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I Ran on the Treadmill Today

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If you live in SoCal, you know about the guy who killed two people in Irvine on Sunday night.  And if you live in SoCal, you know that stuff like that doesn’t generally happen in Irvine.  It’s scary.

So this morning I ran on the treadmill.  (By the way…I don’t like treadmills).

I got to our apartment complex’s little gym just in time.  There are only 2 treadmills in there and one was already being used.  Right after I claimed the second one an older couple (who I saw in there walking on both treadmills once early in the morning last year) came in.

This run was NOT very pleasant.  I had to take a water break twice to give myself a breather and I also had to walk a little.  I pulled something in my right inner thigh the other day that made running less than comfortable.  And of course, I had the general fatigue that I’ve been having.  Nevertheless, I made it the whole 5 miles running and walking a little.  While watching Toddlers and Tiaras on Netflix on the iPad.  Don’t judge.  😉



I really hope that by next week I won’t feel the need to run the treadmill.  It’s just too boring.  And if I do have to, I think I’ll try this treadmill roulette run.  I think it would be a great way to mix it up and keep me from getting bored.  Lord knows I get bored on them.  And extra sweaty because there’s no air flow in there.  Blah.


Treadmill runs – yay or nay?


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