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Brussels Sprouts Issues

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I’m having issues with Brussels sprouts.

Ever since we cooked them in the oil from the sausage (the day we made pumpkin pasta with sausage) and then finished the cooking by roasting, I haven’t really liked them.  Something about the grease from the sausage and the already strong flavor of Brussels sprouts didn’t mix.  I didn’t get sick or feel sick or anything, I just don’t crave them or get excited about them anymore.

I was hoping to fix the problem tonight by roasting them the normal way (tossed in olive oil and salt/pepper) and then topped them with fresh shredded parmesan.  They turned out really good, but I’m still not as big of a fan as I was a couple weeks ago.  Sad times.  😦

brussels sprouts

Dinner was the last of the crock pot tortellini soup and more wheat bread.  I love the La Brea Bakery bread from Costco – it comes in a double pack so I can freeze a loaf and have it later nearly as fresh as the day I bought it.

soup and bread


My eyes were bigger than my stomach tonight – I definitely did not finish that soup.  I was more into the bread anyway.  🙂

Today was actually a good day at work.  At least a decent day.  It’s nice when that happens.

Another picture of my weird cat.  For some reason she enjoys standing/sitting up and staring out the window.  Good balance, that one.

cat standing


6 miles to run in the morning!!


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One thought on “Brussels Sprouts Issues

  1. I have never been a big fan of brussels sprouts, but since my husband loves them I tried finding a good balance. I made a pizza with brussels sprouts, bacon and goat cheese and it was wonderful!

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