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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Dancing Bollywood Style

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The time has come where I finally have to start teaching myself the Bollywood dance that the kids are going to be doing for an assembly at the end of the year.  You might wonder why I have to start it now, and I have an answer: there’s still a regular sports assembly plus the big dance concert coming up before both of those.  So, we’re busy.

Busy, always busy.  I really do wish I could be busy with things that are more for me.  But then again, I imagine that’s how most of us feel.

This is the Jai Ho instructional video that our administrator wants me to use to teach the dance.  It’s actually a lot less complicated than I thought.  I honestly like this Jai Ho version better, but I think it would be too difficult to teach in the time that I have.

Don’t you just love the costumes though?



So much fun!

There’s a possibility that I’ll be dancing with them, but I haven’t decided yet.  I love performing and have always wanted to learn Bollywood, but I’m also a teacher.  The administrator in charge of the assembly said I could do it, but I’m still on the fence.  Luckily I still have time to decide!

And now for a question.

What do you do when you don’t feel appreciated at work?  I ask this in reference to students, not staff.  So, fellow teachers, advice?


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