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Home Again

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We’re back from Solvang and it’s sad. We love it up there. For those who don’t know, it’s just inland from the coast in central California. It’s about 40 minutes north of Santa Barbara, which is about 2-3 hours north of Los Angeles. The town itself is only about 2.5 square miles and is full of shops and wine tasting rooms. Since we’ve gone up there nearly every year for the past 4, we’ve noticed a lot of turnaround with the shops. But, it never fails to be incredibly fun and relaxing.

Our wine fridge was looking pretty bare before the trip. It’s still bare now but it’s definitely better.

We came home with 4 bottles. We could have bought plenty more but we restrained ourselves. Sometime we’ll have to go up there and have a good chunk of money set aside just I buy wine to come home with. Nothing beats a good glass of wine. 🙂

If I was on my computer I’d share pictures of the town, but sadly all I have for blogging is the iPad/iPhone still so I only have a few phone pictures. I’ll have to make up for that later! I’m taking my computer to the data recovery people tomorrow so fingers crossed!

Back to getting home from vacation, someone was very relieved to see us.

My sister came over to feed her while we were gone, but she definitely missed mom and dad. She was super needy when we got home and tried to sit on my lap while I rode my little bike.

Dinner came together easily using leftovers from before we left. We reheated the sweet potato/bean/quinoa stir fry and made a salad on the side. Topped with Greek yogurt and hot sauce.

For dessert we shared this awesome little chocolate bar we saw as we were buying groceries this afternoon. The flash on iPhone was being dumb, but that is cookie butter (like peanut butter but crushed cookies) inside dark chocolate. 😀

And now we’re enjoying decaf Christmas blend coffee with our chocolate, watching some tv, and reading. I have three books going, this one being the newest.

I’m super excited to keep reading it and, more importantly, put it to use. I’ve been intrigued about it for a while ever since reading about it on Meals and Miles

Question of the Day
Do you go on winter vacations? Where’s your favorite place to go?


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