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2013 Goals

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In the spirit of the new year, I’m making a list. Not a list of resolutions, but a list of goals. Some are related to blogging, some to fitness, and some to just general life. I’m hoping that writing them here will help hold me accountable. Here we go!

My 2013 goals, in no particular order:

1. Comment on 3 blogs a day
I got this idea from Carrots ‘n’ Cake. I want and need to increase my presence in the blogging community, and commenting will help me get there.

2. Redesign/self-host my blog
My blog needs a redesign. A real redesign. It also needs to be self-hosted in order to help it grow.

3. Get at least 1000 hits a day.
I’ve had about 23,600 hits this year (well since May when I started this blog), and my best day had 441 hits. I want to make that better! Goals 1 and 2 will hopefully help me get there.

4. Run a sub-2:00 half marathon
I ran my fastest half back in October with a time of 2:05, and I know I can break 2 hours. Hopefully this year I’ll do it!

5. Get stronger
I would like to add strength training to my workout routine. I’m thinking of getting the book The New Rules of Lifting for Women that I first read about on Meals and Miles. I think it will help my running as well as give me a better, stronger body.

6. Buy a house and get our Corgi
This goal might be slightly a cheat since we already started the process, but 2013 is the year it’s going to happen! We want our doggie so we need a house! 🙂

7. Get better
There have been a lot of days where I was unhappy with my job and just things in general. 2013 is the year to make it better. I’m not sure exactly what that will entail yet, but this year I plan to do a lot of thinking and reflecting to figure it out.

Are 7 goals too much? I feel like it’s a reasonable list. I just hope I didn’t forget anything important!

Here’s to a fabulous 2013!


Author: Melissa

Getting healthy - mind, body, and soul.

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