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The First Day of 2013

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Today was certainly a relaxing day. Almost too relaxing. And yes, there is such a thing.

I started off the day and the new year with a 4.5 mile run. I felt pretty fatigued at the beginning, but during the second half I managed to pick up the pace and finished in about 38 minutes.

Breakfast was peanut butter chocolate oatmeal with ground flaxseed and a pear on the side. Coffee was part of breakfast, naturally.


The rest of the day was spent reading books and blogs (I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey right now…finally decided to see what all the fuss was about) and watching the Rose Parade. I had the Rose Bowl on afterward so we could feel like real Americans even though we don’t care about football. At all. Sorry.

Mat played Xbox too.

And by played Xbox I mean totally geeked out. 😀

Eventually it was dinner time, and we reheated some of last night’s cheese fondue. It doesn’t work quite as well the second time.

Dinner was salad and leftover spaghetti soup, except it wasn’t really soup anymore. It looked weird, but it still tasted good!

And with that, it’s time to sit around some more and watch The Lorax. We haven’t seen it and Mat got it for me for Christmas. Bonus: it’s only an hour and a half long which is good for Mat having to work early tomorrow morning.

Happy first day of 2013!


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “The First Day of 2013

  1. Sounds like a perfect start to the New Year!

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