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Errands Galore

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After my 4.5 mile run this morning, which went ok, I enjoyed oatmeal with peanut butter and honey and an (unpictured) pear. And coffee, naturally. Also unpictured, apparently.

The cat threw up this morning and I was worried about her, but then later she was acting totally normal.

Yep. Totally normal.

I then set off to run a ton of errands. First was Smart & Final in search of the blue gloves for washing dishes that my mom likes. Figures they didn’t have them, but I still got gloves. Hopefully they work ok. I also got more sugar cubes since we were running low. At least I avoided a trip to another grocery store!

Then it was off to another store to do a return. With the store credit I got a ton of fun stuff. Look! 😀

Not the background stuff though. I’m excited to grow the herbs we got from Mat’s parents for Christmas and then chop them in the herb mill. And make homemade salad dressing. 🙂

Next was Costco, Target, and Petsmart. After that I went to a nutrition store to look for Cliff shot blocks or gels. They didn’t have them, but they said they would order them and I can come back next week. Until then I’ll try to find something else for this Saturday’s 17 miler. After my icky 16 miler last weekend, I knew I needed some sort of fuel on future long runs.

When I got home I needed a cookie. Obviously.

And I’m finally lounging and researching Hawaii trips. And watching TV. Vacation is wonderful. 🙂


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