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Some Days Just Aren’t Running Days

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I don’t get it.  Last week I ran 21 miles with out music and felt pretty darn good.  Then this morning I ran only 14 miles and felt like crap.

I woke up just not in the mood AT ALL.  I generally have to force myself out these days, but today I was just not feeling it at all, physically or mentally.  I took forever getting out the door and was immediately greeted with unseasonably warm temperatures.  Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather and it’s one of the many reasons we’re trying to buy a house in one of the most expensive areas of the country.  But when it comes out of the blue it’s not fun.



This is of course later than when I ran, but it still shows how much warmer it suddenly became (and how cold it’s expected to get in comparison).  I ended up ditching my jacket a mile and a half into the run.  Since the first few miles took me in a small loop around home, I was able to have Mat come out and take the jacket from me so I didn’t have to deal with it around my waist the whole time.

The whole run was rather ugh.  I had to walk quite a bit and even stop to catch my breath and rest.  I mean seriously, these splits are pathetic.


I guess not every run can be a good one, right?  Just gotta shake it off and remember that I have one more really long one next Saturday and then it’s already taper time!

Another way to shake it off is to be excited about our Valentine’s date night tonight!  With the new Kate Spade purse and earrings!

What do you do when your workouts don’t go as planned?


Author: Melissa

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