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Poor Computer

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I’m once again blogging from the iPad. My poor MacBook is sick. I took it to the Apple store today and they think it’s a hard drive thing. I have to take it to a place that can back up my data tomorrow (that will be fun to pay for) and then either go back to Apple for the actual repair or have the hard drive people do it. Fortunately, the whole thing will hopefully only cost around $300. Still not something I want to pay for as the Christmas bills hit, but it could be worse. I can live without a computer if I have to, but if I can fix it for a few hundred I want to do it.

Today was spent cleaning up Christmas and cleaning in general. It took a good 4 hours to do. But, now we love in a lovely clean apartment and it feels so good. Hopefully soon that will be upgraded to a house! (Still waiting to hear).

For dinner, we made crock pot spaghetti soup. I altered it a little by using orecchiette pasta instead of spaghetti and using a lot more than the called-for 4 oz, using carrots and a few red/yellow/orange bell pepper pieces instead of green, and omitting the celery. I added extra water because I was using extra pasta, and it came out super thick. The orecchiette pasta puffed up a LOT, so it looked more like sticky stew than soup, but it still tasted great.

We had salad with it, of course.

And now we’re going to finish last night’s cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

and watch yet more Big Bang Theory on DVD. Best. Show. Ever.


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