Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

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Chocolate Wasted

Chocolate wasted is how I would describe myself lately.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON.  I keep craving chocolate and just NEED it now.

Stress?  Lack of sleep?  Yes, always.  But the last week has been particularly bad (money issues).  At Misty and P.K.’s wedding yesterday I grabbed a bunch of chocolate from the candy bar.  I ate a bunch yesterday along with chocolate cake.  We came home and had ice cream.

Today I had cereal for lunch (and coffee).



Notice our new placemats?  🙂

At some point a couple hours later, I munched on a bunch of leftover candy.


And later, when I realized I should probably eat something else that was “real” since dinner wouldn’t be until Mat gets home around 8:30, I had a banana with almond butter and couldn’t resist adding chocolate chips.


What the heck is going on with me?

A few minutes before writing this post, I had a few MORE  m n m’s.  It’s like I can’t stop until I just finish the dang things.  Which, sadly, is very likely to happen.

Do you ever have days where you have ridiculous cravings?  (Please say yes…tell me I’m not alone!)


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Starving Afternoon

When I got home from work this afternoon, I was STARVING.  I’m not sure if it was the 1-mile run I pushed myself on with the dance kids today or the fact that I just had cereal for breakfast or both, but I knew I needed FOOD.  Normally I try to keep my afternoon snacks pretty small, but not today.

Banana with almond butter and some chocolate chips:


Speaking of that run, subtract 8 seconds from this time because my thumb missed the stop button 🙂


That’s right!  My mile time went from 8:32 two weeks ago to 8:16 last week to 8:00 today!  Woohoo!!  I wish I hadn’t missed the button, but it’s hard to hit it when you’re just finishing a run.  I know it was 8:00 though because I was looking at it as I crossed the line.

The kids are getting faster and stronger too.  I’m so proud of them!

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Leftover Pizza


For breakfast this morning I made a sandwich with whole wheat pancakes and almond butter.  It was so fun!


I love how all the pictures I manage to take at work have math things in the background.  🙂

Speaking of work, I got home yesterday and discovered that I had left my lunch tote and coffee tumbler on my file cabinet.


Luckily it was still there this morning.  It was also lucky that I had a spare tumbler at home!


Tonight’s dinner was leftover pizza from last Saturday night.  And salad.  And red wine.



I think I’m going to try and drag my butt out of bed at 5 again tomorrow, even though it’s Saturday.  When I did that last week it was SO much nicer than previous times when I’d gotten up at wish and then the sun came out and made me want to cry.  Yes, I can survive running in the heat, but I really don’t like it.  I just don’t.  If I’m already tired and having to make myself get out the door, I may as well do it in conditions that help me to really enjoy it.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to my Kappa big sis’s bridal shower!  Woohoo!!!

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Snack and the Fitmixer Photo Challenge

Today was dance production’s running day.  I ran with them like last week and was proud to find that I ran it in 8:16.  That ws 17 seconds faster than last week!  I think it was because I didn’t feel the need to hold back as much.  Last week was the first time I’d run the track as a teacher and felt a little weird, and it was also hot and I didn’t want to push it.  Today I really wanted to beat my time, and boy did I beat it!  Now the challenge is to get below 8 minutes!  I’m hoping this will help me PR again in the Long Beach Half on October 7th.

I was hungry when I got home, and I’m still planning on going to ballet tonight, so I had a couple of pancakes and spread almond butter on one.  I usually have pretty small after-work snacks, but today I just felt like I needed more.


It definitely hit the spot.

This morning I posted on yesterday’s Fitmixer photo challenge.  Today’s challenge was to take a picture of your least favorite muscle.  For me, that would be my calves, hands down.  I feel like they’re huge and gross.



So there you go.  By posting this picture I’m trying to face my self-consciousness about my calves.  Yay me??

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Sunday Morning

We realized this morning that today was the first time since we moved here in January that we slept in and made pancakes for breakfast.  It’s one of those “cliche” things I’ve always wanted to do but we never can: Mat works every Saturday morning and we usually are up early for church on Sunday and then he has to work in the afternoon (and in between has to do homework or something).  Today we were going to go to church here in Irvine, but the service we like is at 8 am and since both of us really needed to catch up on some sleep, we decided to just sleep in instead.

And make pancakes.  Whole wheat buttermilk pancakes.  And eggs.  Mmmmm


I put peanut butter on one pancake, almond butter on another, and that lonely one in the picture got syrup poured all over it later.  On my eggs I did half fresh salsa and half ketchup/hot sauce.  Clearly I was indecisive this morning.  🙂

And of course I had coffee.  Goes without saying.

