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Go Out to Dinner

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Last night for our 24 days of togetherness we picked go out to dinner. It was exciting because we never go out on weeknights. We decided on Corner Bakery because a) we really like it b) it’s not expensive and c) it’s close to home.

I had one of my favorites: the Santa Fe Ranch salad with chicken and avocado.


I also munched on saltine crackers before our food came because they’re by the drinks and are free. 🙂

I did something to my right knee. I pulled something in the back of it back during the Long Beach Half and it was starting to get better and then during my 14 miler thus last Saturday it started bothering me again. I ran 3.5 yesterday and was fine, but then during this morning’s 6 miler it started bothering me more. I’m not sure what’s wrong. The back of the knee pull has migrated around to the outside and front. I’m annoyed. I don’t want to miss out on my training!

Any thoughts from my running friends?


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “Go Out to Dinner

  1. Eek, sorry about your knee. At least the salad looks tasty. I love the 24 days of togetherness thing. I think I’ll have to try it next year =)

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