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Starbucks Time!

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Today’s day of togetherness was to get delicious holiday drinks from Starbucks.  We’ve already done this several times this holiday season, but never with such deliberateness.  🙂

So, after work, I picked up Mat and off we went.  Since dance practice went until 5:30 today it made the most sense time-wise for me to pick him up and go straight there.  It’s exactly what we did yesterday for going out to dinner because I had a doctor’s appointment after work.  Actually, it’s what we did the time we bought the new Starbucks holiday mug too.  Apparently I’m the weeknight chauffeur?

I had my usual holiday drink: skinny peppermint mocha.  This time I had them put a little whipped cream on it too.  Why not?



I had a nice surprise in my box in the mailroom at school today: letters from kids.  They were thank you/Christmas letters that they had done in one of their other classes.  Some of them were really sweet!  Things like this are what make being a teacher seem worth it.

letters from kids


I went to the trainer at school today to ask about my knee.  She thinks it’s a pulled hamstring and recommended laying off the stretching for a few days and taking it easy on the running.  So, sadly, I’m going to skip tomorrow’s planned 3.5 mile run.  She said biking was ok, so I’m planning to get up and use my indoor bike for an hour or so while watching the news, just to make sure I get some sort of cardio in.  I hate missing runs, but I know that if I want it to feel better and heal I need to rest it.  I also want to go for my 11 miler on Saturday (taking it slow of course) so I know I need to rest it now.  I’m was planning on ballet tomorrow night too, and I think that will be ok as long as I don’t overstretch it.  When it was at it’s worst a month or so ago, it hurt really bad to stretch in ballet and so obviously I stopped stretching.  It started to get better.  Then, I got lazy with the icing and overworked it again this past Saturday.  I think I’m going to start being really diligent about icing after every long run no matter what.  This isn’t just recreational running anymore – it’s marathon training!

2 more days until I’m off for 3 weeks!!!  And we’re going to Solvang!!!  Weeeee!!!  😀


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