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Back to Work

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After three weeks off, 23 days total, I go back to work tomorrow.

Most schools get two weeks off. We get three.

It sounds glorious, and trust me, it is. But it’s also pretty darn hard to go back after that much time off.

It’s especially difficult for me these days with all the other things going on in my life. I haven’t shared these things here and don’t know if/when I will. Let’s just say that my job contributes to those things in a bit so positive way.

But onto more interesting things. This morning we went to church at home and had our picture taken for the new directory. My dad is doing the pictures which is kinda cool. We then went on a search for flu shots which was unsuccessful. Hopefully we can get them sometime this week.

We got around to breakfast close to noon. Scrambled eggs and toast (and ketchup!) for this girl.

Besides a few chores, I spent the day browsing bridal shower invitations for my college roomie and reading.

I had a snack of pumpkin bread with pumpkin cream cheese and a pear but forgot to take a picture.

Tonight we kept it simple with spaghetti and salad using greens from Alegria Fresh. We had some leftover biscuits too. I was good tonight and had two. Unlike last night in which I ate four. 🙂


That parsley is also from Alegria Fresh.

Off to watch yet more Big Bang Theory and then get some sleep. Have a great night!


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