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New Toys!

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I got new toys yesterday!

Ok well, I got one new toy and am borrowing another new toy.

Here’s mine.

new bic band

New Bic Band for the  marathon!

Since the marathon is on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m going to join what will likely be thousands of other runners and represent the green.

That means I had to have a new headband, right?


The toy I’m borrowing is this lovely little thing.


Yep, that’s right!  It’s a REAL camera!  My mom-in-law has graciously let us borrow it for a while.  And let me tell you, what a difference a good camera makes when you’re taking pictures of food!  (Or of anything, but I really really like food).

If you don’t believe me, just compare the chicken piccata post from Saturday night with the crock pot lasagna soup post from last night.

All my posts up until last night (as well as this one) had pictures from my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, iPhones take some dang good pictures nowadays, but a real camera is always better.

And it’s super stinking fun, too.  I’ve taken approximately 5837037000 pictures of my cat already.


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