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Poor Computer

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My poor MacBook Pro is having problems. :-/

It’s been getting slower the last few months, and I figured it was because I had too much stuff on it. I never got around to cleaning it out, and now it’s gotten a lot worse.

I really don’t want to have to buy a new laptop. That’s not something we want to drop money on. I’m hoping a trip to the Genius Bar and a few hundred dollars max can fix it.

It basically takes FOREVER (we’re talking hours the last couple days) to turn on. I’m trying a free trial of carbonate to back up my music and pictures until I can get to the ape store.

In other news, last night we went to dinner for my sister’s 22nd birthday and then to the annual Kolbeck Christmas party. This year it was at Mat’s parents’ house which was very convenient. Santa came to the party and Mat and I say in his lap to get a gift. šŸ™‚ I’d post a picture courtesy of Brittany but since my laptop is currently being dumb I have limited abilities for blogging right now (I’m writing this post on my phone).

Today we went back home for church and then finished nearly all of our Christmas shopping. When we got home we watched some Big Bang Theory while eating breakfast/lunch. I had cereal.

We then walked a new route for our day of togetherness.

As usual, the cat was odd this morning.

She couldn’t decide on under the bed or not under the bed.

The rest of the day calls for more Big Bang Theory, veggies/pita chips with hummus, and sweet potato risottoAnd wine šŸ˜€


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