Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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MacBook Pro is All Better Now

After several weeks of having only an iPad to use for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, blogging, etc, my MacBook Pro is now working again.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad, but it’s lovely to be able to type freely and quickly.  One of the reasons you didn’t see as many posts from me lately was simply that blogging from an iPad every day was a pain in the butt.

I replaced the hard drive and RAM myself, and reinstalled the operating system and all my programs.  It was fun!

hard drive



But now, I’m back.  And I have big plans for the blog.  Oh yes indeedy.  I’ll cover that more later.  First, let’s backtrack to yesterday, shall we?


I woke up yesterday feeling pretty good considering I had just run 20 miles the day before.  Mat and I took my sister to get her first ever pair of REAL running shoes, and as I mentioned to Skinny Runner, she went with Mizuno Wave Rider 16s.  Mat and Daddy and I are all about New Balance, but Mizunos worked better for her feet.

I got some new shoes too.  About time – I’d been running on my other ones since August/September!

new shoes

We made chicken fajitas for dinner last night and ate them with salad.  Good stuff!





Today was a non-student day since the kids all had finals last week.  That meant that us teachers got to go to school and have meetings and get our grades done.  My grades were done by Saturday afternoon, so that meant that this teacher got to go to school and have meetings and then sit around.

I could have gone out to lunch, but I opted to bring it from home because I didn’t want to spend extra money and didn’t want to consume extra calories.  I’ve been consuming enough calories lately in the form of Chipotle and frozen yogurt.

We made a barley shrimp risotto recipe in the crock pot for dinner.  We accidentally bought 10 minute barley so it got a little soggy, but otherwise it was good.



Steamed Brussels sprouts on the side.  I covered my plate in parmesan cheese.

dinner with parmesan



In other news, I realize it’s now Tuesday night and I’ve only covered Sunday and Monday.  That’s because not all my pictures had re-uploaded to Google drive.  I think I mentioned it briefly last night.

In still more news, my husband went from this, which he’s had for about a month,



no beard


He went on a beard kick for a few weeks and then suddenly decided never mind.  Not gonna lie, I like the smooth-shaven better.  🙂

Hope your Tuesday was good!


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Poor Computer

My poor MacBook Pro is having problems. :-/

It’s been getting slower the last few months, and I figured it was because I had too much stuff on it. I never got around to cleaning it out, and now it’s gotten a lot worse.

I really don’t want to have to buy a new laptop. That’s not something we want to drop money on. I’m hoping a trip to the Genius Bar and a few hundred dollars max can fix it.

It basically takes FOREVER (we’re talking hours the last couple days) to turn on. I’m trying a free trial of carbonate to back up my music and pictures until I can get to the ape store.

In other news, last night we went to dinner for my sister’s 22nd birthday and then to the annual Kolbeck Christmas party. This year it was at Mat’s parents’ house which was very convenient. Santa came to the party and Mat and I say in his lap to get a gift. 🙂 I’d post a picture courtesy of Brittany but since my laptop is currently being dumb I have limited abilities for blogging right now (I’m writing this post on my phone).

Today we went back home for church and then finished nearly all of our Christmas shopping. When we got home we watched some Big Bang Theory while eating breakfast/lunch. I had cereal.

We then walked a new route for our day of togetherness.

As usual, the cat was odd this morning.

She couldn’t decide on under the bed or not under the bed.

The rest of the day calls for more Big Bang Theory, veggies/pita chips with hummus, and sweet potato risottoAnd wine 😀

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I Eat Boring Lunches

Seriously, I do. Today was an apple and half a pb&j.


What did I eat yesterday? The same thing. Tomorrow? Probably the same thing.

I just don’t have a lot of motivation or energy to make anything else. Last week there were a couple days where I had dinner leftovers and it was pretty exciting. I just don’t like to do that very often because I’m never sure if I’m eating more than I should be.

Today would have been a good day for that though. I’m still hungry! Boo.

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Our Friday Dinner Lately

I was starving when I got home from work this afternoon, so I sliced an apple and had it with almond butter:

I still felt empty after that, but I wanted to wait until dinner.  We’re both trying to be healthier and not eat more than necessary.  I also have to just deal with being hungry until my body gets used to the work schedule again.


I believe this is the 4th week in a row we’ve made eggs for dinner.  We tend to do eggs when we either 1) are too lazy to go get pizza 2) don’t feel like spending money on pizza 3) want to eat healthier than pizza or 4) all of the above.

In case you couldn’t tell, pizza is generally our go-to Friday night dinner.  It comes from the fact that both of us grew up having Friday night pizza and it was always a fun thing that both of our families had the same little tradition (it was one of many similarities between us/our families we discovered when we were first dating).  Pizza is a nostalgic thing.

