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19 Beachy Miles

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This morning I drove down to Newport Beach for my long run. I desperately needed a change of scenery and figured the beach was a good place to get that.

I parked in the neighborhood where it was free (thankfully it’s winter so there was actually parking available). I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and therefore dilly dallied a lot including after I parked. Once I got going I was ok, I guess. I went roughly 3 miles and got to what’s called the wedge where I stopped to snap this photo.

At that point I decided to just enjoy the run, even though I’ve been having a really hard time with motivation lately. If I had to walk, I would walk and not worry about it.
I headed back down the boardwalk and also went up and down the Balboa pier. I walked at miles 4 and 8, dropped my jacket at my car around mile 5, and fueled at mile 8. By mile 8 I had reached the far other end of the beach. So, back I went, stopping to refill my water. I got all the way back to the wedge by mile 13 or so having ran up/down both the Newport and Balboa piers. (I paused at mile 10 for water and walked a bit at mile 12).

By mile 15.5, I was near the Balboa pier again and before going up/down it I stopped at the bathroom, filled my water again, and fueled again. I walked a bit at mile 17 and that was when my legs, particularly my right knee, started to get really stiff. I knew that if I didn’t start running again I wouldn’t be able to. I started up a slow jog (my knee was SUPER stiff) went up and down the Newport pier one last time, and at that point had hit mile 18. I ran back down the boardwalk toward the street where my car was, went past it by 2 blocks, and then turned back and ran to that street again. I turned down that street and hit mile 19 almost immediately. I stopped, breathed a sigh of relief, and snapped this picture.

I can’t believe I did it. Especially after having another anxiety attack last night and a slow, unmotivated morning. I even have a sunburn to show for it. 🙂

Walking the last block to my car was not easy. My right leg was stupidly stiff so I was moving slow. I stretched out a bit before easing to my car and thoroughly enjoyed the drive home (I was sitting so I was happy!).

Once I was home I had a protein shake, showered, cleaned, and had a banana (unpictured) and overnight oats.


Dinner was steamed Brussels sprouts and smoked Gouda mac and cheese. We used fusilli pasta and subbed smoked paprika for the regular stuff because we only had smoked. We also omitted the Dijon mustard because we were out.

Honestly, I think those changes were for the best because it was AMAZING.


Now we’re snuggling up on the couch to watch Big Bang Theory (of course) and eat Yogurtland. A great, MUCH needed Saturday night at home. 🙂


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

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