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Surf City Half Marathon 2013

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Today we ran the Surf City Half Marathon for the second year in a row.  This is my second race in the Beach Cities Challenge, so in May when I complete the OC Half I’ll receive my second Beach Cities Challenge medal.  Yay!

I went into this race nervous about being able to complete it without feeling horrible.  I was nervous last night and as a result neither of us got more than about 4 hours of sleep.  And yet, we still managed to finish in 2:10.

We woke up at 4ish and I had a pre-race snack of graham cracker with peanut butter and a little bit of coffee.

pre race snack

We wandered into the expo tent when we got there because it was COLD outside and we were super early.

inside tent


waiting in tent


After the required visit to the porta potties, it was time to go outside and find our corral.

start line


waiting at start

I was in the corral for a finish time of 2:00-2:05.  Mat was up higher with a projected finish of 1:50ish, but because of his knee lately we decided to start together.  We were able to run most of the race together except for a few times when he dropped back to walk.  I would keep running, and then a few minutes later he would catch up to me.  I seriously don’t know how he does it.  Well actually I do.  He sprints.

I walked with him a couple times and also stopped on the side to stretch out my own IT band once.  I got through 20 miles last weekend fine, but it was feeling a little stiff today and I hadn’t brought the strap.  I kept reminding myself that I was not in this race to PR or to push myself.  I’m still training for my first full, and with 21 miles scheduled for this coming Saturday it’s not the time to go all out.  Today was a perfect example of trying to run smarter, not harder.

We crossed the finish together in 2:10.  Yeah it’s 5 minutes slower than my best, but I’m still happy.  Considering how my runs have been lately I had a very good race.  I actually felt fairly strong by the end and almost felt like I could keep going.  I’ll take it!

We were happy to be done, especially Mat because of his knee.  I seriously don’t know how he did it – the most he’s run in the last month is 3 miles because of severe IT band pain.  Yet he ran most of the race.  (He’s paying for it tonight though :-/).

post race


And this medal signals one more race needed to earn my SECOND Beach Cities Challenge!  Woo!

When we got home, I had much deserved overnight oats and a banana.  I also finished my coffee from the morning.

post race food


Today’s overnight oats were ESPECIALLY good.  I had an almost empty jar of dark chocolate dreams peanut butter, so I used that.  I added a little over 1/2 cup oats, chocolate chips, chocolate protein powder, flaxseed, and milk last night.  Before eating it I added granola.  SO.  GOOD.  Chocolately goodness post-race?  Yes please!

dark chocolate oats


After going to see a house (we liked the inside but not the outside, so we decided to pass on it), it was time to “watch the Super Bowl” with Steph.  In other words, eat junk and chat.  Not bad for a Sunday!

What did you do this weekend?

When do you eat your chocolate?


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