But sometimes we want to switch things up.  Eggs is a favorite.  Heck, any breakfast for dinner is a favorite, eggs is just the easiest and the thing where you already have the ingredients.

I think Mat makes better eggs that me (I’m not sure why, scrambled eggs are hard to mess up, but there’s just something about his that I think are better.  So, I kind of make ask him to do it.  🙂

He starts with onions, bell peppers, broccoli, and when those have cooked a little adds some spinach:


Then the eggs get added and it’s all scrambled together:




Easy and yummy!

I had mine slathered in ketchup/hot sauce with two pieces of buttermilk bread toast (I was halfway through eating when I discovered the picture):


We finished off the honeydew also:


We watched Boy Meets World on DVD during dinner (another Friday tradition from growing up: eat in front of the tube).  For dessert, port wine and chocolate along with more Boy Meets World:


I have another 10 miler planned for the morning (and hopefully back up to 14 next week) and then need to get some things done for work before we hit the mall to get Mat some clothes.  I’m crossing my fingers the sun doesn’t come out too early tomorrow!

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Food, Ballet, More Food, and Cereal

I’m guessing the title of this post sounds odd.  In all honesty, I can’t think of anything more creative tonight.  🙂

The first food was lunch.  I had basically the same thing as yesterday, only instead of a banana I sliced up an apple, and instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips like I usually use I used bittersweet ones.  The reason for this?  I was in the process of making quinoa balls (recipe to come) to take to Vegas next week and needed chocolate chips for them.  We’re almost out of semi-sweet and I needed a full cup, and I found the bittersweet ones in the cupboard from forever ago.  I’ve been intending to use them for ganache on a cake, but clearly that isn’t happening anytime soon.



The quinoa balls, as a teaser.  🙂


I then went to ballet and didn’t get my butt kicked quite as hard.  This is either because it was my third class back or because they had actually turned the air on.  Or both.  Either way it wasn’t quite as bad.  I’ve also been much better for the last week at stretching and working on getting my extension back, so I’m hoping I see results from that soon.


Tonight we finished off the last of the pesto pasta but added a couple of salmon patties to it since we had already eaten all the shrimp out.  This was a perfect way to make sure there was protein in the meal while finishing off leftovers.


Since we’re leaving on Sunday for one last summer vacation in Vegas, we’re trying to eat up the leftovers or things that will spoil.

We had a salad tossed with some shredded cheese and ranch with the leftover pasta:


In other news, I just received samples of three different types of cereal from Attune Foods.  I’m planning to review them on the blog after our Vegas vacation, so stay tuned!


And last but definitely not least, Mat and just each bought a month’s worth of unlimited CrossFit classes through LivingSocial/Amazon.  A friend of mine from college and fellow teacher shared it with me via Facebook this morning because I’d been talking about trying it.  We’ll probably wait until after the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 7th to use it, but I’m excited!  Scared, but excited.  🙂  Once we start going, I will definitely be posting about it.  🙂

Mat has another early morning, so we’ll be off to bed soon.  Good night!

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Our New Toy

Yesterday, after my 5 mile run and posting about our rehearsal and wedding day, Mat and I went over to the mall to return a wedding gift and get him new running shoes at the New Balance store.  I’m a terrible running blogger because I totally could have taken pictures, but as usual, I fail.  However, my excuse here is that I’m just now starting to get my blogging rhythm back.  That’s a good excuse, right?

After getting Mat’s shoes (and by the way, the New Balance store is awesome), we went to the Apple store.  And we got a new toy.

Yep.  We treated ourselves to an iPad 3.  😀

What’s really cool is that Apple offers education deals to teachers and students.  Being a teacher means we got a $50 gift card to use on apps.  I’m thinking about getting a $20 app that I can use at school to control my computer screen from the iPad.  This means I can teach a lesson digitally while walking around the room.  It will help a lot in keeping my students’ attention.  And it will be fun!

It didn’t take long to personalize it a bit:

the lock screen

home screen 1

home screen 2

In the little bit we’ve played, we love it.  I’ve played with it more than Mat has, but that’s because he’s been trying to get homework done.  I went shopping for free in the iBook store and downloaded several classic novels.  I’m thinking of buying the latest Jodi Picoult book on it so I can read it when we go to Vegas in a few weeks while Mat reads on his Kindle.

On an unrelated note, I found this amusing on a friend’s Facebook wall:

it’s so true

Today’s agenda, now that it’s already 1:30 and we’ve gone to church and Costco: Mat goes to work at 3 and I’m hoping to crank out a bunch of wedding thank you notes.  And make a quiche, complete with homemade crust, for dinner.  Tomorrow’s agenda? DISNEYLAND!!!  And California Adventure of fourse.  😀