Soon I’m leaving to go hang out with Steph for the day.  We haven’t had girl time in forever and I haven’t seen her new apartment at all and she’s lived there since June.  I love 3-day weekends – so much more time to do the things you want to do!

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Today Was a Fun One

This morning at church, the choir that my mom and aunt sang in while in high school (they both grew up in that church – it’s definitely been in our family!) had a reunion.  It started through Facebook (naturally) several months ago, and it was amazing how many former choir members showed up.  Some flew in, some drove in from far, they stayed at a nearby hotel, and they had a big reunion weekend.

The choir was called “Humneo” which is Greek for “sing praises.”  It started in 1971 and toured various areas of the country in a school bus over the next 10 years.  I knew it was a big deal for my mom and my aunt, but I never realized until today just how much it was a part of their lives.

The choir members not only went out for drinks at the hotel on Friday night and rehearsed on Saturday afternoon, but they also got to church early today to practice more.  One of the coolest things while listening to them sing, besides seeing how happy they all were, was realizing that the songs I sang when I was a little kid in the choir were from Humneo.  That really took me back and was just so unbelievably cool.

Some photos from this morning:



the women in the center wearing the black/white shirt directed the children’s choir when i was a kid



that’s my mom with the pastor who started the church back in 1960. his daughter and my mom were really close friends.




When I got home I wolfed down some cereal and finished my coffee before I finished straigtening up for Diana to come over.



At 1:00, my good friend and sorority sister Diana came over for some quality girl time.  We had some wine and quinoa salad for lunch:

this is not my portion, it’s the serving bowl.  i also forgot to take a picture of my wine. what can i say, when i’m having a good time with friends i sort of forget the pictures.

Diana and I had a fabulous time just hanging out and chatting.  I made chocolate lava cookies, but Diana was feeling up to dessert so she took hers to-go when she left around 8.  I love hanging out with Diana and wish I could do it more often.  Sometimes being an adult and having to work is so annoying!


I had a banana with almond butter for dinner, along with a lava cookie (with vanilla bean ice cream, Hershey’s, and a few extra chocolate chips):



And now I find myself NOT in bed at 10 pm on a Sunday night like I should be.  I’m afraid it’s going to be a rather tough week since I haven’t had a 5 day week with students since June.  I’m not used to needing that much energy!  Fortunately there’s a 3-day weekend to look forward to though!

Time to unwind for bed, and try not to think about the fact that Mat is still at work.  😦  Another reason I’m not a fan of Sunday nights.

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Our Friday Dinner Lately

I was starving when I got home from work this afternoon, so I sliced an apple and had it with almond butter:

I still felt empty after that, but I wanted to wait until dinner.  We’re both trying to be healthier and not eat more than necessary.  I also have to just deal with being hungry until my body gets used to the work schedule again.


I believe this is the 4th week in a row we’ve made eggs for dinner.  We tend to do eggs when we either 1) are too lazy to go get pizza 2) don’t feel like spending money on pizza 3) want to eat healthier than pizza or 4) all of the above.

In case you couldn’t tell, pizza is generally our go-to Friday night dinner.  It comes from the fact that both of us grew up having Friday night pizza and it was always a fun thing that both of our families had the same little tradition (it was one of many similarities between us/our families we discovered when we were first dating).  Pizza is a nostalgic thing.

But sometimes we want to switch things up.  Eggs is a favorite.  Heck, any breakfast for dinner is a favorite, eggs is just the easiest and the thing where you already have the ingredients.

I think Mat makes better eggs that me (I’m not sure why, scrambled eggs are hard to mess up, but there’s just something about his that I think are better.  So, I kind of make ask him to do it.  🙂

He starts with onions, bell peppers, broccoli, and when those have cooked a little adds some spinach:


Then the eggs get added and it’s all scrambled together:




Easy and yummy!

I had mine slathered in ketchup/hot sauce with two pieces of buttermilk bread toast (I was halfway through eating when I discovered the picture):


We finished off the honeydew also:


We watched Boy Meets World on DVD during dinner (another Friday tradition from growing up: eat in front of the tube).  For dessert, port wine and chocolate along with more Boy Meets World:


I have another 10 miler planned for the morning (and hopefully back up to 14 next week) and then need to get some things done for work before we hit the mall to get Mat some clothes.  I’m crossing my fingers the sun doesn’t come out too early tomorrow!