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Three Day Weekends Make My Day

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Today I have enjoyed a lovely day off of work. I woke up around 8 and was rather lazy for a while. Mat left for the farm around 9:45 and I finally ate cereal for breakfast.

I know, I eat large bowls of cereal.

I bought an external hard drive from Costco on Friday, so today I took it to TechRoom where my computer has been for the past week and a half so they could transfer the data they saved. I have to say, the people at TechRoom are amazing. They were able to rescue everything off my hard drive even though it was almost dead. It wasn’t cheap ($300 plus having to buy the external drive) but I’m thankful to not have lost anything.

They called me a few hours later and I went back to pick everything up. I got the old hard drive back, the new one with the data, and my now hard drive-less computer. Now I just need to figure out when I’m going to take the old drive and computer back to Apple to be repaired.

Don’t mind the kitty paw in the picture.

I finally got around to lunch around 4 pm. I had an apple pear and cottage cheese with Greek yogurt, granola, and honey.

Oakley enjoyed the sun this morning.

Silly kitty.

I’m thinking about doing the Dumbo Double Dare. It looks so fun! The only downside is it’s not cheap. Hmm…

Did you have a three day weekend? How was it?


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