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Today I discovered a fun new social media platform called Swipp. Basically, it’s a place where you can share what you think about something. It could be food, places, activities, music, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

I played around on the app a little bit today. I typed in a few topics: chocolate (naturally the first thing that came to mind), Starbucks, blogging, and maynonnaise (I needed at least one thing I don’t like) and then rated them.

The rating system ranges from -5 to +5. I gave chocolate, Starbucks, and blogging a score of +5 and mayonnaise a -5 (I can’t stand the stuff). I then started playing with the “explore” button at the bottom right. It gives you a listing of various topics that are trending on the app. That’s where I found dark chocolate. By tapping it I was taken to another screen where I could rate it myself. I gave it a +5, of course.

I went back to the explore screen just now and got these topics:

There’s also a “stream” feature that functions similarly to the Facebook news feed.

It seems that you can create your own topics if no one else has. The whole idea is to share what you think with the world to “understand the world better and make smarter choices.” (source).

Overall, I think it’s a fun app. I only played around on it for a few minutes, but I think I could get into it. The only drawbacks I see at the moment are that it’s only available on the Apple App Store right now. If you don’t have an iPhone, you’d have to use the web version. You also have to use Facebook to log in.

Go check it out! It’s fun! And follow them on Twitter: @getswipp.

Note: Swipp did not compensate or ask me to write this review. I reviewed the app independently.


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