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Love is in the Air

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It may not be spring or Valentine’s Day, but love is still in the air. Today’s pick for 24 days of togetherness was this:


Luckily this was the first one I picked, unlike yesterday where it took at least 4 tries to pick one we’d actually have time to do.

Today was a peppermint kind of day.

I had my usual holiday drink, a grande skinny peppermint mocha, and a spur of the moment peppermint brownie cake pop. I figured if I had a sweet craving, the cake pop was better than a scone. I didn’t eat it until lunch, and it definitely hit the spot!

I totally forgot to try for Taylor Swift tickets today. Fail. Gotta find another way to get them…

The dance festival will be over by 10 pm today. Or earlier. I hope earlier. I’m actually in a better mood about it today than I was yesterday, but it will be a relief to have it done. The last two weeks of work before winter break are going to feel EASY once it’s behind me. Honestly, my biggest concern about it at the moment is being able to get a good night’s sleep tonight so I have enough energy for 13 miles tomorrow. I haven’t done that distance since the Long Beach half!

This weekend brings not only a 13 miler, but also seeing A Christmas Carol with my parents and sister and her boyfriend tomorrow night. Yay Christmas!


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