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New Year’s 2013

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We aren’t big party people at all. We’re spending our New Year’s Eve at home just the two of us. So far, it’s been pretty good!

Breakfast this morning was a big bowl of cereal. If I’m not running and not at work, I really enjoy good old cereal and milk. I had coffee too, of course, this time in my new mug from mom-in-law. Thanks mom-in-law! 🙂


We didn’t do much all day and then around 3:00 walked to Target so Mat could use his fun money to buy Xbox points that can be used to buy games.

Eventually we started dinner. Tonight’s dinner was in two parts. Part 1: cheese fondue!







It was delicious! The recipe was simple: 1 cup dry white wine, 1/2 pound each Swiss and gruyere cheeses, 2 tablespoons of flour, and 1/4 teaspoon each salt and nutmeg. Served with sourdough bread, veggies, and apples.

Part 2 was mini pies. We made a sweet potato and bean filling and used the pie crust recipe from a book. They’re so cute!

And so delicious! The mini pie maker was from Mat’s parents for Christmas. Thanks! 🙂

Wine was on the menu too, of course.


And yes, Mat is playing Xbox while I type this. Like I said, total party animals over here!

The rest of the evening will be spent watching The Big Bang Theory, eating cookies, and eventually toasting with champagne while watching the ball drop.

Happy new year everyone!


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