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I Ran 21 Miles Today

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Today I did something that my old ballerina self would have never thought possible: I ran 21 miles.

Like 2 weeks ago when I ran 20 miles, I got up at 6 so I would have time to eat and wake up.  And use the bathroom, of course.

I ate the same bread with peanut butter pre-run snack.

pre-run snack

And I went to the same beach where I ran my 19 miler and 20 miler.

I ran almost 2.5 miles to the wedge and stopped for some photos.  I mean, come on, if you live 15 minutes from the beach and have the chance to run it anytime you want, you have to take pictures, right?

wedge view 1

wedge view 2

wedge view 3

I guess the other side of that argument would be that if you live close enough to the beach that you can go whenever you want you have no need to take pictures, but whatever.  I digress.

This run felt surprisingly good overall.  For being terrified of it and incredibly lazy this morning, on top of bleh runs in general lately, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how good I felt throughout.  I still took walk breaks, but I actually ran the first 8 miles or so straight minus stopping for my photo op at the wedge.

Speaking of the wedge, the highlight of my run (except for finishing it) happened there.  I saw 3 corgis.  And I got to pet them!  OMG SO STINKING CUTE.

I didn’t take pictures with of them because I figured it would have been creepy to ask their owners if I could.  But ohmygoodness I want a corgi.

So anyways, I ran and ran and ran.  I ran the piers today each time I passed them and discovered that running the pier is roughly .4 miles.  That was basically awesome because it cut down on the actual coastal distance I had to cover.  Plus, it was really nice to run with the water literally underneath my feet.

When my Garmin read 13.35 I stopped to snap some photos before turning around to head back to my car.

13.35 view 3

13.35 view 2

13.35 view 1

Smiling normally.

13.35 1

Smiling creepily.

13.35 2

Did I mention I ran the whole 21 miles without music?  I did.  It just sort of happened that way.  When I first parked it was so quiet and peaceful that I decided to just enjoy it and turn the music on later.  And then I zoned out and just never turned it on.  It was actually really nice.  I was able to enjoy listening to the water and just be zen.

When I finished the 21 miles I was SOOOO proud of myself.  I snapped more photos.


done view 3

happy to be done

done view 2

done view 1


When I got home it was protein shake time.  This one was a scoop of chocolate protein powder with chocolate coconut water.  And guess what?  My hubby had it all ready in the fridge for me.  (He also did a crapton of cleaning today so I wouldn’t have to.  I love this man).

protein shake

After a shower and foam rolling, real food was a banana that I scarfed down and overnight oats with coffee.



Food never tasted so good!


To quote Chef Katelyn, how did you sweat dirty today?


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