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Marathon Training Check-In

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There’s less than 2 months now until the LA Marathon. My longest run so far has been 19 miles and I did my first pre-work 8 miler last Wednesday. This morning I ran 5, and tomorrow will be my second pre-work 8 miler. I’m nervous for it, but knowing that I accomplished it last week and then managed 19 miles on Saturday helps my confidence. The hardest part is getting out of my warm bed when it’s cold.

I’ve definitely hit a running slump lately, which I’m pretty sure has made its way to the blog. Is frustrating, and to say it’s bad timing is an understatement. I just keep telling myself that I CAN do it and that I’ll be a stronger person for it.

I ended dance practice early today because we didn’t have everyone there (or the right version of the music) and it’s also finals week. I got home around 4, prepped lunches for tomorrow and veggies to cook for dinner, and then finally sat down to catch up on blog reading and email. This little girl had been meowing all afternoon for lap time, so she was a happy kitty.


For dinner we had leftover Gouda mac and cheese and sautéed broccoli leaves and kale from Alegria Fresh. We threw some broccoli in also because we have a lot in the fridge right now and I hate seeing it go to waste.

Don’t judge how much mac and cheese I can put away.

The greens were really good. We only used olive oil, garlic, onion, and a little salt and pepper. We’d never had broccoli leaves like that before. I love trying new veggies!

My computer is going back to Apple tomorrow. Hopefully I can be back up and running and blogging for real before too long!


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