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Celebrating V-Day

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It’s that lovely (haha, get it?!) day of February when love is in the air.  To be honest, the teacher Melissa is not much of a fan.  Students are beyond hyper all day and the school looks like it threw up pink and red balloons, flowers, and candy.  It’s annoying.

But the non-teacher Melissa enjoys the holiday.  I’m not a huge sap when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but it’s a nice reason to buy your special someone a little something and celebrate.

For our first married Valentine’s Day, we actually aren’t going anything special.  It’s always so crowded at restaurants on the actual day, so we opted to enjoy a relaxing evening out this Saturday instead.  I’ll be sure to post about it!

At the moment, the plan is to take a walk and perhaps enjoy some half off Starbucks thanks to this little beauty.

starbucks coupon

We also have gifts to give each other.  😀  A girl always loves gifts on Valentine’s Day!

Ooh and guess what else?  My Kate Spade purse should arrive!



Oh heck yes!  It should be a good day!


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?


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One thought on “Celebrating V-Day

  1. Todd and I will be going out on Saturday too. I’m thinking a lot of people probably will. I wish you the best of luck on beating the crowds and having a nice relaxing evening. 🙂

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