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Out for Valentine’s at Seasons 52

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Back at Christmas, my parents gave us a gift card for Seasons 52.  It’s a unique restaurant at South Coast Plaza that serves a lot of organic dishes.  The menu changes with the seasons, and the specials change every week (hence the 52 in the name).  We’ve been once before, almost 2 years ago, but because it’s not cheap it’s not a place we regularly visit.  So, when we got the gift card we decided to save it for something special.

Your first married Valentine’s is special, right?  Right.

I was also very excited to wear my new earrings (that you can’t see in this picture) and use my new purse!

ready to go

We each had a glass of wine.  I chose a pinot gris that was light and refreshing.



We shared a garlic chicken flatbread and an organic baby spinach salad to start.  The salad had pears, pine nuts, and gorgonzola cheese and was delicious.














They split the salad for us which was nice.



For my entree, I ordered the jumbo shrimp with penne pasta.  It wasn’t a very big portion, (another nice thing about this restaurant) so I ate every last bite.



All of the entrees are under 475 calories.  That’s unheard of!  Granted, when you add in wine, flatbread, salad, and dessert, the calorie count goes up quite a bit.  But hey, if the entree is that low I’m a happy camper!

Speaking of desserts, Seasons 52 is awesome in that they offer a variety of miniature desserts.  They bring a tray with every selection to your table and let you pick whatever ones you want.  We had 4 of them: mocha, chocolate peanut butter, rocky road, and pecan pie.



I love how this photo shows the progression as we ate them.  🙂

I cannot tell a lie…I ate most of them.  But I ran 14 miles today despite being super tired and run down so it’s ok.

Finally having a date night was AMAZING.  Being married is lovely, but finding yourself just going through the motions, doing the dishes, trying to keep the house clean, dealing with the stress of buying a house, etc etc etc is not so lovely.  Having date nights is so important.  My new goal is to make them a regular thing, even if it’s just a simple inexpensive dinner.

How often do you have date nights?


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