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A Christmas Weekend in Photos

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Ran 8 miles.

Changed the sheets on the bed, helped by the cat.

helpful cat

Ate my usual post-long run overnight oats and banana with coffee.

running breakfast

Went to get our first married Christmas tree.

getting the tree

Put the lights on said tree.

tree and lights

And lots of ornaments.  With my boots chilling randomly on the floor.

christmas mess

Drank hot chocolate from my foodie pen pal – hot chocolate was our first day of togetherness.

hot chocolate

Ate pizza while watching A Christmas Story and laughing at the cat.

cat rolls over


Went to church.

Got Starbucks.

Made pumpkin waffles.

pumpkin waffles
My mom-in-law made us stockings.


And she and dad-in-law drove down to Irvine to drop them off for us.

The Christmas picture is complete.  🙂

christmas room


Author: Melissa

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One thought on “A Christmas Weekend in Photos

  1. Love it! Very festive.
    so nice seeing you guys!

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