived! My lips are sealed until October 31st, but let’s just say WOOHOO! 😀

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Photo a Day

I’m having SO much fun with Fitmixer’s (@fitmixer) Instagram photo a day challenge.  I’ve talked about it a couple of other times, but now that the month is almost over I feel compelled to mention it again.

If you go here, you can see yesterday’s photo.

And here are some of my recent photos:






Today’s photo?  Time of workout!

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Ballet Night

Once again, I was almost the only person in class tonight.  The other usual girl showed up at the last second – she comes from work.  It wasn’t quite as much of a butt kicker tonight even though it was semi-private.  I’m not sure why.  I think the teacher is getting frustrated and worried at how no one is really coming to tonight’s class.

Either way, it was still a good class and tomorrow is Friday.

Also good was the fact that Mat waited for me to get home before eating dinner.  🙂  Isn’t that an awesome husband?  I assumed he would eat ahead of time so he could get in bed at a decent hour – he has to work at 5 tomorrow.  When he told me he would wait I was very happy.  Makes going to ballet even better.  🙂

We finished off the boca burger enchiladas tonight, along with a salad dressed with a combo of ranch and salsa.  I’m telling you, the ranch/salsa combo is pretty darn amazing.


I’m also loving Greek yogurt as a substitution for sour cream.  It tastes the same, is lower in calories, and has nutritional value.  Triple win!

In other news, I ran the mile with the dance production girls today like every other Thursday so far.  And guess what?


Yep, that’s right.  7:50, baby!