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Dinner With Friends

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Tonight we had the pleasure of going to dinner with my bestie Steph and her boyfriend John.  We decided on BJ’s for their amazing pizza and pizookies.

steph and john

mat and i

I started with a glass of moscato, except they were out of wine glasses so they served it in an ale glass.  🙂

wine in an ale glass

You can just barely see where it says ale.

I also took a picture with the pepper shaker.

wine and pepper

This is why.

pepper napkin

John was sprinkling salt on his napkin so it wouldn’t stick to the glass, so Steph decided to use pepper instead.  Totally logical.

Mat and I shared a caesar salad, and John ordered one also.  He tried to give Steph a bite, and this is what happened.

steph hates lettuce

She doesn’t eat green things except broccoli and spinach when it’s cooked and on pizza or something.

We enjoyed pizza for dinner.  Steph had barbecue chicken, John had a combo, and we had sausage with roasted red peppers.


That’s Steph’s pizza.  Ours was eaten too fast.  😉

Perhaps one of the best things at BJ’s is the dessert.  They’re famous for their pizookies, which are fresh from the oven cookies topped with ice cream.


That was the party size pizookie, which is the size of a large pizza.

We destroyed it.

gone pizookie

It was a fantastic meal and a wonderful time with good friends.  If we hadn’t been getting tired and if I didn’t have to run LONG in the morning, we could have easily stayed and kept chatting.  Good times!

How was your Friday night?


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