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Overcoming the ballet body image.

Starbucks, Pizza, and Ice Cream. My Kind of Friday.

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This morning, the cat decided to walk on me.

We’ve been letting Oakley sleep in our bed, and it’s usually fine.  Last night, however, she decided to move around which woke Mat up.  He turned over, which woke her up more.  She then started attacking his feet through the blankets.  At some point during all of that she decided to start walking on top of me which naturally woke me up.

Upon waking up, I realized I had to pee.  So I did.  When I came back to bed, she kept crawling on me.  I decided to ignore her because I was pretty tired.  A couple minutes later I felt/heard a THUD by my head.  She had jumped from who knows where onto the spot right between our heads.  Weirdo.

I think at that point I put her back at the foot of the bed, and dozed off a bit until Mat’s alarm went off at 5.  Since she went out with him I was able to sleep for another hour at that point.

It was honestly more funny than anything else.  She’s a sweetie so I can’t be mad.

But now on to the more exciting things of this post: coffee and food.


I was long overdue for Starbucks, so I more than made up for it with a venti java chip frappuccino (light and sugar free of course).


With it I had my usual cottage cheese and granola.  I generally use low-fat granola from Trader Joe’s, but when I made the grocerty list for Mat today I put vanilla almond granola.  It’s not as healthy, but it’s so darn good and I haven’t had it in ages.


Lunch was nothing special – apple and half a pb&j.  What can I say, I’m a creature of habit.

Today we celebrated a birthday in dance production.  Josh turned 16.  We had surprise cake and ice cream at the end of practice.


I actually didn’t have any cake, but I did have a little chocolate ice cream.  I can’t stay away from chocolate.  Ever.

After a massive Costco run this afternoon, we finally settled in to our usual Friday night pizza.  We’re both sick of salad right now, so we steamed zucchini instead.

That’s my plate before covering it in parmesan cheese, having seconds on zucchini (also covered in parmesan), and a second piece of pizza.  Covered in parmesan, obviously.  I also ate Mat’s crusts because I always do.  It’s a thing.  I’ll tell you about it sometime.

Oh and then after the pizza we had ice cream and girl scout cookies.  I think I have a problem.


I’m not running tomorrow morning.  (Insert gasp here).  But it’s because I’m running the Surf City Half Marathon
on Sunday!  And then after that Steph is coming over to eat junk food watch the Super Bowl with us.  Should be fun!

What are you doing this weekend?



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