Dancing for Food

Overcoming the ballet body image.

Just an Ordinary Day

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Nothing special happened today.  I did my 5 am 5 mile run and immediately cuddled the kitty when I got back.  She can be such a snuggle kitty sometimes!

snuggle kittyWhen I got back from my run I also had a mini protein shake, got ready for work, went to work and had my usual cottage cheese, and taught my classes.



Lunch was my usual pb&j with an apple pear.  I also snacked on a mini Clif Bar between periods 2 and 3.  Now that I have lunch later (which I actually prefer) and am running more, I NEED mid-morning snacks!

Dance practice was successful and productive and fun.  That’s exactly what you need when you have a pep rally on Friday!

Dinner was leftover shrimp barley stuff and roasted Brussels sprouts.



That’s actually Mat’s plate because I doused mine in parmesan cheese to the point where you couldn’t see that actual food.  First world problems.

Was your day ordinary or out of the ordinary?


Author: Melissa

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