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IT Band Issues

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My right leg’s IT Band has started acting up.  On today’s 4.5 mile run I started to actually notice it.  I think I started feeling it on the last few runs too, but it was hard to tell.  Thankfully, I’ve been though this before (on my left leg) so I know how to take care of it: ice, stretch, strengthen, and use the IT Band brace in the meantime.  I think since I caught it earlier than last time I’ll be fine to keep running as long as I take care of it in between runs.  Last time I was really diligent about the exercises and icing/stretching and it was better in a week or so and I was able to stop using the brace even on the long runs after a few weeks.

Oh, and according to my new Garmin, my pace was about 8:30/mile today.  Better than yesterday’s 9:00/mile pace!  😀

Besides my morning run, I also went to the doctor for a physical.  I discovered while there that I needed a TDap (tetanus/pertussis aka whooping cough) shot.  Lucky me.  However, it’s important to get the whooping cough vaccine since I’ll be spending time with my baby niece in a few months.  Mat has a physical appointment before the baby comes also, so he can get the vaccine too.  We certainly don’t want to make her sick!

Needless to say, my left shoulder is already sore.  I made sure to get my crunches/planks/push ups done when I got home before it got too sore.  I wasn’t sure if it would get worse tomorrow so gotta get it done today!

After the actual appointment, I went to the lab for bloodwork.  Besides not having had a physical in a while, getting one now will give us a discount on one month of health insurance payments.  Win!

One more errand after that: pick up my face wash prescription from the pharmacy.  When I finally got home and got the crunches and stuff out of the way, I got around to eating.  I was pretty hungry after a run and having been up since 6, but I was glad I hadn’t eaten because it allowed me to get the bloodwork out of the way today.

I decided to make peanut butter and chocolate oatmeal.  Delish!



I also had a banana (unpictured) and coffee.  Still in the Christmas mug.  🙂



Today’s plan is to get some more post-Christmas cleaning/organizing domes (hopefully) and laundry folded (also hopefully) before meeting my college roomie Jenn for Golden Spoon.  All in all, not a bad day!


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