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The 3rd Day of Togetherness

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The other day I posted about us doing the 24 days of togetherness.  This morning we drew out this one:

day 3


I was really excited for this one.  What’s better than random gifts?

We set a $10 limit for ourselves, and all day I was looking forward to the work day ending so I could go buy something fun for Mat.

We exchanged as soon as I got home – there was no way I could wait until evening!

I got him a Cookie Monster t-shirt, which is very fitting since he really IS a cookie monster.

mat's shirt


He got me Pride & Prejudice on Blu-Ray.

my gift


Turns out I already had that movie on DVD, but I couldn’t remember until I dug around on the shelf and found it.  But, Blu-Ray is obviously better so I’ll probably just give the DVD to someone so they can enjoy it too.  🙂

Random: I saw this as I was leaving the Target parking lot.

weird guy

Apparently it’s comfortable?  LOL.

Backing up to last night, we added one more ornament to our tree.



Every year my mom buys a new special ornament, and I decided to continue the tradition.  Our 2012 ornament?  A wedding one, of course!  We got literally the LAST one at Hallmark – they sold us the display!  I almost bought it a couple months ago when I first saw it, and I guess we got lucky that the display was still left!

Hope everyone had a good Monday!


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